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This is the character page of the novel “I Didn’t Even Want to Live, But God Forced Me to Reincarnate!”. Note that it will be updated from time to time and it’s still under construction (not all characters are currently present ^^). I wish someone could help me make the character pages like the wikia pages but well, haha!


Main Character

Reinst Carnatia Grabberton / Alrescha Lyra Hartmann (The Main Character)

Reinst is the first daughter and the second child of Duke Grabberton, born from the wife with a nobler position. She was raised to be a queen in the future, but died some time after her coming-of-age ceremony (after she turns 13). She has a short brown hair and amber eyes, and a “cold/cool” facial features. Dubbed as the “cool beauty”. Age appearance: looks like 13-15 y/o girl (appears more mature than her peers).

After her death, Reinst was reincarnated as Alrescha Lyra Hartmann, the first daughter and the second child of the current Duke Hartmann, 7 years after Reinst’s death. She has a deep navy blue or galaxy blue hair which is usually tied in a twintail and heterochromic eyes (red left eye and blue right eye). Contrary to Reinst, she has a natural cute/childish appearance that doesn’t match her precocious self.



Grabberton Ducal House

Clyde Horace Grabberton

Duke Grabberton’s first son, born from the first wife of lower position, Kania. Older than Reinst by a few weeks/months. He has a soft blonde hair and amber eyes, along with his soft and gentle facial features. After Reinst’s death, he ended up marrying into the Loera family as Nicole’s husband. He has a natural gentle disposition, a calm person. Age appearance: around 13-15 y/o when Reinst is death, and 20s-30s when Reinst is reincarnated as Lyra. 


Dahlia van Petersbug

Duke Grabberton’s second wife, holds a higher position than the first wife. Reinst and Domi’s biological mother. She has a cold/cool look that seems to be inherited by her children. She has brown curly eyes with pine green eyes. She is often seen holding a fan that she would use to cover her mouth when she’s speaking to others. 


Kania Lowee

Duke Grabberton’s first wife, but with lower position. Biological mother of Clyde. She has a soft and gentle countenance that Clyde inherits. Has a straight blonde hair and gray eyes.


Herbert Secth Grabberton

The head of the Grabberton family. He takes a great care and pride for the family’s reputation and honor more than anything else. He has almond hair and amber eyes. As a swordsman, his body’s well-built and tall. 


Dominick Robin Grabberton

Reinst’s biological little brother that was born when Reinst was 9 years old. The heir of the Grabberton family. He has curly brown hair just like his mother and amber eyes like her father and sister. As a child, Domi is often seen with his mother who dotes on him yet is also strict at the same time. He is quite an expressionless child like Reinst—or rather, he maintains straight face most of the time. 



The Hartmann Family

The family where Reinst was reincarnated in—as their doted daughter, Lyra.


Icarus Valkyane Hartmann

The current Duke of Hartmann (East Riviera). Lyra (MC)’s father. Nicknamed as “Cyan”. He’s an oyabaka/doting parent especially to Lyra. He has a pale white hair and heterochromic eyes (yellow left eye and blue right eye). Has a youthful appearance. Has a cool business smile on default in public (can turn into a cold smile at times), but in private/at home, he has an appearance of a stupid overdoting parent.


Cassiophelia de la Sanctuaria

Wife of the current Duke of Hartmann, Lyra and Altaire’s mother. Nicknamed “Cassie” to close ones and “Ophelia” to others. She has a yellowish silver long and wavy hair that reaches her waist. Her eyes are golden and round. Her expressions are usually firm in public as she holds an important position as the head of the royal magicians, but the expressions she shows to her family are gentle and soft ones. Due to her elf bloodline, she is a natural beauty and has a youthful appearance.


Altaire Ophiuscus Hartmann

The first child and the only son of the current Duke of Hartmann, Lyra’s big brother (3 years older). He has a galaxy blue hair just like Lyra and heterochromic eyes (yellow right eye and blue left eye). He’s a mischievous child who’s usually cheerful. As he gets older, he gets calmer and gentler.



Cyan’s beloved mother who died of an illness when Cyan was young. She had a galaxy blue hair that Lyra and Altaire inherited. Her eyes were also blue. Cyan noted that Lyra resembled Firis.



The Loera Family

Cheryll Nicole Loera

Reinst’s ‘self-proclaimed’ best friend and might have been her only friend. Nicole enrolled in the same school as Reinst and Clyde–and she ended up marrying Clyde. She is the sole heir of the Loera main family. She has light blue eyes and a little mole below her right eye’s corner. She has a shoulder-length marigold/orange blond hair, and she usually braids a small portion of her front right hair, revealing her ear that’s wearing gold-chained earring with cherry decoration. An energetic and straight-forward person. 


The Royal Family 

Titus Rou seo Navarrete

The current king of Riviera country. He’s close to Cyan as the two of them worked together in punishing the previous generation of the Hartmann family. In a love marriage with Shaula Schafer. Contrary to his kind look, he’s quite a schemer. 

Physical features: short brown hair and green eyes. His front left hair is grown slightly longer than the right counterpart. He is often seen smiling, but it’s definitely not a “warm” and “sincere” smile. 


Shaula Schafer

The current queen of Riviera. Luca and Leticia’s mother. She is pictured as a gentle queen, but she’s actually quite strong-willed. She has crimson long and straight hair coupled with light purple eyes. 


Lucius Aideen seo Navarrete

Nicknamed Luca. The first prince and the crown prince. He’s around the same age as Lyra. He is somehow way more mature than his age…?! Has a slightly tsundere personality. He has short scarlet hair and green eyes. 


Leticia Dorothea seo Navarrete

Luca’s little sister, 4 years younger than Luca. Her eyes are green and her hair is red, just like her big brother. The pampered and likable princess. She looks up to Lyra as if Lyra is her own big sister. 




The workers at the Hartmann family


Beastman race, silver wolf tribe. Works as a maid at the current Duke of Hartmann’s house. She has a silver hair and golden eyes. Her fluffy tail and ears are also silver-colored. She is usually energetic and acts younger than her age—but it suits her youthful appearance. 



Niina’s son, Altaire’s best friend and aide. Just like his mother, he has silver hair, ears, and tail. His eyes are gray. Altaire often plays a prank on him and teases him. 



An old man who’s usually wearing casual jeans and plain shirt. The gardener of the Hartmann family. He was working for the Sanctuaria family before and followed Cassie after she married into the Hartmann family.



A slightly chubby auntie who had worked for the Hartmann family since the previous generation. She was close to Cyan’s mother and to Cyan as well. 



Those who are associated with the royal family


A young royal magician, Cassie’s right-handed subordinate. A young promising magician who’s a hard worker. She wears a pair of glasses. She has a permy brunette hair. 



One of the royal spies, Cyan’s friend. He has a beautiful androgynous appearance that makes people often mistake his gender (he’s a trap). He has a brown skin with cold grey eyes and short ashen grey hair. His right bang covers his right eye and forehead, hiding his small Oni’s horn. Gives off the “cool” vibe. Oni blood runs through his vein. 



One of the royal spies, Cyan’s friend, he has a dwarf blood running through his veins, which explains his childlike appearance. On top of it, he’s quite a bright person which matches his profile. Looks like a teen, but he’s actually much older than that. He has a soft peach skin, light brown hair and matte brown eyes. 


Kiri Elsworth

Luca’s close aide and the future royal knight. He’s an adopted son of the current head of the royal knights who didn’t have any son. Possesses yellow eyes and messy dark green hair. As a child, he is quite timid.





Cassie’s Familiar, a phoenix that usually resides within the royal castle’s treasury room, guarding all the items inside.

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