…wait what, isn’t this supposed to be a blog for novels? Well, let me mix in some reviews and other posts! After finishing my play-through of Ayakashi Gohan ~Oomori~, I cannot move on from the game, so I decided I’ll write a review of this game! This will be my first time trying to make a review… but I’ll try and convey my love for the game~!

General Information

Tags: Anime, Kazuaki, honeybee, Ayakashi Gohan, Serigano Manatsu, Inushima Uta, Hana Suou, Ibuki Haginosuke, Kimura Asagi, Inushima Yomi, Origami, Persimmon (Fruit), Yokozuwari

Title : Ayakashi Gohan ~Oomori~ あやかしごはん ~おおもりっ!~

Platform : PC, PS Vita

Language : Japanese, but there’s an English patch for the PC version!

Developer : Honeybee

Genres : Otome (as if it’s not obvious from the title already XD) , romance, mystery, food (IMO it feels good eating while playing this game)

Summary :

Once upon a time, a long time ago… It is not.

In the corner of a certain village where ayakashi and humans coexist, there is a shop that serves meals for ayakashi. The name of this eatery is “Ponpokorin”. In that store, both ayakashi and humans visit it seeking to have a delicious meal. The shop owner is a youko (a mythological fox spirit) taking on a human form.

“Everybody can be happy if they can have a delicious meal.” That was the youko’s creed. The youko and its soon-to-be 7-year-old son continue to cook delicious meals to this very day.

One day, as the hot summer ended and the harvest of autumn approached, a lone girl enters the youko’s store.

From that moment onwards, the story begins.

The beginning of a heart-warming story involving ayakashi, humans and delicious meals, starts here.

[Translation of the official website’s story summary.]

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