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Chapter 72

My [Nephew]’s Sixth Birthday


I know that some people would name their children using their ancestors, relatives, closest people’s names… but…


From how Clyde and Nicole talked about me (Reinst), I know that they were still thinking about me, and I was happy to know that… that they still remember me, that I actually mean something to them, but…

Not to the extent of naming their son after me!!

Yes, that’s taking it to another different level!

This is totally outrageous, okay?

Now, how should I face this nephew of mine?

I’m lucky that they didn’t decide his nickname with “Rein” or something like that, or I won’t be able to face this little kid with a straight face!!


I still hadn’t recovered from my shock when I noticed everyone was staring at me in silence…

Eh, w-what is it?

“Hey, Lyra, it’s your turn to introduce yourself!” Alt-nii nudged my hand.

“Eh? Ah, y-yes! It’s a pleasure to meet you. My name is Alrescha Lyra Hartmann, you can just call me Lyra. Congratulations on turning six!” I curtseyed.

When I raised my head after I introduced myself, what I saw right away was… this cheeky brat’s ridiculing smile!!

…At least, that was how his smile looked like in my head.

……Let me take back my words on how I said this child was angelic. Though it was only my hunch, but I still felt like being ridiculed! He must be laughing at me as I stuttered and forgot to introduce myself!

Excuse me, but that wasn’t necessarily my fault! It was all thanks to your name, it totally gave me quite a blow!

…I should have asked to read the invitation that my parents received. I should have at least asked about his full name. That way, I’d have come prepared!!!


“It’s about time for the party to start, right? We’d better return to the main hall,” Mom calmly said, breaking this awkward silence.

“Thank you for taking us around, Clyde-san. Then, Nicole-san, Ein, we will see you there,” Dad thankfully didn’t turn into his doting parent mode—he was all duke mode now.




“Hey, you’re that Lyra, right?”

The source of all troubles never failed to come after me, indeed.

Yup, there he was, the devil, Eine, standing right in front of me.


“…Pardon me?”

“You’re the Hartmann family’s only daughter, Alrescha Lyra Hartmann. Mummy and Daddy talked a lot about you.”

“…What did they tell you about me?”

“That Mummy and Daddy quickly took a liking to you. Not many could achieve that.”


…Wait, WHAAAT?!

C-could it be that this devil was actually jealous of me? Or he was only curious because I managed to grasp Clyde and Nicole’s interest?


“But I wonder what’s so special about you?”

–Before I could even respond, this little devil added a very stabbing sentence.

“What do you mean by that? Your Mum and Dad didn’t explain why they—uhm, based on what you said, liked me?”

“They told me why. But I couldn’t understand it, still, even after meeting you.”

“…Could you tell me why?”

“They said you’re such a brilliant girl. You resembled… the one who should be my aunt, if she were still alive.”

…As expected, Clyde and Nicole’s favoritism stemmed from the fact that I resembled Reinst—well, that couldn’t be helped. I was Reinst, after all.


“Well, I never knew your aunt, so I can’t explain why, too, sorry.”

…Based on facts, Lyra was born 7 years after Reinst died, so technically… yup.

“I expected you to be an extraordinary person, based on the stories Mum and Dad told me about my aunt. However, when we introduced ourselves earlier, it seemed that I had expected too much.”



It was only a slip of tongue—I meant, I was caught off guard!

Still, maybe Reinst wouldn’t make that kind of mistake, indeed. Ever since I became Lyra—no, the more time I spent as Lyra, the more carefree I became.


“So, I don’t get it. That’s why, I’m speaking with you again.”

“Uh… sure?”

Suddenly, I had an idea.


“This aunt you spoke of… Who might she be? Why did your Mum and Dad often tell you stories about her?”

Time to probe!


“Oh, she is Daddy’s sister, Mummy’s bestie. Died when she was young, I was told. She was a very superb girl who was the number one queen candidate at that time. Quick to learn, hardworking, and always calm. Her name is Reinst. Daddy and Mummy named me after her, in hopes that I would be as bright as her—quick to learn, hardworking, and always calm.”



Daddy and Mummy named me after her, in hopes that I would be as bright as her.

Daddy and Mummy named me after her…

Named me after her…

After her…





Even when my mind was in a chaos, I still tried to keep my smile on the surface.

And what’s with that, why did Clyde and Nicole have such a high impression of me?

If anything, I hated my old self. There were many things I wanted to change, but I couldn’t.

Since I thought about myself like that, how could they view me that highly?

…Still, there were people who envied me back then, too.


“Oh… That’s too bad you can’t see her…”

“Yep, that’s why I get curious when they mentioned you resembled her. But, I was disappointed…”


“Excuse me for being rude… but as of now, I feel like you’re not any superior than me, and I even feel that sometimes you’re even more inferior instead… Do you want to revise my impression?”



As expected of Nicole’s son… I guess?

However, his sentence just pricked my competitiveness.


“Oh? Do you believe that YOU are BETTER than ME?! THAN ME?! AHAHAHA, KID, I TELL YOU, YOU’RE SO MISTAKEN!”

I began to act arrogantly, leaving him surprised.

Then, I demonstrated my broad knowledge and began to ask him questions that left him so speechless.


“Ha? You don’t even know this?! Pfft, pathetic!”

“What? You have no idea?! Oh well, you’re still a kid, how cute.”

“Seriously, little Ein, you need to learn more.”


After taking a continuous slapping (not literally) from me, Ein remained silent.

Finally, he was unable to take it anymore as he started to shake and pointed his finger at me.


“Just you wait…! I’m going to defeat you in the future!!”

“Oh? How many more centuries will it take? MWAHAHA!” I immersed myself in my villainess character even more.

“…Kh!! Just you waittt!”


Then, Ein went off running away from me. I sighed, praising myself for doing such a good job.





Normal P.O.V


That night, before going to sleep, Ein prayed to the god.

“God… Please give me the power and knowledge needed to crush Alrescha Lyra Hartmann. I want to be a figure she will have no choice but to look up to and respect. …Kh, what’s with this crushing feeling?!”

Ein recounted the event that crushed his confidence today and wished so strongly to the god.


Since his prayer was so strong, it attracted the being that called itself as “god”—the spectre of light. It entered Ein’s room before transformed into the shape of a mischievous little boy. However, Ein couldn’t see him at all.

“Hmm… Interesting development. Perhaps I should grant his wish,” the little boy said as he put his hand on his chin, thinking of his next plan.


He pondered on how he could make little Ein’s innocent wish come true before a spark of an idea formed in his head.

Thus, he began to pull the string of fates again this time…



-A few days later, in the Hartmann residence-…


“I’m sorry…,” the elderly doctor shook his head dejectedly. He cast his eyes downward, afraid to take a look at the other members of the family gathering around him.

“No way… Doctor, what do you mean?!” Cassie angrily asked.

“Ophelia-sama… you have [Life] magic and are an expert in it, so you should have been able to tell as well, right? …I’m really sorry,” the doctor deeply bowed his head.

“No! You’re wrong! Bring me another doctor!!” Cyan shouted. He was even angrier than Cassie.

“I’m sorry for being rude, but no matter how many doctors you bring in, they will all give the same diagnosis. I don’t mean to brag, but I received the title of the best doctor in the world… I know this is hard for you all, but… such is fate.”


It was the last string needed for the whole family to crumble.

Cassie began to cry—it was the first time in her life that she cried her eyes out in despair like this. It couldn’t be helped, for this was such a despairing occurence.

Cyan clenched his fists very tightly until they hurt, refraining himself from destroying the things in his own house.

Altaire was too young to fully understand the doctor’s complicated explanation, but he could tell that something was wrong. He began to feel uneasy as he reached to his parents’ hands.


“Mom… Dad… what’s wrong with little sis?” He asked as he glanced in concern at the figure of his little sister who was now on the bed—resting while looking like she was suffering.

Tears began to form from his eyes as he continued to see his parents and his sister’s condition.


“Mo…m… Dad… Alt-…nii… I’m… fine… sorry…,” Lyra weakly muttered. She seemed to suffer a lot to even bring out her energy to talk.


“Little sister!!”

“Lyra, it’s enough… Just rest…”


However, Lyra felt compelled to continue to speak. She felt as if she would regret it so much if she didn’t—that it was the last time she got to speak to her family like this.


“I’m happy… to be born in this family… I’m sorry… for everything… and thank you… I love… y…o…u…”

Then, she closed her eyes serenely.






That day, the Hartmann family lost their precious one and only daughter, Alrescha Lyra Hartmann to a mysterious disease that was suddenly acquired by Lyra. It was a very rare disease with very high rate of mortality—and there was no cure yet. The disease didn’t show any symptoms at first, but when it did… it was already too late.

Thus, Lyra was once reunited with the one who bestowed her the chance of reincarnation and the opportunity to meet with the Hartmann family.


“…God? Is that you again?”

The spectre of light nodded.

“…Why did you have to kill me again? I’ve started to enjoy my life as Lyra…,” Lyra’s face twisted as tears fell from her eyes.


“…I’m sorry, but this is already written in your destiny.”

“This is unfair… Reincarnating me when I feel like disappearing, and killing me when I feel like living… Huwaaa…”

“I’m sorry, little Lyra. This is no accident… but I can offer you another chance in life if you want to be reincarnated once again…?”


Lyra stopped crying and looked at the spectre of light in disbelief.

“ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I don’t want to be reincarnated again! I want to come back aliveee!!”

“T-that is impossible, I’m sorry… But this time, I can reincarnate you to be someone with a long life and good health—someone born in a good family!”

“…Can I be reincarnated once more as Mom and Dad’s child?”

“That… I can’t say anything about your new environment after this time’s reincarnation, but I assure you that you will live well and not have any regrets when it’s time for you to leave this world again.”

Lyra looked at the spectre of light, trying to find out if this god was playing any trick on her. However, she could somehow sense this god’s sincerity.


“I have but one question,” Lyra asked solemnly.


“Will I be able to meet my old family again? Mom, Dad, Alt-nii, and my other family and friends?”

“…Yes, you will.”

Lyra closed her eyes, took a deep breath, before she finally nodded.


“Okay then, I shall accept your offer and entrust myself to you once more.”






*Lyra or ???’s POV*


The moment I opened my eyes, “Wa!” I wanted to scream loudly, but my voice was so weak.

Oh, am I a baby again?


I tried to open my eyes so I could observe my new life’s environment. Although it was still a bit blurry, I could see my surroundings.

The next second, I felt the urge to cry. Sure, I wanted to be reincarnated again and was looking forward to seeing my old family–I meant, the Hartmann family again and wanted to be happy. I was looking forward to what this life might have in store for me. I was finally having hopes in life.

But God, why oh why- must you troll me so…?


The moment the baby me opened my eyes, I was shocked at the person I saw. It was Nicole, my old friend… and then next to her was… my past, past self’s half-brother, Clyde. Between them, there was a familiar figure of a little boy—Ein.

Uhm… so I assumed the baby me was picked up by them, or that the baby me was handed over to them by my parents, as Nicole and Clyde came to see me who was just born? Am I their relative?


“Oh, look! Reina just screamed! She is so cuteee!”

“Haha, she looks just like you… and her, too.”

“Aaah, really, I’m happy to have you here, my dear daughter!”

“Li’l sis! Nice to meet you! I’m Ein, your big brother!!”


Excuse me?

God, where’s the complaint department?


To be continued in the next arc: Reina.


Spectre-of-light/god’s comment: Ein wished for Lyra to have no choice but to look up to him, so reincarnating her as Ein’s little sister worked wonder!!!




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