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The Flower Selling Girl is A Replacement Bride 8

Uhm… alright, before you start reading, beware of NSFW moments. I shall mark the beginning of it so those of you who can’t read NSFW can skip it over… (although I think most of you have always been waiting for those moments?)


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Hope those things won’t disturb your reading! I really am urged to enter tsukkomis in this chapter, plus the comparison! I’d be happy if you like them, too :p

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Chapter 8

The Death of Lise’s Mother



It was the third day ever since Lise came to settle down in this mansion.

When Lise was drinking her tea, Vinan suddenly barged into the room.

It was so unlike him to get in such a panic.

“Lise-sama! Your mother’s condition has deteriorated, and she is currently in a critical condition!!”

Lise’s face grew pale.

Lise quickly prepared herself to go outside and rushed off to her mother’s place.

Her mother is in a big, excellent hospital.



“Aah, Lise. You came…”

“Isn’t it obvious? Okaa-san…”

“Lise, are you happy with your life as it is now?”


“Is that so… I’m glad…”

Her mother seemed as if she was about to fall asleep any time soon.



“Okaa-san! Please open your eyes!”

“Lise, there’s something I need to apologize to you about…”

“What is it?”

“Your father is actually still alive. There’s a pendant in the drawer over there…”

“Then, what of it? It will be enough for me as long as mother is around!!”

“Lise… Listen. Please take care of that pendant carefully.”


Her mother then couldn’t continue to speak clearly.

She closed her eyes as if she had fallen asleep–…

“Okaa-san! Open your eyes!! Please don’t die!!”



As Lise lost her own composure, the doctors entered the room and pulled Lise away from her mother, then proceeded to give her treatment.

As Lise was told before, she took and wore the pendant that was in the desk’s drawer.

“Okaa-san, I’ll come again tomorrow.”

Judging that she would just get in the way of the treatment, Lise decided to return to the mansion for the moment.



From that day on, Lise visited her mother daily.

But, her mother still didn’t regain her consciousness back.

And then, 5 days after that day, her mother passed away.

Lise had prepared herself for that, but still, she couldn’t stop her tears.


Wizard hugged Lise, who was crying.



The funeral for her mother was held solemnly.

Her mother was buried in the Wizard family’s graveyard.

The funeral was over before Lise managed to think about it.

Even with the latest medical treatment, it seemed that it was too late for Lise’s mother.



Lise and the others then returned to the mansion after the funeral.

Wizard continued to hug Lise and didn’t want to be apart from her, who was still crying.

“Lise, please do not cry like that…”

“Because, Okaa-san has…”

“When she passed away, she didn’t seem like she was suffering in the end.”

“Is that true?”

“Yeah, that’s what her doctor told me.”

“If that’s the case, that’s good…”

Finally, Lise managed to stop crying.



“Lise, try to sleep without thinking anything for today. You haven’t managed to sleep well these days, right?”

“That’s impossible. No matter what, I will be thinking about my mother…”

“…Then I’ll make you be able to not think about anything.”


(T/N : Please Wizard please don’t do what I think you’re gonna do)



Wizard carried Lise and took her to the couple’s bedroom.

And then he slowly let Lise down on the bed.

“I’m going to embrace you until you cannot think about anything.”

After saying that, Wizard began taking off Lise’s mourning dress.




“I cannot hear you.”

Lise then covered her naked body.

“I don’t feel like doing that right now.”



(T/N : Obviously, who feels like doing that in this kind of situation?! щ(゜ロ゜щ)




Wizard ignored Lise and continued the act.

(T/N : NOOOOO WHY WIZARD WHY, I cannot believe you (・□・;))


He held Lise’s bulging parts in his mouth and played them inside his mouth.


Sucking them, biting them lightly, and touching them.

Feeling her breasts rubbed by Wizard’s hand, Lise felt a sensation that she couldn’t really describe.



“Ah, aah, yaah…”

Wizard then stretched his hand towards Lise’s honey pot to check whether it was properly wet or not yet.

It was already brimming with her honey.




He inserted his fingers inside of her honey pot and stirred it up.

It looked like Lise already came from that alone.

“Lise, surrender yourself to the pleasure.”

“Ah, ahn. Aah…”

Then, Wizard began attacking Lise’s sweet spots.


He touched the spots with his fingers over and over again.


Lise then came.

Her head turned a blank white and could not think of anything.



“Enough, already…”

“Really? Even though you’re already this wet?”

Wizard purposely put his fingers to the fluids and showed it to Lise.

“T, that kind of thing… please don’t say it…”

Lise looked away from Wizard’s fingers.

Tears had already disappeared from Lise’s eyes.



(That’s right, just think of me alone in this moment. If you were to keep crying, then your heart will eventually be broken.)

Wizard pulled his fingers away from Lise’s honey pot and then began inserting his own thing.


“Kuh… It’s still tight, eh.”

“Ah… Yaah…”

There was no pain.

Instead of it, Lise could feel pleasure.



“I’m going to move.”


“Yaaah, no…”

“S, stop…”

Even though Lise said so, she began moving her own hips.

“Fuh, your hips are moving on your own. Do you want more?”

Wizard teased Lise’s sweet spots over and over again.


Lise quickly came again.

“Lise, you’re so sensitive.”

“…That’s not true.”

Lise’s face turned red and she turned away from Wizard.



“I’m going to move again.”

Wizard began to intensely move his hips.

*Guchyuu, guchyuu*, the voice of body and body colliding could be heard resounding inside the room.

“Yaaaaaah!! E, enough!”


“Haahn. Waah, aah…”

Wizard was already reaching his limit, too.




While moaning, Wizard came and injected his cloudy liquid inside Lise’s honey pot.

Even so, he didn’t pull out. Instead, he began to move his hips again.

“Yah, no!!”

“Please, enough alreadyyy…”




Thus, Lise was being embraced by Wizard until she lost her consciousness.

Wizard protected Lise’s heart.

(T/N : HUH WHAT?! ∑(;°Д°))


He wondered whether he managed to ease Lise’s shock from her mother’s death…

Wizard furrowed his eyebrow and began to think.

He might overdo it a little.

Even so, Wizard doesn’t regret it.

If her heart could be protected even a little bit, then he would do whatever he could.



After they wake up, Lise might condemn him because of it.

His heart aches a little when he thinks about that.



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