If you have something you’d like to see translated, please do let me know via comments here or via Contact page. I will check and see whether it interests me or not. You can also request for translation from a light novel, as long as you can provide me the raws, or if not, as long as you can donate me the amount needed for me to purchase the novel! That is, of course after we talk and if I give my agreement. ^o^/


Current Status

Right now, I have three series to translate, so I probably won’t take in more series before one of them is finished. So any title you recommend or request will be put on hold (but I will still take a look at them!)



You can commission me to translate anything you want me to translate from a Japanese source. If you commission me to translate a material from light novel, you should be able to provide me the material, or alternatively you can request me to buy the light novel (the cost will be added to your commission cost). Commission is basically like a sponsored chapter, but it doesn’t have to be from my currently translated novels.


The Cost

The cost is negotiable, depending on the difficulty of the material, its length (based on Japanese word count), whether or not you want it to be published in my site, and the deadline. The rate varies based on the difficulty of the content + deadline, and it varies from $0.008-$0.016 per Japanese character count (yes, the count is not based on the English word count, but Japanese character count without the space). The rate depends on the difficulty of the translation and the source material (i.e. light novel will cost more than web novel).


Process or How to Commission?

Therefore, the process should be:

  1. Ask me via Contact page. Be sure to include the link of the chapter you want me to translate, your deadline, and other specifications like if you want me to publish it in my site or not.
  2. Wait for my response via the email you’re using in your contact form. Price can be negotiable or not, it depends.
  3. If it’s a deal, you have to send the payment first before I start working on it.
  4. After it’s sent, I will start working for the chapter. When I’m done, I will mail you back along with the translation. If you’re fine with me publishing it in my site, I will publish it after at least 24 hours I sent you my translation privately.

Check out my terms of service for translation commission.



Any Guarantee?

How can I guarantee you that I won’t run away? …well, you see that I’m also an original author and I keep updating it at least once a week. You can also see me in Discord, NUF, I’m like… everywhere. So, unless I end up dead (wish me not to end up dead so early…), I won’t disappear without any notice. Failure to deliver the translation within the deadline means that I will have to reduce the price and give you some refund.


Have you ever done any commissioned chapter before?

Yes, I have ever done a commissioned chapter before, namely Chapter 33 Part 2 of “Destination of Crybird”.



If you have other question, feel free to ask it via comment on this page or by contacting me!

I give my sincerest thanks to anyone who’s considering to use my commission ^^