Why have you come to this page? I don’t think anyone will read it… but go ahead~


Welcome to the FAQs that nobody seems to read, but I am writing it anyway in case someone might ask me~ Feel free to drop a comment below in case you want to add any question.


1. Why are you putting ads and why would you warn the ones using Adblocks to whitelist this site?

This site doesn’t run for free. To maintain a site, you have to pay for domain registration and web hosting service. The reason I chose to use a site instead of a free wordpress blog is because I can have more customization options in my own site, plus plug-ins! They helped a lot!

TLDR: The ads revenue will be used for the purpose of maintaining this site~

2. Who are working for the projects here?

Pretty sure I am all alone here~

3. Why do I see “Review” page? Can I request a review?

Because I want to share my love about something that I reviewed to the world~ Or… rant… It can be anything from a manga, novel, game, or anything else. You can ask my opinion about something, and if I have completed the series, I’ll consider writing a review of it if you ask.

4. Is there any Discord server for this site?

There is! <– feel free to join and hang out there~ It was created because of the website error and lost content case the other day. Hope you will enjoy your stay!

5. I found some typos or grammatical error!

DEAR GOD, please, please tell me so I can immediately correct it. I am not a native English speaker, so your help would be appreciated.

6. I want to personally contact you to say something that might be better off in private. Or I just want to be your friend, can I?

Sure, that’s what the Contact page is for. You can also drop your Discord ID there if you want me to reply in Discord. If you want to do a casual chat with me, I’m okay with that, too, but I apologize in advance for my slow response at times. I might be online in Discord or wherever you see me, but I can be preoccupied with IRL work or translation or writing. Or I fell asleep.

7. I have some suggestions for your site.

Go on and tell me! I’m open to any suggestion~




1. Why can’t you release update faster, like, every day?

Oh my god… I have to do my own stuffs in real life (like part-time jobs, sleep, etc), and besides, this is something I’m doing for free in my free time–okay, with the exception of sponsored chapter. I’ll surely work as fast as I can if there is any sponsored chapter.

2. Where are you? Will this series get dropped? When will you update?

Worry not, if I disappear within a period of time, that means I’m so preoccupied with my IRL stuffs. However, I usually would try to meet my promised schedule in the month. You can see that even if I am not updating any translation, I will still pop out and update my original series, as I promised it to be a weekly release. So, in a sense, I won’t disappear without any trace as I have responsibilities to do.

I can’t give you a set date on when I will update, but I usually try to meet my promised schedule. Also, I will announce it in advance if I am planning to drop any series.

3. Why don’t you give us any advanced chapter for translation via Patreon?

…you seriously like the idea of Paywall?! I don’t have any rights to monetize their content, so I am not putting any paywall. Sponsored chapter is something I’m pulling out to reward those who would like to donate to me. Therefore, if you really have money to throw for paywall or advanced chapter… I advise you just donate normally or be a patron, as I will put everything on the sponsored chapter queue and release a chapter immediately to the public. You’d like the idea of getting the translation faster rather than me piling up chapters and put it behind a paywall, right?

I feel like I am losing my chance to get more money by pulling out this Patreon paywall thing that I’ve seen many translators are doing, but I will stand with my decision for Sponsored Chapter system. I don’t like holding a chapter from you guys with my current translation speed, too, and I dislike the idea of Paywall for translating a free web novel.

Also… Patreon is a way to keep me chained to the series I’m translating. I wouldn’t want to drop something that my patrons are supporting ;__;/ so that’s how you can gain my undying loyalty.

Lastly… I am not turning this into a profitable business, the donation is optional for those who would like to give me perks-up or for me to buy some coffee or food while I translate–so I can work on the translation faster, I’m not putting any paywall, so please don’t sue me. (´;д;`)

4. What are you going to translate after this? How do you decide on which title to translate?

If you are stalking me in NUF, you will see that I would occasionally pop out and express my interest on a series. I decide on a title purely based on my interest.

5. Why won’t you just stick up with one title only?

Because I would risk myself of feeling bored and tired if I only have one title in my hands. Please understand that I have more than one interest and would love to cultivate my time for not just one of them.

6. Thanks for translating this series. This series has ended but I really enjoyed it, can I donate to show my thanks?

…Are you an angel? Nobody is preventing you from doing that, but you’d make me feel quite guilty as I can’t give you anything in exchange for your donation. If the series is ongoing, I can publish a sponsored chapter once the quota is met.




1. Are you going to drop the series, or will you properly finish it?

I am pretty sure I’m committed to properly finish my original series. However, I’d need your help to keep reading my series, to keep me going! As I have properly designed the main plot that the stories will take, I don’t really need to write it until the end if the only one who’s going to read it is me. It’s another thing if there’s an audience I can tell my story to~

2. How long are they gonna last?

There are two possibilities. They are gonna last until the plot is finished properly. Or… they will end when the last of the readers disappears (and I will cry ;__;).

3. I have seen your Original in another platform!

I also post my original series in other platforms to widen the reader base. Just check the pen name. I usually use my usual pen name to upload my stories. If you would like to support me in other platforms as well, then I’d be so happy. If you believe someone else is poaching my stories, please notify me.

4. What’s the difference between main series and side series?

How they are spelled. One is m-a-i-n, and the other is s-i-d-e… okay, don’t get mad at me! Well, basically I would post more updates for main series, and usually my schedule is fixed for the main series. For the side series, I will occasionally update it, but there is no fixed schedule.

5. Why are you setting up your Patreon page for Original, too?

It serves as a nice motivation to keep me going and a nice way for me to sustain myself while I write. Writing and thinking of a story’s concept is pretty tiring and time consuming. Besides the motivation I get from your comments etc in my original series, Patreon is another way to ensure that I will keep on writing until the end, as without your support, I might have to eventually stop writing just to meet my daily life’s needs (which is the worst case scenario I hate to think about, as I genuinely enjoy writing!). It also ensures that I won’t go on a hiatus and that I will be giving you regular update (as I also need to give you advanced chapter as Patreon reward)!

6. Are you accepting donation via ko-fi and Paypal for Original?

Sure, what prevents you from doing that? Also, expect that I will contact you to express my gratitude and discuss on what I might be able to give you as a reward in exchange for your support!

7. Why am I seeing password protected content?

That means, the chapters are not yet publicly available, but they are available for patrons according to their tiers ^^ Advanced chapters access is what I can offer to patrons in exchange of supporting me. So, please wait patiently for the schedule, as they will soon be publicly available!



★The Seven Cardinal Questions★

1. What is your raison d’etre?

God, I wish I know that, too.

2. When will the world end?

Something that I’d like to know, too.

3. When will Ash grow up?

I don’t know, man. I wish we can get an anime adaptation of Pokemon Adventures.

4. What do you think of cockroaches?


5. Digimon or Pokemon?

I love both of them equally.

6. What’s the meaning of Stonehenge?

A giant granite birthday cake? A prison far too easy too escape?

Lots of stones in a row!

Yes, this is a reference from a song. Guess what song is it?

7. Why the heck are you creating this section?

…I’m bored.