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Observation Record of A Self-Proclaimed Villainess’ Fiance 18.2

Back again with the grand sweet wedding of Bertia and Cecil that we’ve been waiting for!

What kind of hijinks will be ensued in this part?

I assure you, you’re going to love it XD


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Chapter 18

Bertia 18 Years Old (2)



Part 2/4

Translated by LynneSuzuran & Senhiro


Now then, after that, our wedding ceremony rushed through turbulent event after turbulent event. Although it was extremely hectic, it was also fun.


Following the wedding ceremony in the cathedral, because the[bouquet toss] was not originally a custom of this world, I didn’t know how many people would open to the idea. Therefore, it was only going to involve the unmarried women who were close to us, but… Upon explaining the gist of the event, some unmarried women among the foreign guests requested to participate as well.

Such as a foreign princess who was anxious over her betrothal selection, with her bloodshot eyes… with a serious expression, so that she could participate, she promised, “This is just something informal. There won’t be any objections afterwards. If there is still trouble, the Alphasta Royal Family will deal with it appropriately as the royal family, and any acts of ad hominem are strictly forbidden.” Therefore, I approved her participation.


Then, just in case, since it was the part of the event, there would be only one bouquet that would be tossed, but we also prepared one for everyone who participated in the event. Therefore, we hurriedly prepared other bouquets to give to all participants.


In other words, though only one would be thrown for the event’s sake, we had already prepared a bouquet to bless one’s luck in marriage (maybe) for each and every one of them, so don’t too heated over the single tossed bouquet, okay?


In this kind of situation where many influential people gathered, we had to avoid our wedding ceremony being seen as stingy if some trouble were to arise from getting worked up over it.

Therefore, since I knew that Bertia had stealthily prepared several matching bouquets filled with the hope that everyone would be happy with the person they liked for her friends aside from the bouquet that’d be tossed, I took the liberty to put that to good use.

However, I felt a bit guilty about mixing her consideration for her friends were with the [prudence bouquets], so the [matching bouquets] were only for her friends. I arranged for something else to be given to the others.



Even though it was kind of unexpected, there was a bizarre excitement about the [bouquet toss].

The women’s bloodcurdling competition the moment the bouquet left Bertia’s hands was slightly terrifying. But the atmosphere turned harmonious once it was over, so I thought everyone enjoyed it.


By the way, the one who received the main bouquet was… Kuro.


After she lightly jumped and caught the bouquet midair, Kuro brought it over to Bertia with sparkling eyes, to which Bertia involuntarily cried, “Kuro, this is not [Fetch]!!”. Truthfully, it was amusing.

Then, in the end, Bertia thoroughly explained the meaning of the event to Kuro once more, and after Kuro was properly aware that the bouquet now belonged to her, the [bouquet toss] ended, but… I’m a little concerned with how Kuro, after Bertia’s explanation of, “the person who obtains this will become the next happy bride”, stared at Zeno who was standing in a corner of the venue.


Later, I advised Zeno, “You can’t lay your hands on a little girl, okay?”, but I was answered with, “Age doesn’t matter for spirits!!”. I wonder what he means by that?

I understand that their physical appearances are just a guise, but if possible, I’d like to avoid having rumors going around about how my attendant is a terrible person who lays his hands on little girls.



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After that, we left the cathedral and headed towards the royal palace. What welcomed us on the way was the civilians who congratulated us as they clapped their hands, cheered, and said congratulatory words… and an incessant rain of countless of flower petals.

No, to be more precise, the flower petals were my arrangement.


[Flower shower], “It would be wonderful to have flower petals raining down incessantly when we exit the venue,” was written inside the [List of things I want to do for my wedding, Best 100] that Kuro gave me, so I had Zeno work hard to make it happen.

I requested via Zeno for a large quantity of petals from the spirit of flower lineage. Then, I asked for servants from Charles and the others’ households to distribute the gathered petals among the civilians lining the route, making it possible to prepare something called a [flower shower] through the journey to the royal palace.


Even though it wasn’t that far to the royal palace, there was still some distance, and since it was something so sudden, it had seemed like it would be quite difficult to pull off. However, the participating civilians looked like they had fun, and above all, Bertia’s eyes were glittering in delight, so everything was good.

I’ll pay the participants an appropriate remuneration out of my own private funds as a symbol of my gratitude, later.



At the marriage reception, there was some work left such as greeting the guests and performing the first dance as we were the leading parties. However, with the cooperation of my father and the others, we managed to put aside some time to do as many events as possible.1


The first of which was something that Bertia said she would like to do no matter what, [cutting the cake].

When she first brought it up, it’s not that I thought it was just something like “because Bertia likes sweets,” but when she said, “I want it to be the first thing we do together,” I was a bit intrigued.

At the same time, I secretly thought to myself, “Did greeting the guests and the first dance not count as the first thing we did together?” but it would definitely be too insensitive, so I didn’t actually voice it.


[Cutting the cake] itself was something that Bertia had already asked for beforehand, so I had already included it in the schedule, which meant it was good that things could proceed smoothly without changing the schedule again, but…

Even for this, there was something written in the [List of things I want to do for my wedding, Best 100] that Bertia hadn’t mentioned before.


Apparently, that was something called the [first bite].

According to the explanation from the list, the [first bite] appeared to be an event where after the bridge and groom cut the cake, they eat a slice together.

It seemed that when the groom asked the bride to eat, there was an implied meaning of, “We can eat together from now on,” and when the bride asked the groom to eat, the meaning was, “I’ll always make you a delicious meal”, but… in the royal palace, there are a lot of exclusive chefs, so there’s no need for Bertia to cook, though? So I thought.


No, of course I didn’t say this out loud either, okay?

Regardless of how reality would play out, what was most important thing was the intention behind it, so I wasn’t as boorish as to mention that.


It seemed that Bertia had gone to a wedding in her previous world or something and had seen this [first bite] thing, and decided she absolutely wanted to try it for herself.

Besides, when she saw that [first bite], it seemed that the parents of both the bride and the groom were called forward in order under the pretense of giving a demonstration first, which was followed by the bride and the groom going through it themselves.


In the list, Bertia’s commented, “It was extremely lovely so I want to try doing it! But… it’s impossible to do so for the wedding of a member of the royal family. Especially asking the parents to model it, as it would mean asking Their Majesties the King and Queen to do that”.

She had surely been holding back without saying anything even though she wanted to do it.

When I thought of that, I wanted to at least grant her wish of eating the cake together.

It also didn’t take up much time or many expenses, after all.



That was why, before [cutting the cake], I brought this up in secret to my father and mother, and then to Marquis and Marquess Noches.

As I expected, they were hesitant due to embarrassment, but… when I asked with the couple was present at the same time, both husbands were totally onboard.

Under the justification that it was [for the children], it seemed that they wanted to be lovey-dovey with their beloved wife in public.


Although both wives showed hesitation due to the embarrassment, upon seeing that their husbands seemed to be looking forward to it, and upon hearing my story about how it was Bertia’s desire that she’s thoughtfully kept from us, they agreed to it more or less.

As a result, [cutting the cake] and the [first bite] from the [examples] could all be fully completed.



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  1. “Events” here refers to the things written in Bertia’s Best 100 List.

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