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[Anime Review] Fox Spirit Matchmaker (Huyao Xiao Hongniang / Enmusubi no Youko-chan)

Currently, I like this anime! …As if it wasn’t that obvious, huh? Well, since the current icon of my wordpress site and the pinned post in the homepage all show the main female protagonist of this show, Tushan Susu, I guess it’s already that obvious.

And after looking at how underrated this anime is outside of China (I think), and others’ reviews of the first episode and how they dropped this series thinking from the opening and episode 1 that this anime is weird or crappy… I would like to cover the series in a review! I came across this anime on a whim, and being a person with broad taste and positive mind to stories, I decided to continue watching and then here I am, hooked to this series.


This review will have the comparison between its original Chinese version and the Japanese dubbing version.


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[PC] Ayakashi Gohan ~Oomori~ [Otome Game Review]!

…wait what, isn’t this supposed to be a blog for novels? Well, let me mix in some reviews and other posts! After finishing my play-through of Ayakashi Gohan ~Oomori~, I cannot move on from the game, so I decided I’ll write a review of this game! This will be my first time trying to make a review… but I’ll try and convey my love for the game~!

General Information

Tags: Anime, Kazuaki, honeybee, Ayakashi Gohan, Serigano Manatsu, Inushima Uta, Hana Suou, Ibuki Haginosuke, Kimura Asagi, Inushima Yomi, Origami, Persimmon (Fruit), Yokozuwari

Title : Ayakashi Gohan ~Oomori~ あやかしごはん ~おおもりっ!~

Platform : PC, PS Vita

Language : Japanese, but there’s an English patch for the PC version!

Developer : Honeybee

Genres : Otome (as if it’s not obvious from the title already XD) , romance, mystery, food (IMO it feels good eating while playing this game)

Summary :

Once upon a time, a long time ago… It is not.

In the corner of a certain village where ayakashi and humans coexist, there is a shop that serves meals for ayakashi. The name of this eatery is “Ponpokorin”. In that store, both ayakashi and humans visit it seeking to have a delicious meal. The shop owner is a youko (a mythological fox spirit) taking on a human form.

“Everybody can be happy if they can have a delicious meal.” That was the youko’s creed. The youko and its soon-to-be 7-year-old son continue to cook delicious meals to this very day.

One day, as the hot summer ended and the harvest of autumn approached, a lone girl enters the youko’s store.

From that moment onwards, the story begins.

The beginning of a heart-warming story involving ayakashi, humans and delicious meals, starts here.

[Translation of the official website’s story summary.]

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