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Updates Might be Delayed

Hi everyone, I’m sorry to announce that updates might be delayed because my laptop is currently broken. It had bluescreens since weeks before but it was fixed by reinstalling the OS… But now, it’s literally broken as the partition/harddrive wasn’t even read… Can’t even reinstall OS or do anything so I might need to repair it at the service center.

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About Notifications and Comments

Hello, this is not an update post but I think this will be useful for everyone who visits this site! Please do read this post for just a few minutes xD

1. Regarding notice to users with Adblockers: Apparently, there was a malfunction with the old plugin that it kept appearing in mobile browsers(? From what I know), so I decided to delete the plugin and replaced it with another one. I tested it on my own phone and it should work as how it should… Please support the site by disabling the Adblockers! Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience ><

Don’t hesitate to report it if you’re having any problem like this, so I will know if the problem is not resolved ><



If this is your first time writing a comment on the default WordPress comment section, most likely your comment is awaiting moderation. I will approve the comment when I see it (and will respond eventually to every comment xD). This setting is enabled due to many spam comments posted before. So, don’t panic if you’ve made sure to submit the comment and thanks for commenting~


Oh and bonus info, in case you haven’t noticed. I have made a Discord server for this site. It’s not that lively tho, but feel free to join if you’d like to! You can also contact me via Discord if you want to report something or ask something ^^


Thanks for visiting Convallaria’s Library and I hope you will enjoy your stay here ♥️

Announcing “But God Forced Me to Reincarnate”‘s Debut in CreativeNovels!

Hi, guys!

I’m happy to announce that I’ve managed to dominate–I mean, to join in Creative Novels to post my main original novel, “I Didn’t Even Want to Live, But God Forced Me to Reincarnate!


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[NOTICE] About Content Formatting / Site Display Customization and Reader View Mode


  • I just discovered about “Reader View” mode and how my anti-theft measures might obstruct the view there!
  • Deleted the magical button toggle that I implemented in a few chapters
  • Unable to properly delete each and every 0 px sized gibberish text I put in old chapters as the measure—sorry if you find those gibberish text!! ><
  • In the future, if I’m trying to implement other measures, I will take into consideration about Reader View and try to minimize the obstruction to those using Reader View.
  • However, I would advise you to not use Reader View for better experience and so you can view all the content as I see how the footnotes are not displaying in Reader View–while I use footnotes to show translation notes and more explanation of things.
  • If you want to customize the site’s display, you can do it by using the tool I’m implementing in my site, here’s how you can do it.


Full Version (Narrated + My Thoughts/Rant[?]):

I just noticed that there’s something called “Reader View” mode on browsers and how it practically deleted the coding or formatting in that page—

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Website Error’s Been Fixed!

So, after a few days trying to make the host provider restore the lost content–apparently there were still lost contents.

So I manually tried to restore the lost contents ;__;/ Sadly, I can’t restore the lost comments, I apologize for those who have commented and they are lost! I have seen them however (from email notification before the website’s crashed).

For those who haven’t known, I (finally) decided to make a Discord server for this site, should anything happen again. It’s not that noisy, so feel free to join:

Note that whenever there are errors like this again, I will utilize the old WordPress site. Since everything here’s fixed, I have cleaned the old WordPress site so that it would be ready for any kind of import should anything happen (cleaned so that there won’t be any duplicate content for when I import)

Thanks for the understanding and sorry for all the inconvenience ><

PS: Please contact me if you still find any error!

[Announcement] Regarding April Fools

Hi, guys! April Fools finally ended!

I have restored the links and fixed the redirection, so the update posts will now redirect you to the correct translation, not the troll chapters.

The navigation links such as the ones in ToC and previous chapters have also been added~

So, tell me, how many of you figured out that I gave the real link at the end of the troll chapters?

The troll chapters won’t be deleted for amusement’s sake, so you can still access them! ^^ I will link them here if you are curious what kind of troll chapters are available:

  1. Different World Gender Change 35
  2. The Flower Selling Girl is A Replacement Bride 32
  3. But God Forced Me to Reincarnate Special April Fools
  4. Returning to the Other World with My Children, Also…?! 10

Click read more to read my thoughts on each of them!

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Original Stories Will be Available in This Site~!

Hi there!

A friend of mine just suggested me to add my original stories to this site as well, thinking that some people may dislike being redirected to another site and would prefer to read it here, as well.

For those who have been reading at other sites, don’t worry, I will still update there!

So you have more choices of sites to read them now! (in case one is loading so slow, or down, yeah…)

Here is the link :

I won’t be displaying the chapter title in this site’s table of content since they will give out spoilers (and since I can set it so that it won’t display the chapter title here, hooray~!)

You can start reading them here now, so have fun ^^

Changes in the New Site!

As of now, you would notice several changes to this new site.

This site has changes such as :

  1. Improved Comment Section : You’ll be able to select between native WordPress comment, Facebook comment, or Disqus comment to leave your marks–I mean comments on a post.
  2. Improved Accessibility : See that blue setting icon on the top right corner of your page when you’re accessing this site? If you click on that, you can adjust things such as keyboard navigation, select another color scheme (consider it as day/night mode, I’ve chosen some color schemes that look okay, mainly the white and black schemes), adjust font size, and set a highlight/underline on links so you won’t miss any links.
  3. Chatango room is available! So you can easily chat with others there. But please, be nice and don’t spam! Chatango is implemented here for your ease of chat because we’re not integrated in Discord.
  4. Ads : If you’re seeing ads here, know that they are being used in order to maintain this site–as in, domain and web hosting things. Consider disabling your adblocks to this site to support us! And if you see any intrusive ad, please tell me.

The other things should be the same as the old site, so you won’t be surprised to adjust with all the changes. Personally, I’m used to the old site’s format, so I think that might be better for you who are used to it, too, rather than starting the web design from a new scratch. I may change it if I find other styles that I see fit or prettier than the current one.

Okay, that should conclude all. I hope with this, you will find more enjoyment and ease in accessing this site and read its content ^^

Have fun and thanks for being awesome readers!