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Returning to the Other World with My Children, Also…?! 3

Chapter 3

Battle Against the Wild Ogre



“Aaaaaaah…,” Fucchan kneels down. She is extremely scared in front of the wild ogre, growling at us, readying itself to come at any time and attack.

“Wa… wha, what?!” Tsucchan cannot move from his shock. He cannot believe a situation as unreal as this. After all, even when he is a fan of those adventure anime, with the heroes battling monsters, he never expects himself to find a real, living ogre, right?


Thankfully, even if I am surprised, the shock I receive is not as high as both of them.

What I have in my mind is, I have to protect my children!!


“Fucchan, Tsucchan, hide behind me!” I proceed with caution while hiding the two behind my body. Thank goodness I bought a shinken on my way! I shed the sword from its sheathe. I turn my stance into a fighting stance.

Come at me, I am ready!


“Graaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar!” The ogre finally dashes towards us. The twins scream. I move my body towards the ogre along with the unseathed sword.


“Oryaaaaaaaaaa!” I swing the sword at the dashing ogre. It points his sharp claws at me. It was sooo close, but thankfully I managed to dodge its claws and cut its chest. Ah, but my shirt is tattered a bit. Thank goodness I am a male so I don’t need to worry about revealing anything—wait what no.


“AAAAAAAAAARRRR!!” The ogre is screaming in pain. Its chest is bleeding. When I look into its eyes… uh oh, this is not good. Now that the ogre is injured, it becomes more aggressive.


The ogre flings its sharp claws at me once more. I shield myself using the sword. But defending alone won’t do. I need to defeat it.

And I need to defeat it in this slash. Or so I believe. The ogre seems like it won’t stop attacking anyone now that it has activated its aggressive mode.


Damn, do I have the strength to cut it in one go?

Okay, let’s pour in all of my energy into my hands!

1, 2, 3… dash!!



At that moment, I feel a strange-yet-familiar sense in my body.

It’s like a different energy than my physical energy is gathering in my arms, enhancing my speed and strength.


…right, I now remember it.

This is… [Enhancement Magic]!


“Take this!!” I swing my sword down at the ogre, as it screams in agony. It seems I managed to hit its heart.

The ogre falls down and I don’t see any sign of life from it.



That strange sensation… right, how many years has it been since I could use it?

Gathering one’s mana into a certain part of the body with the purpose of enhancing it… A type of general—or [Neutral] magic.


I miss it so much.

So, all those strange memories I have, some fantasies I’ve been dreaming of during my sleeps… they are not my delusion!

They are real!


And now, I understand.

I have returned to my original world.

And furthermore…

Aaah, right.

I also have returned to my original gender.




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  1. this….. turn into weird situation ,he was man and become woman and had two kids now is man again . enough internet for today

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