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But God Forced Me to Reincarnate: Art Section!

I just received a first fan art done in Discord channel and that made me so happy and I also decided to create “Art Section” to gather any art this story (especially received fan arts) to showcase them to other readers ^^

If you’re tempted to create a fan art for the series, feel free to submit them to me so I can display them here~!



1. Cover Arts

Cover page made by me using a free avatar maker app

Cover page made by CreativeNovel’s team



2. 50th Chapter Milestone

…Just a doodle I drew haha~!

3. Hartmann Family in Chapter 12 (Art by IsaginoHime)

Colored version

Black and white version

4. Reinst / Lyra (Art by Giba)


5. Lyra (by Demon_Buns)


6. Lyra and Altaire by Demon_Buns



7. Lyra by IsaginoHime


8. Lyra by TimeCrow


9. Chibi Lyra by Demon_Buns

(Submitted for CrN’s First Art Contest)


10. Chibi Lyra by LateCrowzy

(Submitted for CrN’s First Art Contest)


11. Alrescha Lyra Hartmann by Magistrum

(Submitted for CrN’s First Art Contest; won the 2nd place~! ^^)


12. Lyra by Serenity_1_


13. Rurune by Itzatrap

14. Lyra by Luminois (won through an art raffle! <3)

15. Reinst & Lyra (made by me via


More coming soon(?) Don’t hesitate and submit yours if you have it! I’ll definitely put them here ^^

Many are posted in the Discord fan art channel~! Join the Discord server in case you’re interested in finding them faster or if you want to submit fan arts or doodles :3

Thanks for every fan art submitted here!

Comment Away~!


  1. Thank you sooooo much sensei LynneSuzuran
    Supppperr duper appreciate that u actually did publish my work on ur page .. super thrill hehe

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