What is Advanced Chapter Access?

I’m providing advanced chapter access (mostly out of my reserved chapters) as a thanks for those who’re willing to support me by donating!


Can I gain the reward even if I’m not supporting you through Patreon?

Sure, why not? Make sure you note your wish to get the reward when you’re donating (just write the Patreon tier name)! Or you can also reach out to me via Discord or Contact page.

To gain access to the rewards in accordance to Patreon pledges, you just have to donate the same amount as the tier you want via Paypal. Check out my Patreon page for more info!

If you’re donating via Ko-fi, then here is the guide you can follow:

  • Original Mania Level 1: 1 kofi
  • Original Mania Level 2: 2 kofi
  • Original Mania Level 3: 4 kofi
  • Original Mania Level 4: 5 kofi
  • Original Mania Level 5: 7 kofi
  • Translation Mania Level 1: 2 kofi
  • Translation Mania Level 2: 4 kofi
  • Translation Mania Level 3: 5 kofi
  • Double Degree Level 1: 3 kofi
  • Double Degree Level 2: 6 kofi
  • Double Degree Level 3: 9 kofi
  • Double Degree Level 4: 11 kofi
  • Library Mania Level 3: 15 kofi