Alternative Title :
Another World, Another Gender
Different World Gender Change <– how I will be referring to this series in my site

Author : Yamabuki Yumi (山吹弓美)

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Summary :

I, Seiren Shikino grew up in an orphanage. On the day of my high school graduation, I somehow got transported to another world, and turned into a girl as well. ……Eh, this isn’t my original world and gender, right!? It seems that I’m now Seiren, the daughter of a noble from another world. This is a light hearted story about family and romance.

Table of Contents :

Arc 1 : Spring of New Life

  • Prologue – Chapter 21

(Prologue – Chapter 21 have been translated by the Omega Harem and Luminaeris, the links to earlier chapters can be accessed from NovelUpdates page. I will be continuing the hiatus translation from chapter 22 onwards).


Arc 2 : Summer of Encounter