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Chapter 37

Heart’s Wings Children’s Home


Ann didn’t wait for too long, for she quickly decided to go to the nearby orphanage on the next day. She knew about the orphanage from Faye, but it wasn’t the orphanage that Faye went to. If it were the orphanage Faye went to, Ann would’ve gone there to rage on, not to volunteer.


Ann imagined herself saying that and slamming the table at Faye’s former orphanage, but Faye never mentioned where she went to. Perhaps she was really traumatized by the whole ordeal…

After all, the orphanage gave Faye to someone who’d make use of her, forcing her to sing to gain money. Ann smelled something shady about that orphanage, but who was she to meddle? Faye also seemed like she didn’t want to return there…


During the way in a carriage, Faye narrated about the orphanage she knew and told Ann.

“The orphanage is called as ‘Heart’s Wings Children’s Home’. It’s located not too far away from downtown, just slightly past it. It seems like a nice place,” Faye said.

“Hmm, I see. How did you know and why didn’t you try going there then, Faye?” Ann asked out of curiosity.

Faye hung her head down as she answered, “I knew because I played with some children from the orphanage before. I…almost went there, but whenever the children told the adults about me, I ran away. I’m…afraid…”

Ann patted Faye’s back.

Faye then turned to look at Ann with bright eyes, “But that’s for the best! I got to meet Arlea-sama in the end!”

The moment she heard those words, Ann immediately brought Faye closer to a tight embrace. Her eyes stung.

If it were possible, Ann would like to have a go at the orphanage who wronged Faye.

But then again, she needed to make sure that the orphanage was also in the wrong, that they weren’t just deceived by the family who adopted Faye. N? Family that adopted Faye? Should she have a go at them if she could?


Ann’s sinister thoughts were interrupted as the carriage stopped.

“This is as far as the carriage can go,” the driver said.

“I can guide you to the orphanage. Follow me,” Faye said as she took Ann’s hand unconsciously. Then, she noticed that she probably shouldn’t do it and loosened her hand—only to find Ann holding her hand tightly.

Faye’s face bloomed into a smile as she escorted Ann while holding her hand.

Meanwhile, a little pink furball was sitting leisurely on Ann’s shoulder. She didn’t even have to exert a single energy to move. She simply sat there and said, “Chirp chirp” contently.

Looking at the little pink furball, jealousy grew in Ann’s heart.

How could Birdie be so chill like this? This is so unfair, I want to become Birdie!


Again, Ann wasn’t destined to delve deeper into her thoughts today, since as soon as she thought of that, Faye stopped and said, “We’ve arrived, Arlea-sama.”

Ann immediately pulled herself together and looked at the building in front of her. It was located a bit inside a small road, but that meant the children got to enjoy a quiet environment. The building wasn’t so big, but it wasn’t very small either. It was a simple, yet clean building.

Written above the front door was ‘Heart’s Wings Children’s Home’.

Ann took in a deep breath. For some reason, she was nervous. It was as if she was headed towards an important job interview!

Today, she was wearing a simple yet neat dress. After all, it was decided that she would hide her noble identity.

“Remember, Faye. I am Lea, your mother,” Ann tried to brief Faye. She couldn’t have Faye say that she was her maid…

“Eh? How old were you when you got pregnant with me, then?” Faye was shocked.

“…,” Ann thought real hard. True, with this body…she looked like a twenty-year-old at the most, and if she were to have a child as big as Faye, who looked like an eight year old at the youngest…Damn, even if people in this world get married earlier than in the modern world, there was no way she could have given birth of Faye at the age of twelve! That smelled like trouble!

“We’re sisters, then,” Ann decided.

“But I am a halfling, and you are…,” Faye gasped.


“We look nothing alike…”

“…Adopted sister,” Ann compromised.

“Deal,” Faye nodded.

“Chirp chirp,” Birdie shook her head in disbelief at the unnecessary argument.


Perhaps they were quite noisy, as even before Ann knocked the door, someone opened it.

“Pardon me, this is the ‘Heart’s Wings Children’s Home’, how may I help you?” A young man was the one who appeared, which caught Ann more off-guard. She was expecting a middle-aged person to come out and greet her, no, at least a ‘motherly’ woman would do. But the man before her didn’t seem ‘fatherly’, or ‘motherly’ at all!

The young man was as surprised as Ann when he saw the young woman and a child coming. Moreover, the young woman had a weird pink small bird on her shoulder…

But as Ann managed to see the young man more clearly, she almost thought her heart would pop out from her chest!



She could never mistake the capturable targets of the game with other people…The person standing in front of her…She knew who he was!

This brown short hair…Brown eyes…And indifferent expression that was totally out of place with the orphanage setting…Though he was quite ordinary compared to the other capturable targets in line…He was undoubtedly—the eighteen-year-old Silas!

He was the heroine’s childhood friend…childhood friend…


She knew that Silas had an elder sister who owned an orphanage, but she totally didn’t know that the orphanage’s name was ‘The Heart’s Wings Children’s Home’…If only he was her favorite character, she wouldn’t miss that information, but…

Ann wanted to run away from the place and cry in any corner she could find, but…


“I’m sorry for disturbing, Mister. My sister and I are wondering if this orphanage receives any volunteer…We can read, write, and count. My big sister is really smart!” Faye said, sealing Ann’s fate.

Ann was no longer able to say, “Ehehe sorry, wrong house!” and escape…

Faye’s quick wit…she should be praising her for this, but that quick wit wasn’t needed here, hey…

“Sisters?” The young Silas raised his eyebrows in suspicion.

“Yes, I’m adopted,” Faye said without batting an eyelash.

“…That explains. Enter, then, follow me. I’ll take you to my sister. She’s the owner,” Silas said. But when he glanced at Ann, his eyes seemed as if they were mocking her.

‘Hmph, you’re the big sister, yet you let your small little sister explain things for you? How smart of you.’

“Thanks,” Ann forced herself to say that.

She was sweating bullets while following the new capturable target she just met.


“Ah yeah, my name is Silas, and you guys are?” Silas stopped and turned around the moment he remembered to introduce himself.

Ann could have stopped herself from bumping into Silas on time, yet she missed on purpose and bumped into him nevertheless.

“Hey, watch it out!” Silas was upset as he quickly pulled Ann away from him.

Ann didn’t mind getting scolded by Silas, for she had accomplished her objective. Beside, she knew fully well how infatuated Silas was to the heroine, his first love, his childhood friend.

Ann’s quick eyes scanned the familiar pop-out window that was located near Silas’ chest.




Name: Silas Spencer

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Birthday: 24/08

Magic: Fire, Water, Earth, Wind

Occupation: Orphanage caretaker

Status: Capturable Target


More Information –>]


Crap, I need to click the button, I want to read the information!!

Ann protested about how the window couldn’t just be one and the same…


“Sorry, I’m a bit clumsy,” Ann said lightly as she quickly used her finger to press the ‘more information’ button. To Silas, she was touching the air, which further increased his impression of ‘weird girl’ to Ann.

Ann paid no mind to her surrounding as she continued to read.


[More Information



Silas’ parents passed away when he was a baby, thus he was raised by his elder sister, Grace Spencer. Grace had a big heart and decided to help the other orphans, building the Heart’s Wings Children’s Home when she became an adult. Silas had been helping out his sister from a young age. He met his best friend during his childhood in the orphanage and grew up with her, a girl who became his first love. However, the two were separated when the girl was adopted. Even as years went by, Silas couldn’t forget her and still hoped he would be able to reconnect with his first love…]



Ann almost balled her fist and raised it in a victory pose.

She knew all this information, but she only wanted to make sure if the capturable target had already reunited with the heroine or not…Thankfully, he hadn’t reunited with her yet at this time! He would still be clueless of everything and more importantly…Ann could use him by leaving a good impression on him!

When he would meet the heroine later, he could vouch for her good points and probably that would spare her from the heroine’s suspicion for some time…

The best scenario would be about how she’d be spared of her death, but she didn’t dare to wish for that impossible hope…

At any rate, she could only try and do her best at the things she thought would be the best!


Also, today was 2 August…Silas’ birthday is in 24 August…

Great, she could score another point by giving Silas a good present, too!

Now, now, since she could no longer run away from this orphanage, she might as well use all her skills to flatter Silas and get into his favorable side by being diligent in this orphanage!


…It seemed that volunteering in the orphanage and helping the children kind of becoming Ann’s side quest, with her main quest being winning over Silas’ heart…

This was certainly a turn of events that she would never have thought, not even in her wildest dream!



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