But God Forced Me to Reincarnate 143

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Chapter 143

Meteor Shower


Up until this day, I still haven’t found the cause behind the oddities I felt. I thought of consulting this with someone, but who should I tell this to? Obviously, Father and Mother wouldn’t make good listeners. Clyde and Nicole? Perhaps, but will they know what’s going on with me when I don’t even know that myself?

Days passed by while I was doing my daily routine and rest, still pondering over the oddities that still haunted me until now. My 14th birthday was coming soon, so I was also preparing for the birthday party that would act as a celebratory party to my miraculous recovery as well.

Some time before my birthday, I requested going out to the downtown to take a breather, to which my mother responded badly. It was within my expectation, after what happened to me the last time I requested going out…

In the end, we compromised with each other and I was allowed to go outside as long as Mary and Jane followed me. Well, I didn’t need to go to the Cell Donor Foundation or the likes of it anymore, so I didn’t mind having someone accompany me this time.


We went out after having lunch in the residence. The sunlight was quite harsh, so Mary and Jane brought an umbrella each, and it was up to me to walk under whose umbrella. That was how I protected my fair complexion from getting burnt by the sunlight.

We went shopping in the downtown. Although I wasn’t so interested in clothes, it would be good for me to buy some after not buying anything for almost a year.

“This one will look good on you, Reinst-sama!”

“No, I think this one is better!”

Mary and Jane were so pumped in selecting clothes for me.

“I think both are good,” I said as I solved the problem. It was true that both were to my liking, after all.


I didn’t spend a lot of time in the apparel section, however, as I quickly moved to the books, show, and games section. I spent more time there as I liked seeing the physical edition compared to the digital version.

I scoured the new section of them and found another horrifying fact.

It seemed that some of the newer ones were so familiar to me, despite their release date clearly contradicted my thought that I had seen them before my comatose.

Not all of them, but some that I thought would be interesting.

Was this really clairvoyance?

Thinking about it, I moved to find some books about clairvoyance to learn about it in more details.

I picked several books and moved to the cashier.

As I looked at the clock, I noticed that it was almost evening, which meant, time to go back.

Next to the clock was a holographic caster which was displaying the news. At that time, I caught a glimpse of the headline and my attention was focused on it immediately.


“Currently, there is another beautiful phenomenon that we can witness: another meteor shower, starting right now. As you can see from this screen, it shows the current darkening sky with several twinkling meteor showering down…”

I took a look at the screen carefully and saw the beautiful phenomenon of meteor shower before I turned to look outside the store window. The sky was darkening, and there were a few meteor showering, indeed.

It was at that time.

I was attacked by another sense of dejavu.

Right…At that time, it was also a meteor shower and I was hit by a stray meteorite until I died…


But I didn’t die…?

But…Wait, did I die?


Let see, after dying, I met with a god in the form of a light and then—

Memories flooded my mind in that instance.


“Your name is Alrescha Lyra Hartmann.”

“Thank you for being born, Lyra.”

“How do you know that I’m Clyde from the Grabberton family?”

“You are my first friend!”

“Oh my, you’re so similar to Reinst, my friend!”


“You possess a dragon blood, Lyr.”

“Big Sis Lyra!”



So many flashbacks. So many unknown people’s faces and voices flashed in my mind, but I felt like they were all familiar.

No, my head…It hurts…

…I almost fell due to my headache. I propped my head with my hand as my maids propped my body from falling.

“Reinst-sama, what’s happened?!” Mary asked in concern.

“Are you feeling unwell?” Jane also asked.

“No, I…,” I swallowed my saliva as my head was still processing all the memories—of another person, yet it was so familiar to me.

That’s right, I…

One year ago, after turning thirteen and right after submitting my cell donation form, I was hit by a stray meteor by an ‘accident’ and died. Then, I met a god who forced me to reincarnate…as Alrescha Lyra Hartmann, seven years after my death.

After reincarnating, I…made so many happy memories.

That’s right, I was finally able to become happy after my forced reincarnation.

But why did I suddenly become Reinst again, who just woke up from almost a year of comatose?

Was it all just a dream, then?

All that happiness, all the friends I made as Lyra…

Was it all just an empty dream that I fantasized on during my comatose?


“…way…,” I muttered.

“Reinst-sama?” Mary couldn’t hear me properly and asked.

“There’s no way that’s true, isn’t it?!” I shouted as I immediately ran off outside.

“Reinst-sama!!” Mary and Jane were alerted right away, but I didn’t care.

I ran as I looked up at the sky, the meteor shower was still ongoing, and there were many onlookers who were immersed in the meteor shower’s beauty. There were also some people who quickly advised the onlookers to evacuate for fear that the meteorites would stray from its path and hit them. Perhaps I was a good example of it.

And amidst them all, I was running without stopping. I was running with all my might.

“Please wait, Reinst-sama!” Mary’s flustered voice could be heard from behind.

“Reinst-sama, what’s the matter?” Jane’s voice could also be heard from behind.

What’s the matter, you ask?

Even if I were to tell you, it won’t do any change. You won’t ever get it anyway.

So, I decided to ignore them and ran, chasing after the meteorites.



Why was it like this?

What’s the use of getting my hopes up then destroying it all like this?

Was it fun toying with my feelings?!

I was so angry that my eyes started to feel hot. Tears welled up from my lacrimal glands, threatening to fall down my cheeks.

Due to it, my vision turned blurry, yet I still ran, chasing after the meteorites.

The flooding memories still continued up until now.


Mom, Dad, Alt-nii, Freyr, Freyja…I miss you. You guys are my family that I love so much.

I silently said in my heart as their faces appeared one by one. I could imagine them smiling as they called my name vividly.

“Lyra! Lyra-nee!”

I miss you, I miss you.

And then, the faces of my friends flashed.

Clavis, Luca, Leticia, Kiri, Iris, Carbuncle, Harvey, Briar, Valerie, Dmitria…

I made lots of friends already in ‘that’ life.

Yet, was it all for vain? Was it all just my dream? A dream that won’t come true? Just how many dreams do I have to bury?


My meeting with the god in the form of a light flashed again.

What’s your wish? What do you really want?”

Well, God—if you ask that again now, then I want you to give me back my life as Lyra.


I was so focused on seeing the sky that I didn’t see what was on my feet, and so I tripped and fell.

…Damn it, I couldn’t think straight anymore.

I felt like crying, but I shouldn’t cry because it was inappropriate crying in public—oh well, screw that. I couldn’t hold my tears back as I cried.

“AAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!” I screamed in my anger at the sky, at the meteorites.

“REINST-SAMA!!” Mary and Jane shouted as they saw me tripping and shouting.

“WHY!? Why won’t you hit me and kill me again?!” I angrily shouted at the meteorites in the sky.

When Mary and Jane were about to reach me, I ignored the pain I felt on my knees and stood up to run again.

“Reinst-samaaa!!” The two of them were flustered, but I knew they would stop me after they managed to grab me, so I ran again.


“Hit me! Now, come at me! I’m ready!” I screamed as I moved closer to the direction the meteorites were headed to.

Then, in a moment, there was a meteorite headed my way.

“Come!” I said as I stood still, waiting for the meteorite to hit me.

“Milady!!” Mary and Jane shouted as they desperately came my way, but I still didn’t move an inch.

I closed my eyes, readying myself for the death that was delayed for a year.


I didn’t feel any pain.


When I opened my eyes, I saw a small meteorite falling next to me.


Why did you miss me?

I was so frustrated that I fell down to my knees and just cried.


I was normally someone who would hold back her feelings, but perhaps the ‘memories as Lyra’ caused me to just express my sadness right now and right there.



As I cried, Mary and Jane arrived next to me.


“Milady, are you alright?” Mary asked.

“Let’s go home and treat your wounds. What’s the matter?” Jane also asked.


“…It’s nothing,” I said as nobody would believe me even if I said the truth.

“Thank goodness you’re alright. Reinst-sama, you surprised me. It’s raining meteor outside too, if something were to happen to you again…,” Jane’s voice trailed off.

I turned to look at the piece of meteorite lying down next to me as my tears started to dry off.

“Can you walk?” Mary asked.

“…Sure,” I said as I stood up, both of my maids were grabbing my hands.

As I was about to walk back, the piece of meteorite that fell from the sky caught my eyes.


There was something glittering on it?

Thinking that it was odd, I took the meteorite in my hand and saw that there was some kind of a magical jewel embedded in it.


…Even so, it couldn’t hit me and bring me to the life I had longed, huh…?

Though I was utterly disappointed by the turn of events, I decided to take the small meteorite as I walked back to my carriage in order to go home.


Was I just adding salt to my wound, though, by taking this piece of meteorite back? Wouldn’t this remind me of the vexing reality and my dream life in my imagination?


Once again, I looked up at the sky and scolded a certain someone in my heart.

Why didn’t you ‘experiment’ on the meteor shower and really hit me…?

Although I didn’t know if that certain someone was my made-up god or really existed…



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