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Chapter 33

First Night Together with You…


Part 2/2


“How is it? Doesn’t it feel good? Your sweet honey is brimming over one after another.”


“Noo, don’t, don’t put it that way, aahn…”


Belvant made an obscene splashing sound that ravished her ears. On top of it, he severely tortured her secret place enthusiastically.


[Despite the fact that we’re doing something this embarrassing, for me to feel really good… I wonder what should I do?]


His nose rubbed against her sensitive meat bud.

The small sprout immediately swelled red and turned hard, bringing forth a pleasant feeling.

As the insides of her dripping wet petals are stirred up, Marietta cried out, “ahn, ahn,” to her wits’ end.


“You can show this embarrassing secret place to me alone, remember? If you show it to another guy, I will kill him. Understand?”


Marietta frantically nodded with her teary eyes.


“Yosh, good girl. I will shower this part of your body with my love, too.”


Belvant skillfully peeled the skin covering the bud skillfully with the tip of his tongue, and he held the most sensitive protuberance that showed up there with his lips, gently licking it.

As pleasure penetrated her whole body, Marietta raised her voice that sounded like a scream.


“A-h, don’t-!”


“Aren’t you feeling it when I lick your cute little bead?”


As the completely swollen red part was pushed, kneaded, and gnawed skillfully by the man’s tongue over and over again, Marietta’s lower half hopped each and every time.


“Ahn, ahn, aah…”


“Are you coming? It’s fine if you’re feeling it.”


“Ahn, Sir… Bel, vant, I’m coming…”


When Belvant sucked up her flower bud and violently rubbed his tongue, the inside of Marietta’s head turned blank, as her toes kicked the bed sheets.


“Ah, I’m… com… coming, aaaaaah!”


As her body bent backward, Marietta reached her climax.





Belvant kissed Marietta who was breathing roughly with her flushed face.


“Has this place become wet?”




Belvant inserted his finger inside Marietta’s secret hole.

The thick finger crawled deep inside her.


“It’s still twitching.”


Towards the stimulus from Belvant’s fingers which were moving in and out slowly, Marietta’s hips jolted.


“You’re wet enough, but I will use this just in case.”


A damp sound followed as Belvant withdrew his fingers. He then picked up a small bottle on the table beside the bed and spilled a substantial amount of liquid on his fingers.

And just like that, he inserted his fingers back inside Marietta.


“Ahn, that, what is it?”


Marietta’s insides were painted over with the liquid at the same time as the pleasure welled up inside her body. She asked that while panting roughly.


“It’s a magic potion I obtained from River Link. It seems that it can decrease the pain on your first time. It might be a temporary relief, but I don’t want you to go through any painful experience.”


“Oh my, thank you for your consideration.”


Belvant unintentionally laughed at Marietta who expressed her gratitude honestly despite being in such a sloven figure.


“I wanted to wait until you get wetter than this, but it seems that I’m also at my limit of endurance.”


After he finished applying the medicine, Belvant fell upon Marietta and pushed his solidly rising up thing inside her secret place.

Marietta clung to Belvant’s body.


“If it hurts, bite on my shoulders.”


“Yes, dear husband. …Ah, uuh!”


Marietta’s womanly place which is still narrow and has never accepted a man inside, was wrenched open by his hot and hard thing.


“Kh, how narrow… Breathe deeper and relax.”


“Aah, haaa…”


Marietta somehow managed to endure the feeling of oppression from Belvant’s penetration which made her feel full to the brim.

Tears spilled out in large drops from her blue pupils, which made her look pitiful.

Belvant pushed his waist forward as he desperately tried to enter deeper, but he had to stop when he encountered a narrow space en route.


“…It can’t be helped. I’m sorry, but I’ll be inserting it in one go.”


“Ah, aaaaaaaaaah!”


When Marietta reflexively screamed sorrowfully as the lynchpin was hammered in one go until the deep parts, Belvant covered her lips.

As Marietta was taken aback, her lips were kissed gently.


“Are you all right? Everything’s all inside. Did it hurt?”


“…It’s in?”


Marietta tried to look down while panting roughly as her eyes were very teary. She then saw how Belvant’s huge thing was buried inside up to the base.

Marietta’s pale white abdomen was swelling out as she took in his thing.

Marietta gently rubbed her own stomach.


“I’m happy. Sir Belvant’s thing is inside here, right?”


“That’s right. With this, I can give you my child1.”


“Aa, I’m so happy! I’m truly delighted!”


Marietta was smiling with a great joy, but Belvant who was facing her seemed as if he was in an agony as his face turned red.


“Sir Belvant, what’s the matter?”


“It feels way too good… to be inside you…”


[I want to intensely knock her up!]


Once again, he was resisting his lust.


“Sir Belvant, I don’t feel so much pain thanks to the medicine. That’s why, please do it to your heart’s content.”


“…Then, I’ll move a bit.”


“You’re going to move? Okay.”


Marietta tilted her head as she didn’t really understand what he meant.

Belvant pulled his hips and slowly retracted it so that she won’t feel any burden.



“Sir Belvant, don’t go.”




“Please stay inside me, just a bit longer.”


Marietta’s white legs twisted around his waist and tried to keep him from leaving.

Marietta’s teary blue eyes and her desperate expression as she tried to stop Belvant from pulling out managed to shake Belvant’s reasoning.


“Marietta… too adorable…”




“There’s no way I would be separated from you! Marietta! I love you!”




The lynchpin which was halfway extracted, was once more hammered in deep inside Marietta.


“Aah, well, I can’t stop now!”


“Ahn, an, ahn, an, aahn!”


Belvant who was dripping wet in sweat, intensely jolted his hips back and forth, digging up Marietta’s insides many times over.

The violent thing cramped Marietta’s inside as it rubbed, poked, and drilled obscene stimulus while relentlessly targeting the sensitive parts inside her many times over.

Marietta who hardly felt any pain thanks to the magic potion, began to pick up pleasure from the intense conduct happening in her insides despite it being her first time.

Her hips trembled, and the voice that leaked out from her young peach lips that resembled flowers was an obscene seductive voice of a mature woman.


“Ah, ahn, ya, haaa, aahn, Sir, Belvant, I’m feeling, weird.”


As the obscene sound of water splashing could be heard, her insides were overflowing with the love juice as it poured out, wetting the two’s jointed parts.


“Yaaah, Sir, Belvant, it feels, good!”


“Haaa, Marietta, that’s good, it’s incredibly, good, kh!”


Her white and slim body that resembled a doll was being pressed down by his thick and muscular arms, then it was strongly jolted. As the obscene splashing sound that resulted from the two’s union could be heard passionately, the dark brown and thick weapon-like object was being taken in and out many times over without any end.

It was an intense courtship akin to torturing a fairy.



“Marietta, I’m coming, I will pour my sperm into you.”


“Ah, p, please do, ah, ah, coming, aaahn!”


“Uuh, it’s coming, get pregnant-!”




When Marietta constricted and received Belvant’s climax, a rush of hot desire was filling her many times deep inside her body.







There lived a General who was called as the fierce god in Oltaire.

He, who was called as the country’s guardian deity, was a very capable tactician and a warrior possessing dauntless courage. However, the degree of his ferociousness and strength combined was very terrifying that people feared him.


He had a lovely wife.

The princess who came from the country of Stellaus to be married to him was very innocent and adorable to the extent that she was called as the sprite-like or the fairy princess.

The fairy princess fell in love with the general who saved her from the scoundrels’ assault. They were said to lead a happy marriage and get along well for many years to come.

During when the fierce-looking general was with his beloved wife, it seemed that his intimidating air was reduced to the extent that he only appeared as a strong good-looking man.


Thus, the two who were loved by the Battle God, Madigard, who was now also believed to be the deity of easy childbirth, were blessed with lots of children, and their laughter was often heard from the general’s residence.






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Thanks for everyone’s support in many kinds of forms, I’ve managed to safely complete this story.

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  1. Has double meaning. It can also mean “sperm”, but judging by the story’s context, I decided to phrase it as “child”.

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