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And here is the first chapter of “The Mahou Shoujo Covers Up Her True Identity After the Ending”. Do note that my translation is not 100% accurate and it might have flaws, and any help to make the translation sounds better is welcomed! Please correct me if I am wrong ^^

The Mahou Shoujo Covers Up Her True Identity After the Ending

Chapter 1

――When the world is covered in the darkness of despair, seven heroes stand up.
――Seven heroes who wield different powers become the light that will shatter the darkness.

The legendary tagline.1
A fairy tale that had been passed through for generations. It finally came to a realization 20 years ago.
And it was four years later that peace was brought upon the world just like in the fairy tale.

Due to God’s so-called capriciousness, I reincarnated, and when I turned six years…
A mail saying things like the reincarnated’s privilege et cetera abruptly arrived, and just like that, I became one of the Seven Heroes.

Their power is without doubt, the strongest and unparalleled. Just like in the fairy-tale, Magicians who will “make dreams come true”. Wearing each unique magical costume, running through the battlefield in a bloody feud for four years. It was sixteen years before today, when I was 10, we defeated the villain called as Maou (Devil King), and thus, peace has come upon the world.

Overcoming the barrier of gender and age in the middle of harsh battles, we developed a bond just like siblings bond, and were praised by people, the treatment we received was as if we were idols, since it was the modern era where the despair was about to be turned into another fairy tale again.2

Except for one.
I am the exception.

“The heroes who returned to their routines received praises, but in order to watch over them, there was one who returned to heaven. …or more like, being treated as the deceased, right? This…”

The one who showed an astonished expression in front of me is, well, the excessively good-looking man.
Having long eyelashes, a well-arranged red hair. Having a slender body, and the flesh that is exposed through the gap between the clothes becomes tight.3
The man who becomes thirty four years old this year is my old “colleague”.

“It’s fine. To be deceased. The heroine they know is no longer here.”

The room where I drooped in is a completely private tavern.
The tavern used the system of conveyor sushi, where the cuisines and drinks slided from the wall’s lane.
The shop where even the employees’ faces cannot be seen is very convenient for us.

“They said that you’re dead, eh. Isn’t it fine if you were to announce yourself?”
“Your lips just formed a smile. Guren Kimi (Prominence Eater)4
“Oops, my bad. Mahoutsukai-dono (Magician-dono)?”

One of the seven heroes.
When he was fourteen, he was the strongest flame magician who got chuunibyou5 and called as Guren Kimi (Prominence Eater). His name is Kujo Shidou6.

“How do you say I should just announce myself?”
“That is, you… Fufu, isn’t it enough if you just transform (henshin)?”
“Shut up. Go to hell.”

When I hung my head as I grumbled, Shidou laughed while holding his sides7.
I got upset and asked him to order a price-worthy Japanese sake to drink. This is no laughing matter.
By transforming, I can become something out of the world.
Frankly, after the war, “Magicians” like me lead a difficult life in this world that attained “Superpower Supremacy Doctrine”.
However, transforming equals to showing the forbidden figure that should not be seen, if nothing else.8

My ability is “magic—“.
A magician that fulfill dreams. The legendary heroine that can freely use magic by raising her magic wand, just like in fairy tales.

“[That], well, the heroine’s name got obsolete, eh? Ku, hahaha!”9
“Yeah, yeah, that’s right-!”

I don’t even want to recall it, that repulsive figure.
During a reunion that is held under the name of “Seven Heroes Assembly”, a storm of laughter rose up in the assembly hall, and a fellow hero woman who I adored just like an elder sister, cried in a serious trauma.
But please wait. The one who wants to cry is me.

I was promised status and honor.
I was supposed to have no trouble with money.
Nah, I should be able to get it if I want. As long as I have the resolution to appear in front of the world with “that” figure, there should be no problem.

But I can not have that kind of resolution.
I could only swing my knife-hand10 with all my might, striking Shidou’s head, who still rolled over with laughter.


Notes :

1 The original Japanese text is 伝説のワンフレーズ。Edited thanks to Eric Fretheim’s suggestion!

2 Okay, I am a bit confused with the last sentence, the original Japanese text is : 過酷な戦いの中で男女の垣根どころか年齢の垣根も飛び越えて兄弟のような絆を得た彼らは、人々に讃えられ、あの絶望が再びおとぎ話になろうとする現代でもってもアイドルのような扱いを受けている。

3 The original Japanese text is 服の隙間から覗く肉体は引き締まっている。

4 Original Japanese text : 紅蓮公 (プロミネンス・イーター)

5A Japanese slang term which roughly translates to “Middle School 2nd Year Syndrome”. People with chuunibyou either act like a know-it-all adult and look down on real ones, or believe they have special powers unlike others. (urbandictionary)

6 Japanese writing of Kujo Shidou : 九條獅堂

7 Basically, ROTFL (Rolling on the floor, laughing)

8 From what I understand, she is implying that the world has become a hard place for your average magicians to live, since superpowers (just like the Seven Heroes’ power) got the spotlight.

9 She should be the “Mahou Shoujo” or “Magical Girl“. Now that she is no longer a girl, the name becomes obsolete.

10 手刀 : A hand used like a sword in striking. Edited thanks to sage yomeri’s suggestion!


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