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Extra Chapter

Bertia…’s Son, 5 Years Old


Part 1/3


Author’s Note:

Thank you very much to everyone who had read “Observation Record of A Self-Proclaimed Villainess’ Fiance” and gave their hearfelt celebratory comments after the conclusion of the story was updated.

At the moment, the discussion about how “Observation Record of A Self-Proclaimed Villainess’ Fiance” has got the privilege of getting a publication by Alphapolis is advancing.

Therefore, I myself feel very lonely, but this work will end its release on March 27th.

Although the remaining two weeks is such a short time, I’d be happy if you guys can read the uploaded last extra chapter that’s filled with my feelings of gratitude.



“Waah… Waaah……”

The lively sound of a baby’s first cry entered my ears as I was waiting at the adjoining room around the time that the sky turned white.



It was said that the first childbirth would take quite a time, and it lasted almost all night.

In the meantime, from the adjoining room, I heard my wife’s painful groans… or not. “Waitt!! This couldn’t be!! What is this pain?!!” “If it’s painful, then it is painful indeeeed!!” “B-baby, do your best and please come out quicklyyy!!” “You’re Cecil-sama’s child, so you can do it if you try!! Mother will work hard as well!! That’s why, let’s do our best together… As expected, it hurtsss!!” I continued to hear those kinds of pointlessly vigorous voice.


Bertia, I certainly had quite an early development, but as expected, it was inconceivable for a baby to worry about their mother and get out of her stomach as soon as possible during their birth, right?

Even if they were my child, since it was a very unreasonable thing, in spite of the situation, I ended up laughing spontaneously.


Speaking of which, my father-in-law whose face was pale as he heard Bertia’s voice next to me, commented, “Bertia, unfortunately that child also has half of your blood in them!! No matter how much of His Highness’ blood is drawn, it’s so pitiful to expect so much from them!!”, but… I wonder if I’m the only one who thinks that the problem isn’t there?

Right beside Marquis Noches, there was Kuro who raised her intimidating voice as her tail expanded, perhaps it was because she didn’t really understand the concept of childbirth or perhaps it was her reaction to Bertia’s painful voice.

She surely wanted to eliminate the existence that brought pain to Bertia, but in this case, the one who inflicted the pain was my child who was about to be born, so I’d tell Zeno to stop her with all his power.



After the difficult night passed, I met my child who let me experience a feeling of tension that I could say as a first time in my life.


“Cecil-sama, I did itttt!! It’s a cute, cute little boyyy!”

Bertia welcomed me with her sloppy face that was full of sweats after her childbirth and tears of joy. In her arms, there was a small, small baby tucked in baby clothes.

The moment I saw his face, I felt a certain hunch at the same time as I instinctively felt like crying.


…This child is [the same kind] as me.


“Please take a look! His hair is a mixture of my and Cecil-sama’s hair color, it’s a strawberry blonde! However, his face looks exactly like Cecil-sama!!”

Since he was just born, his facial features were not yet clear, and it felt like my child’s face was still crumpled, but… he certainly looked like me.

When he grows up a bit more and his facial features become clear, he would surely give the impression that he’s surely [my child].



“This child will surely grow up to be smart just like Cecil-sama!! Even if that isn’t the case, with him being this cute, it’s unmistakable that he’d grow up to be a prince loved by everyone!!”

“…Yes. He definitely will.”

Looking at Bertia who was happily nudging our child, I decided to put off the matter for now.

As if he could sense the mood, our child smiled as Bertia cuddled him. It’s not that I don’t feel anxious about his future prospects, but… Well, it will surely be all right.

After all is said and done, his mother is Bertia.

His childhood will surely not be as boring as mine.


After that… So that this child and I won’t compete for Bertia, it’d be better to search for this child’s [fated person] earlier.

…Even if he is my cute child, there’s no way I’d surrender my cute Bertia.

After that, let this child take the initiative to do the thing he enjoys doing.

It is good to broaden your interest.

If you have many things you want to do and if there are enjoyable things without having to stick to just one thing, your life would be more colorful.

There had never been a precedent for the royal family to have a special child being born in a two consecutive generations, but if you look at it, I’d be able to look after my child while making a good use of my own experiences, so conversely, it might be a good thing.



“Cecil-sama! Let’s give this child a lots of our love and affection and make him happy!! I will work hard as a mother!!”

“Yeah. This child… Let’s make him happy.”


In response to Bertia who innocently smiled full of delight of the child’s birth, I gently smiled back as I hardened my resolution at heart.

I tucked Bertia’s hair that was stuck on her sweaty face, gently caressing her cheek.



“Tia, thank you for increasing my treasure. I will continue to work hard from now on as well, for the sake of my cherished child and you.”

As I said that while softly caressing Bertia’s cheek with my left hand and my child’s cheek with my right hand, Bertia nodded with smiles on her eyes which had calmed down from the tears.






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“Mother!! Please take a look at what I found!!”

Anzat Glo Alphasta—my 5-year-old son—came running to Bertia and me who were in the middle having tea during our official duties.


He was holding a small mysterious being with two tentacle-like proboscises curling out from their cheeks.

That scene looked like a small child was holding such a dangerous mysterious creature and that it was not safe, but I believe Zeno’s magic power helped him in suppressing the odd creature that he found.

Mysterious creatures like them began to invade our world not too long ago.


My son—Anzat—seems to love them and be loved by those creatures.

At first, we were very surprised when we thought the mysterious creatures were attacking Anzat when he was younger. However, we were relieved when Anzat giggled. It seemed like those creatures meant no harm to my son, and that they loved him instead.

Therefore, we decided to observe them as long as they did no harm to us. Anzat also has grown to love them, so what can I do?



“Oh my, Anzat, what a cute little creature you have there.”

Bertia rushed over to our son in a hurry so that she could take the wriggling odd creature from Anzat, in order to help him. However, Anzat refused his mother’s helping hand and hugged the creature even more tightly.



“He said he didn’t want anyone other than me to touch him.”

Our son suddenly dropped such a huge bomb.


“Anzat… you can understand what they’re saying?”

I tried to keep my composure as I showed my fake calm smile as usual.

He never showed that he could understand the creatures’ words before.

Now, this is something else.


“Yes. They communicate with me through telepathy. Therefore, I learned something very important.”

Anzat’s innocent child face turned serious so suddenly.


“Oh? What might it be?”

I raised my eyebrow in curiosity, urging him to continue. This son of mine has grown to be like his mother, he always amuses me.


“They said that I am one of their kind. I am the more [perfected version] of them, their savior. They said they are actually Force-sensitive near-Human species escaping from their home planet, trying to find their Messiah who was reincarnated in some planet. And they finally found me.”

“…Pardon me?”

I can’t understand what he’s saying, just like how it usually is with Bertia.


“Oh my! I know this! Are they actually the [Anzati] from [Star Wars]?!”

Bertia clasped her hands in a surprise.


“[Anzati]? [Star Wars]?”

“That, [Anzati] is a species of alien from this popular show titled [Star Wars] in my home world… I really love the [Anzati], that’s why I also recommended Cecil-sama to name our son [Anzat].”

I remembered Bertia saying things like this back then when we were thinking of a name for our son, but it was all incomprehensible to me, and I could only tell that Bertia liked the name [Anzat], so we proceeded with the name. [Anzat] sounded nice to me, so I supported her choice.


“As expected of my son! We’re both reincarnators! Come, Anzat, let’s save your home planet! Mother will fully support you!”

Bertia made a fist as she stood up excitedly.

“Wait a second. It’s not something that can be decided so suddenly. We need to carefully analyze things and strategize…”

I tried my best to hold back Bertia who was about to leave with Anzat.



Anzat suddenly turned around and looked at my eyes, his expression serious.


“We the Anzati need to move as quickly as possible, before there are more victims. I can’t afford to let my race die.”

“Anzat, you’re now my son, not one of the [Anzati].”

I tried to remind him of his real identity, so that he won’t be misled by the awakening of his past memories.


“Yes, but the [Anzati] needs me more than this world needs me. Sorry, Father, but I have to go. Also, I really love Mother, so I’m taking her with me.”

Suddenly, a mysterious object that Bertia called as [UFO] appeared before us, a light beam shone from it as the light beam lifted Bertia, Anzat, and the rest of the [Anzati].



I reflexively raised my voice in response to this urgent matter. However, they continued to float to the UFO.


“Cecil-samaa! Don’t worry, we will definitely be back as soon as the Anzati are safe and sound!! Please wait for me and Anzat!! I will definitely take a good care of him! Please take care of the Alphasta country during our absenceeee!!”

Bertia shouted as she entered the UFO.

I was relieved upon hearing her determination, albeit I was still a bit worried.


However, Anzat’s deep voice that followed Bertia’s declaration made my heart froze in an instant.

“Goodbye, Father. Mother belongs to me. I will rule the Anzati and will conquer the whole universe. Don’t worry, since you’re my father, I will definitely put you in a good position.”


Thus, my boredom was swept in an instant, in a very horrible way I have never imagined before.






In case this isn’t obvious to you guys, yes, this is an April Fools’ chapter only, hahahaha! I (LynneSuzuran) made this after getting inspired by my conversation with Senhiro when we were discussing how we would be translating Cecil and Bertia’s son’s name~! Sen told me that Anzat is an alien species in Star Wars, so let’s not use “Anzat” X”D

We then proceeded on discussing how we wanted Cecil and Bertia to have a daughter as well, and then Sen said: “Just don’t name her the same as another Star Wars alien…” and I lost it there X”D

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