Hi, everyone!
I’m making this post in order to thank everyone who’s been supportive towards me and my projects in any way they can ^^
For example, if you’re reading in my site without any adblock, if you’re clicking on the ads from time to time just because, and if you’re reading and commenting! Yes, thank you for being supportive~!
And I’d like to thank every supporter as well, be it through Ko-Fi, Steam gifts, Paypal, or Patreon! As for patrons who’ve supported me and couldn’t continue to do so due to various reasons, I really appreciate your support and I hope you’re doing well. I hope I will be seeing you in the comment section or maybe if you want to become a patron again. ^^
As for those who don’t become patrons or stopped being one due to the difficulty of processing the card or something (Patreon often has this declined payment thing from time to time, I’m not even sure why and I’m sure it’s bothering us all), you can try asking Patreon to resolve the issue and if it doesn’t work, then I also accept subscription via Paypal or Ko-Fi if you don’t know about it. Message me and I will give you the access to view the advanced chapters~
But the downside of subscription via Paypal and Ko-Fi is that there’s no recurring payment set, I guess. If you happen to know how to enable such function, tell me~
Or if you have any thought about other platforms like Patreon where you want to see me in, you can also tell me and I’ll see about it~
Once again, thank you so much for everyone’s support so far and don’t hesitate to contact me if there’s anything! I don’t bite XD
I hope I will be able to become even better in the future :3
See you around!