Welcome to Convallaria’s Library!

I am Lynne Suzuran and the reason I decided to create this wordpress was for fun, or hobby. ( •̀ω•́ )σ I have been enjoying many novels online so I might as well share some of the series I am enjoying ^^ Sometimes if I feel like it, I’ll also write up some reviews, or anything! Most of the time, I’d be too lazy to do that and would just end up using the time and energy for translating, though (lol)

I mostly translate things with my (limited) Japanese language skill and along with the help of machine translations. I cannot guarantee 100% accuracy as in word per word translation, and I might also stumble upon some sentences. I may also make mistakes as English is not my primary language, but I do hope you can enjoy reading my translation and don’t find the flaws as bothersome. Of course, I am open for any help or suggestions! I just want people to be able to read more novels as much as I enjoy reading novels myself.

As nothing than a mere student, things can get quite busy here. So please excuse me if I cannot update as fast as the other people ( ≧Д≦) If you’d like to pamper me or just support my living, you can view the ways to do so in the right sidebar of this site, consisting of ko-fi, paypal, and patreon. The amount given will be updated in the sponsored chapter status. And I’d be very happy and more motivated if you do like my translation and even going as far as to support me ^^

Besides translating, I’m also writing my original stories! I hope you’d drop them a visit. The original stories I wrote are hosted at Rebirth Online World’s site. For the translation though, I’m going solo because I prefer working on them alone and so that the release won’t be delayed by undergoing editing process, etc, if I were to work in a team. Therefore, since I’ve been handling them alone even the checking, please do help me if I misspelled something or the likes.

If you’d like to request something or contact me, feel free to go to the Request page! If you want to ask for permission for translating the novels here into another language, please ask in the Contact page! Please do not repost the novels here to any other site! If you also have other things to tell/ask me, feel free to do so from the same page.

P.S. I don’t bite so don’t hesitate to contact me~ I’ll also try to respond every comment, but sometimes I also don’t know how to respond (my social awkwardness?)! But honestly, I’m keeping an eye on every comment written 😀

Last, thank you for spending your time to read this page! Seriously, I composed this page just in case anyone clicked on “About” page, so that they aren’t greeted by empty page or my gibberish…

Thank you for visiting this library and hope you’d have a good time ^^