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The Flower Selling Girl is A Replacement Bride


Author : Eri

Genres : Romance, R-18 (I’ll put a caution on R-18 chapters/parts)

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Summary :

In front of Lise, who worked in the lower parts of town selling flowers, a man fully clad in black appeared and suddenly abducted her. The place she was abducted to was a noble’s house. The identity of the black clad man was the general feared as a fierce god, Wizard. In truth, he was to marry a noble’s daughter but due to being overwhelmed by Wizard’s strength, she ran away. Even though it was after they sent out the wedding invitations. There, Wizard decided to propose to the one who he held foremost in his feelings, Lise. Lise was suddenly proposed to, but・・・。

(Credits to mojotranslations!)


Table of Content :

  1. The Flower Selling Girl, Lise
  2. Lise’s Decision
  3. Lise and Wizard
  4. The Wedding Ceremony
  5. First Night
  6. The Morning After the First Night
  7. Lise and the Maids
  8. The Death of Lise’s Mother
  9. The Young Man in The Dream is…
  10. That Evening
  11. Wizard, Going to War
  12. Wizard’s Returning Home
  13. A Call from the Royal Palace
  14. To the Royal Palace
  15. Lise’s Thought
  16. The Real Fiancee
  17. Mary and Lise
  18. Mary and Wizard
  19. Wizard’s Jealousy
  20. Self-Awareness as A Wife
  21. The Day Before A Date
  22. The Day of The Date
  23. Post-Date
  24. Lise Caught A Cold
  25. Wizard’s Birthday (First Part)
  26. Wizard’s Birthday (Last Part)
  27. Lise’s Shopping
  28. Knitting and Embracing
  29. Wizard’s Haori
  30. The Completion of the Matching Haori
  31. Deepening Bonds
  32. The Next Day
  33. Workplace Visit
  34. Wizard’s Weakness
  35. Lise’s Thoughts
  36. Lise’s Pregnancy
  37. Lise and Wizard’s Child
  38. Rose

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  1. cuestion this novel was dropped o completed?

    • LynneSuzuran

      January 19, 2019 at 3:46 am

      Answer: I’ve completed the main story translation, and then there’s an extra story that I chose not to translate in the end. But the main story doesn’t end in a cliffhanger for the main couple, so you can read it at peace ^^

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