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Chapter 85

Bonding with the Twins~!



Obviously, it wasn’t only Mom and Dad who bonded with the twins. Alt-nii and I were also bonding with the twins. We naturally wanted to get along well with our new siblings, right?

I wasn’t sure of how Alt-nii saw the twins—he might find the twins amusing and wanted to trigger more reaction or expression from the twins. He often played pranks on them. But since he grew up, his pranks were now in moderation.

That’s good! The twins would definitely come to dislike Alt-nii if he were as rambunctious as he was!


Meanwhile, I tried to help the twins and guided them patiently to get used to their new lifestyle and home. Even more so when Mom and Dad weren’t at home.


For example, when Freyja was fidgeting around like she was holding her pee…

“Ah, do you want to go to the toilet? Here, follow me.”


When they were done playing at the garden…

“Eeekh, your feet are still dirty, let’s wash them first before going in! There’s a water tap over here… Or do you want me to use my water magic? Here!!”

“Lyra-samaaa! Keep your magic power in control! Ah, let Niina help the twins, will you?”

“No, it’s my job as their big sister now that Mom and Dad are away! Niina can just go and do your job as usual!”

…I admit, I felt as if I was turning more childish these days. But I never really had this much fun before.


When the twins tried to peek the book I was reading…

“Hmm? Do you want to read this book, too?”


That was how I successfully won over the twins’ hearts~! During when my parents weren’t home, they were mostly following me like baby chickens would follow their mothers, too! Yay~! Mission achieved~!!

Ah, sometimes they also curiously went over to Alt-nii and Rurune.


In no time, I heard the adults gossiping about me… IN MY OWN HOME!!

Yes, things like…

“Look, look, Lyra-sama’s so precocious!”

“She acts like the twins’ second mother, how cu~te~!”

“It’s true that girls mature faster than boys, huh?”

“At this rate, it won’t be that long until Lyra-sama becomes a bride—and a wonderful mother!”



The part-time house helpers were all kind and friendly—and yes, they also participated in gossiping about me! Ah well, but they were praising me… I’m not even mad, I-I’m actually… happy!

This time around, I will properly do my role as a good big sister.

I finally got two cute little siblings, why would I take them for granted?

And unlike other kids their age, they were surprisingly obedient and taciturn. I wish they could be more selfish like the other kids—like Leti, for example. But hey, I might be able to say this because I have never dealt with noisy kids 24/7, huh?


Soon, the twins turned even calmer and understood that some people would always stay (us), while some would occasionally come and go (the part-time helpers). Their separation-anxiety was still there, but it got better!


Then, my maternal grandparents immediately showed up to welcome their new grandchildren! After they heard the whole story from my parents, they promised they’d try to visit us every now and then. To show the twins that they were also family!

Looking at their reactions, I decided to try to tease them a bit…

“Grandpa and Grandma want to visit us more often to bond with the twins?”

“Yes, that’s right, Lyra!”

“…So, Grandpa and Grandma love the twins more? Because you didn’t say that when it was just me and Alt,” I said as I pretended to be pouting.

“That’s not it, Lyra!” Grandma panicked.

“Listen, Lyra, the situation is different. We love you all the same, but you see…”

…It seemed like a wrong move as it suddenly turned into a mini preaching session by Grandpa!



The first ones to know that there were two new addition to our family were the royal family. As much as the king and the queen wanted to let the twins become Leticia’s friends, they understood that the twins still needed time to adapt. And before they could go to the Capicastle, they also needed to learn basic etiquette.

“How does it feel, suddenly getting two little siblings?” Luca asked me when I came over to study and play together.

“It’s fun! They are such good kids! Moreover, they are so cute~!” I didn’t hide my fondness of them that quickly and naturally grew in my heart.

“Huh? Why won’t you admit that you feel a bit upset at them in the beginning?”

“Why would you think so?” I raised my eyebrows at Luca’s deduction.

“Wouldn’t you normally think that way at first? Suddenly, your parents are more occupied with them!”

“Eeh, I don’t mind~ Rather, it’s only natural. Anyway, I’m much more sensible! More than someone I know, hmm?” I deliberately played the tone in my last sentence as I looked teasingly at Luca.

“Hey, you’re the abnormal one! I was told that my reaction was okay!!” Luca argued back.


“Is that how my big sisters felt when I was first introduced to them?” Kiri pondered.

“Lyra-neesama! Leti is still like a cute li’l sister to you, right? Right, right, right? Heyyy?” Leticia asked, her tone was full of demand.

“Yes, yes~ Leti is still my cute li’l sister~ Don’t worry, my love is endless~ I’ve got plenty of love for you all~!!!” I quickly hugged Leticia to appease her jealousy to the twins she hadn’t even met.

I really hope Leticia can get along well with the twins, with them being at the same age, too! It will be nice if she doesn’t develop a rivalry with them.

I wished from the bottom of my heart. As I imagined them getting along well, my lips reflexively curved up.


Time quickly passed by as I was busy trying to pamper my cute little siblings. When I noticed the holidays were over, I felt a bit reluctant (for the first time!) to bid farewell to my relaxing time at home and to go back to school. After all, it meant that my time with the twins would be reduced!

Unexpectedly, news traveled quite fast.

Right on my first day back to school, I was bombarded with questions about the twins!

At that time, it was just me, Ein, Iris, and Carbuncle speaking. Luca and Kiri were more interested in watching Alt-nii, Harvey, and Clavis sparring.


“Big Sis Lyra, is it true that you have new siblings?” Ein was the first one to ask.

“Ehh, really?” Iris was surprised. She spent her last holiday at Harvey’s home—having a reunion with her old acquaintances there, going back to her hometown.

I didn’t think it was weird for Ein to know and for Iris to be clueless. News about nobles would travel quickly in the noble society. As for the commoners, it depended solely on their networking.

Moreover, Ein and I were fellow duke’s children. It was a hard-to-miss news.


“Hm? That’s too fast, isn’t it, Lyr? Do humans breed this quick?” The dragon Carbuncle asked. She tagged along with Iris and Harvey. From how she looked at this time—a slightly tanned skin, lively expressions, and exuberant body… yep, she definitely had lots of fun.

Okay, I totally have to ask them about their holidays after this!


“Yes and no—yes, because I really got two cute little siblings! And no, they are technically my cousins, but since my parents adopted them, they are now my step siblings. Humans don’t breed that fast, Carbuncle…,” I explained.

“Two siblings at the same time? That’s awesome!” Iris said.

“Yes, my little brother and sister were a pair of twins~,” I proudly announced.

“Twins? Really? How do they look like?” Carbuncle asked, “When are you going to show them to us, Lyr? Can we see them?”

Her eyes were full of “curiosity filter”.


“Being part of the Hartmann bloodline, they have heterochromic eyes. They are at the same age as Luca’s little sister—but I think they are still smaller than Leti…? We’re trying to solve that issue, though! They are quiet and cute! I also can’t wait to show them off to you guys, but I think we need to give them more time. I’ll definitely introduce them to you guys first, don’t worry~!”

“Aww, boo, we can’t see them right away?” Carbuncle didn’t even bother to hide her disappointment.

“Patience, my dragon friend, patience!” I waved my index finger in front of her.

“That’s too bad… I understand how Big Sis Kuu feels! I also can’t wait to see my rivals!” Ein supported Carbuncle.

“R-rivals?!” I tilted my head.

“Yes, I don’t want my position in Big Sis Lyra’s heart to be toppled over by anyone!” He said, with fiery eyes full of determination.

“Don’t worry, there’s enough room for everyone in my heart~!” I tried to reassure him—out of my concern towards the twins. I want them to like my friends, after all, and I want my friends to get along well with them.

“I want the bigger spot!” Ein insisted.


“A-anyway, I’ll definitely keep you updated with stories about my new siblings! I don’t think I can keep the stories about Freyr and Freyja to myself, but…,” I paused for a bit and looked at Iris and Carbuncle before continuing, “more importantly now, how was your holiday vacation, Iris, Carbuncle?”

“I really loved it! I missed my hometown a lot… Harvey’s parents were also close to my mother, so they treated me like their own daughter! I wish you could come along too, Lyra,” Iris said.

“Little Sheep’s hometown is nice. It’s in a rural area, so I can roam freely. Of course, I was being careful so nobody would spot me when I transformed back to my dragon form!” Carbuncle dropped a bomb.

“Wait, you, what?!” I was taken aback. I could imagine a dragon roaming around freely around the rural area that was close to forests and mountains.

Did she feel like being at home…? I wonder if Carbuncle’s also missing the freedom she had back at the Dragon’s Heritage?

It was just then that I realized Carbuncle might not be as “free” as I thought she was. Even so, she didn’t seem to be so bothered by it.

“Did you see Big Sis Kuu’s dragon form, Big Sis Iris?” Ein asked.

Ooh, nice question, Ein! Good job, I really can feel our connection when you asked the question that just popped up in my mind!


Contrary to our expectations, Iris shook her head.

“No, Kuu came and went around as she saw fit. At first, we were quite worried as she frequently disappeared without a word. But she also returned safely without any warning, and we got used to it over time. I think she transformed back to her dragon form during one of her ‘free-roaming’ session?”

“That’s right~,” Carbuncle put her tongue out and smiled mischievously.

“Hey, you shouldn’t bother your host like that!” I protested.

“It’s fine, it’s fine~,” Carbuncle just waved her hand.

“Well… we managed to convince Harvey’s parents to not mind her, somehow…,” Iris smiled with a troubled expression.

“I want to go and see Big Sis Iris’ hometown one day!” Ein suddenly announced.

“Yes, yes, you should come there one day!” Iris smiled.

“Ein, is there something that won’t pique your interest?” I asked.




When Alt-nii and I returned home after our first day back at school, we were greeted by the twins who were running over to us with their anxious expressions.

“You’re back!”

“Where have you been?!”

They asked as they jumped at us.


“We were just at school,” Alt-nii explained nonchalantly, “and we will be gone like this for 5 days in a week from now on.”

“Eeeh?!” Hearing the shocking news, the twins shouted in disbelief.

“Don’t worry, Freyr, Freyja, we will definitely get back soon to play with you two~!” I said as I patted their heads, “in the meantime, you can go and play with Niina, Chloe, Vince, or the other house keepers, right?”

“But we want to play…,” Freyja tightened the hand that she used to grasp my uniform.

“…with Onii-chan and Onee-chan,” Freyr continued, he also tightened the hand that he used to grasp my uniform.

…Yep, the twins used one of their hands to grasp to my uniform and the other one to Alt-nii’s.

SO… CUTE…!!!

“Sorry, but we must go to school…,” I could only apologize to them. After all, I couldn’t fulfill their wish and ditch my classes, right?

…Although I don’t see any problem in that… Like, I can still manage the lessons in this grade, but the attendance score and my reputation at school…

“Then, can we go, too?” Freyja suddenly asked.

“Yes, but you can go after you turn 6,” I answered with a smile.

They are starting to get more expressive. That’s good.

“Six…? How many more sleep…?” Freyr tilted his head.

“It’s… still quite a long way to go…,” I couldn’t bring myself to answer them as they gazed expectantly at me.

“Eeeeh…,” the two of them said, with voices full of disappointment.


“Ah, how about this?” Alt-nii suddenly pointed his index finger.

“I will let Rurune stay at home so you can play with her at times, how about it?”

“Ru?” Rurune quickly turned her head to look at Alt-nii… in disbelief? Like, I could hear her thinking, ‘How dare you decide that without my consent? I’m the [Master] in our [Contract], hello?’

But seeing how she didn’t seem to protest any further, it seemed like she agreed.

“We can play with Rurune?” Freyr quickly turned his head to look at the fluffy monster that was wrapping her tail around Alt-nii, nestling on his shoulders.

“Ruru?” Freyja tilted her head as she looked at Rurune with sparkling eyes.

“Ruru~!” Rurune’s tone was affirmative.

Alt-nii and I looked at each other as we breathed in relief.

One more problem solved!


After that day, the twins gradually got used to us being away for school. At first, traces of anxiety were seen in their faces when they came running to us right after we stepped at the front door. But after getting used to it, they only came running to welcome us after school.

“Aww, how cute! Alt-nii, aren’t you glad that we got Freyr and Freyja as our siblings? Look at how cute they are, always welcoming us home like this!”

“Well… It’s true that they excitedly welcome us home… But Lyra, if you use that standard, then you weren’t a cute little sister, you know?” Alt-nii decided to pick on me right at this time.

“But I’m a good and sensible sister, right?!” I couldn’t argue against that as I didn’t remember welcoming Alt-nii back from school like what the twins did. But in terms of sensibility, nobody could beat me!

“Riiiiiiiight,” Alt-nii answered in an irritating tone.

“Fine! Hey Freyr, Freyja, let’s leave Alt-nii here~,” I decided to ignore Alt-nii as I pulled the twins inside, without waiting for Alt-nii.

Let’s pretend that I didn’t hear the part time house helper’s chuckle upon witnessing this scene as she opened the door for us!



By the way, we are a family that loves treasuring the moments, so after a while, here it comes… Family photo session!

The stars of the photo session this time–the twins took several pictures of themselves. It was a bit hard convincing both Freyr and Freyja to not enter the shooting area when the other one of the twins was taking a picture of themselves alone.

For example, when Freyja was posing alone, Freyr would stare at her for a moment before finally approaching her and posing next to her.

“…Freyr, wait here first, okay?”

“Take photos of me, too!

“Freyja is taking a picture or herself now. Your turn is coming next!”


When their position was reversed…

“Ah, Freyja, it’s Freyr’s time now!”

“I want photos too!”

“Didn’t we just take photos of you before?”



Luckily, we managed to handle that hurdle and the situation turned better when they finally had to take photos together. Afterward, we gradually joined, too.

There were pictures of my parents with the twins, me with the twins, Alt-nii with the twins, four of us siblings, female family members, male family members, all of us together, with the addition of Familiars…

In short, we took lotsa photos I quickly fell asleep right after I touched my bed that night!


Later on, Mom and Dad picked the best photo that contained all of us to be printed in a large size, put it on a frame, and display it in the family room. Then, they decorated it with other pictures such as a picture from their wedding day, Alt-nii and I in our toddler forms, even Mom and Dad’s pictures with their parents in their child figures… It was fun sitting in the room while looking at the vibrant pictures one by one. I saw sincere smiles and felt the love in the pictures.


I compared it again with my previous family’s family portrait. Though we portrayed such elegant and refined figures there, the lack of familial bond and love showed there. It was just for formality.

The things I could boast from my previous family was their strict upbringing and discipline, the family honor and prestige, and… Wealth that exceeds my current family, though not as wealthy as the Loera family, let alone the royal family.

But I’m fine. Each person to their own preference, but I prefer having familial love. So, I consider myself lucky now.


That night, I woke up in the middle of my sleep. I… Probably drank too much, I had to go to the toilet, haha. It wasn’t a problem as each bedroom was equipped with a bathroom inside, but… After emptying my bladder, I felt my throat dry.

Ah okay, time to get a drink outside.


I didn’t expect that I would meet my parents in the dining room when I was just going to grab a glass of water then go back to sleep! They seemed to be talking while eating some snacks… in the middle of the night.


“Aren’t you glad that Altaire and Lyra quickly accept the twins? I was prepared for the worst case scenario—in case they expressed their dissatisfactions or objections. Though I doubted it would happen.”

I happened to hear Mom’s voice before I could show up.

Oops… Is this a sensitive topic?

Unsure of what I should do, I just stood there on the spot.


“Yeah. I have already expected them to welcome the twins wholeheartedly. Alt and Lyra are good kids, after all. They aren’t small anymore,” Dad answered proudly.

“We are really blessed with good children. The twins are obedient, too. And more importantly, we don’t have to go through another baby or toddler stage!” Mom said in happiness.

Uh… I was trying to be a very good kid even when I was still a baby or toddler… but I guess it can’t be helped for Mom to feel that way.


Then, I heard Mom and Dad laughing together. Since it seemed like their conversation was more or less over—though I hate to be a mood breaker, but I’m thirsty and sleepy—I decided to show up just right then.


“Lyra, why aren’t you sleeping?” Dad asked in surprise upon seeing my face.

“I just woke up and felt thirsty, Dad,” I answered as I passed my parents by to get the refreshing water.

“Next time, you can actually use your magic to get you some water to drink, in case you’re lazy to walk all the way here, you know?” Mom asked me.

“Eeh… But I forgot to bring a glass anyway,” I answered back as I gulped several sips of water.

“There’s a way, Lyra. I want to ask you to think about it for a while, but it’s already so late at the night, so let’s save it for later.”

“Hmm…?” I was still a bit sleepy, so my brain wasn’t working that well.

“If you’re done, go back to sleep directly, okay?” Dad reminded me.

“Okay, okay~”

You don’t need to remind me, Dad! That was my plan all along!


When I was about to say good night, I stopped. I just remembered something I wanted to ask my parents, so I turned around.

“Hey, Mom, Dad, when do you think is the right time to start introducing the twins to the others?”

I asked as I felt like they were already getting used to their new life, and they had already viewed us as family.

“Ah, about that. Come here, Lyra,” Mom suddenly called me back.

She then told me something.


I opened my eyes wide after listening to her words.





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