Hi, everyone! This post will talk about how to support me in doing my projects.

As you might have known, so far I mainly use Patreon for subscription-based or monthly support, and then there’s Ko-Fi and PayPal mainly for one-time support. Someone has asked me to use SubscribeStar as they don’t like Patreon due to some reasons, but unfortunately SubscribeStar doesn’t allow PayPal and I don’t have the payout option they want me to have.

If you are one of the people who don’t really like using Patreon platform or if your payment there somehow can’t go through (I also hate declined payment issue with Patreon ;__;), then this post might be just for you XD

I have found out that I could make a subscription button using Paypal. I haven’t tried using it before, but it should be similar to Paypal donation, but it will charge you monthly like Patreon. I’ve put 10 of my Patreon tier options you can select from (the maximum is 10 haha). You will also gain access to the rewards should the tier has any reward if you subscribe there. PS: One-time support and one month access of tier reward is also possible.

You can find the button on the sidebar widget of this site or in this Paypal Donation/Subscription Form page.

Thank you for reading my projects and for all your support. If you decide to support me through Paypal, Ko-Fi, and Patreon, I’d be really grateful to you guys! bows politely

Please take care ^^


NB: If you have a suggestion on similar creator support platform you wish to see me in, don’t hesitate to tell me.