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  1. Hello, I really like the light novel “Fiancee’s observation log of the self-claimed villianess” that you translate and thank you for hard work!!! I would like to ask for your permission to translate this novel to Vietnamese. I’ll definitely give you credit and I can give you the link to our wordpress page (tho it’s fairly new). I really like this project therefore *DOGEZA* please let us have your permission to translate this project!!!!
    And finally, thank you for your hard work

  2. Did you know you have 34 pop up adds on one page alone? Making it extermly hard to scroll down and for most things to load. I can not accesses this site through a different browsing interface because of the adds. You do have pop ups on this page. They play as videos in the lower right hand coner. I wanted to read the novel of an intersting manga and I am finding it very hard to navigate your site.
    You should consider how easy it is to navigate your website, when you want to add ads next time. I apperaciate your hard work to translate these stories for us. I get that you need money to buy the books to translate, but this is a little over board.

    • Hey there, can you provide me with the screenshots and details such as what device and browser you’re using?
      I’ve checked with my devices and different browsers and there was clearly no issue with the excessive ads and the video ad you mentioned can be closed immediately. So I’ll need to bother you to take the screenshots and more details of the problem to me, I’ll take a look at them immediately.
      Thanks and sorry for the inconveniences.
      EDIT: I’ve tried to change the setting of some ads and inquired about the video ad’s setting/behavior to the ad provider. But can you still provide me with the screenshots to better understand the issue?

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