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[Announcement] Different World Gender Change Update + Translation Schedule

Hi, everyone!

I have important news to make, and before anyone’s worried, I think it’s going to be happy news for everyone! ^^ So, continue to read below!


[About DWGC]

I have decided to join Light Novel Translations team and I’ll be bringing over Different World Gender Change to their site. In other words, chapter 48 and above will be updated directly there~! With my joining them, I’d be able to put more time and efforts to translate DWGC because of my decreased IRL workload :”D, so the schedule will be changed (spoiler: it’s currently targeted to be 5 chapters per week! Wish me luck!!)

I decided to join them because I felt like at this rate, DWGC will take too long to complete. As such, I’d have to erase sponsored chapter system for DWGC (as you’re going to get 5 chapters a week from now on and that the novel’s under their system, I can’t freely decide about the sponsored chapter etc ^^;). However, if you pity me–no, if you’d like to give me some allowance to spend on coffee or food or anything, you’re still welcome to donate on Patreon, Kofi, or Paypal! That’d be greatly appreciated!

Anyway, chapter 48 can be read here.



Observation Record of A Self-Proclaimed Villainess’ Fiance (if you’ve read this in chapter 12.4’s update post, it’s exactly the same)

Because of the number of patrons for Observation Record, for now, I’d be increasing the minimum release rate per month to 3 parts (Just a bit more to 4 parts per month or weekly release!). As you can see, there’s 3 sponsored parts in queue, so I’d be releasing 6 this month. Worry not, if I am running late for the counter, the part will be accumulated for the next month, so you’re still going to get all that releases ^^


Marietta-hime no Konrei

Project Marietta September’s goal seems like it can’t reached by August, but well, I’ll try to get 2 releases per month, for now, so we can reach the end of the extras faster >< However, if the goal’s suddenly met any time, then I’d be releasing all the remaining chapters by a month schedule, scheduled from the day I announce that the goal’s reached.


That’s about everything, I hope everyone’s happy with this news and thank you! ^^

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  1. Thanks for the update!

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