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But God Forced Me to Reincarnate 7

Chapter 7

The Whole Family, Complete Members




“Oh my, oh my, please wait a bit,” said Mommy who put me back in the baby crib and rushed off to the front door. Vince and Chloe excused themselves afterwards, saying that the sign that they need to continue their work has come. Niina, who is apparently assigned to look after me, is still besides the baby crib I am in.


Suddenly, a pair of childish eyes are staring at me.

A blue left eye and a yellow right eye. And, a galaxy blue hair… nah, “galaxy” is not an appropriate term in describing color, is it? But the dark navy blue hair is more similar to the bluish color of the night sky.


Wait, wait, who are you?!


“Ah, Altaire-sama, welcome home!” said Niina upon seeing the young boy.

“Niina! Ish she Lyla?” said Altaire with a childish voice and some lisping. That is normal for a little child, of course. All I can say is some blabbering anyway.

But who is this Altaire in relation to me? Is he similar to what Clyde is to my past self?


“Yes, Altaire-sama, she is Lyra, your little sister!” Niina then lifts me from the baby crib and sits down while carrying me. Now I can see Altaire in full. He seems to be around 3-5 years old… His heterochromia eyes are captivating and his short, messy blue hair is my favorite. So I am indeed his little sister. Is it half-sibling or…?


“Oh look at that, Altaire beat me to see Lyra!”

Ah, how could I forget that loud voice from earlier.

“Well, you needed to dismiss the carriage driver and sort out your stuffs first before you can have your time with your daughter. After all, I bet you won’t be able to do them if you were to meet Lyra first,” said Mommy.

“But of course!” The man responded. Oh, so he is my father, then—or should I say, Daddy. He is quite tall and good-looking. His hair is short and tidy, and the color is pale white! His eyes—are the opposite of Altaire’s. His left eye is yellow and his right eye is blue.


…right, how could I forget one thing about Hartmann family. This convinces me that I am born in the same world as my previous self. Heterochromia runs in Hartmann family. It is not surprising at all… OH THAT MEANS I ALSO HAVE HETEROCHROMIA!! I want to see myself in the mirror now…


“Now Lyra, you must have missed me, right? Let Daddy spoil you!”

“Aaah! Alt wanna play, too!”

All of a sudden, it became very lively here.


In contrast to my previous family, it seems I am born to a very loving family, regardless of my status in the household. Since… I don’t know about the bigger picture of Hartmann’s family yet. I also suspect that my family is only an insignificant branch family or the exiled part of the family, judging by the house I am in. Looks like I have a lot of research homework that I have to do.


For now, let’s recall the facts I remember from my previous life.

The Hartmann family is the magician family that governs and protects the eastern border of Riviera kingdom. Heartswaarth city should be the focus or the base of Hartmann family’s governance, so I am supposed to live there for now. That is logical deduction, yep, not baseless assumption.

And, that circumstance is the total opposite of my old family, the Grabberton’s, who governs the western part of Riviera kingdom and is a family of knights.

Even so, to add more options of combats, Grabberton knights should also be able to do basic combat magic, especially magic for enhancing power—that would be a plus. So I assume the Hartmann family members should also be able to master a melee combat type style—I do hope swordsplay is alright.

My magic capacity or mana back then was the worst so I trained so hard back then in my swordsplay to make it up. It would be a waste if it does not become a merit for this life.


In my previous life, the Hartmann family was very wealthy, albeit the same cannot be said for the overall wealth of the western territory. I cannot really remember all the nobles but at least I got to remember the four horsemen—I mean four dukes of this country. So yeah, back then the Hartmann family had two children, both males. Both possessed pale white hair and different eye colors. The first son was to be the heir to the family, as expected, and his appearances during nobles’ gatherings were quite prominent. Meanwhile, the second son could rarely be seen.

It seems that the pale white hair trademark is still passed down up to this generation—I don’t know how many years have it been since my last life.


Eh wait, but where did my brother get his hair color from? My mother’s hair color is yellowish silver… and my dad’s is pale white. …oh right, must be from someone else in the family. Let’s not jump into conclusions.

Yes, I need to gather information in the early years of my life! For the sake of survival! For I should not illicit any hatred from anyone especially my family in this life!

…but for now…

I should focus my all to play with my brother, father, mother, Niina, Chloe, and Vince….. whoa whoa please spare this little me, I can die of fatigue… from playing!!



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