But God Forced Me to Reincarnate 101

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Chapter 101



Several days passed after Clavis had turned into a werebeast. Since I was in Intermediate Level and Clavis in Advanced Level, I didn’t know how he was faring so far. But when I heard Alt-nii’s story, it seemed that they were working hard together to make sure Clavis could make up for what he had missed during his time of absence.

Although his emotions weren’t as explosive as they were before, there were times when he almost transformed or ‘raged’ involuntarily. For example, when he was frustrated during learning some lessons… Later on, I discovered from Alt-nii (again) that Clavis was wearing a necklace with three fangs as the ornament—that necklace was a special necklace from the werebeast village that could help restraining Clavis’ involuntary transformation or rage.


However, it came with a downside.

When the necklace—or the three fangs, to be more exact—was activated, it would try to suppress Clavis, which meant Clavis would feel some degree of pain. He then calmed down after that.

I was dumbfounded upon finding that.

But… ‘There was no other choice,’ Clavis told me when I asked him about it, as he smiled wryly.

When the topic was brought up in front of Niina, Niina said that she also couldn’t bear watching her son suffer like that, but it was better than letting him run rampant in an outrage. With that in mind, she could bear with it.


“Don’t worry too much, my master said that I would be able to take off this necklace after I have a good control of my werebeast power. Besides, when that time comes, I don’t see any need to take off the necklace, though, haha,” Clavis said.

I tried to make a rationale inside my head. Think about it, when I first practiced swordsmanship, if I was careless, I’d be hurt. That was also the same with magic, but thankfully, since my mom was the head of the royal magician, I managed to remain unscathed during my magic training. Ah well, there were times when I felt fatigue.


Meanwhile, there was one exciting surprise waiting for me at school!

From this new semester onward, we were allowed to opt a brand-new exciting lesson instead of the usual physical vs magic combat lessons. Guess?

We’d be able to pick “magic warrior” class!

The term refers to a class that teaches how to fight using a combination of physical combat and magical combat. The number of students enrolled in this class was small, obviously, but that was why the teachers could be more focused in our training and thus, the class was stricter than before.

I kinda missed Miss Norma and Keith-sensei some time after I enrolled in Intermediate Level. Though their constant debate could make me touch my forehead due to the headache they caused, now that it was all peaceful during the class, I felt like something was amiss…


Another good news was: Iris was so happy to learn that there was a class dedicated to learning alchemy. She devoted her everything in that class. Carbuncle said that Iris was so focused during the class that Carbuncle was bored. In the end, Carbuncle tried to disturb Iris several times, causing a funny antic where Iris was distracted during combining some chemical that ended up spilling onto Carbuncle, changing her hair to a… stiffly weird hair style with rainbow color.

To make the matter worse, the effect lasted a whole week. Iris was afraid she’d receive Carbuncle’s wrath, but fortunately, Carbuncle was mature enough to admit her own fault. So, Carbuncle flew towards her hiding, and none of us knew where she actually went for the seven days she went missing.

After that incident, Carbuncle started to pay more attention and think twice before trying to disturb Iris out of her boredom.


As for the Adventure class, things were just getting real here!

Contrary to the dungeons or adventure fields that were relatively safe for when we were in the Basic Level, it was getting riskier in the Intermediate Level. It was harder to navigate through the fields, and the monsters were at a whole different level than what we previously fought. It was even more so when we reached the deeper level, which coincidentally was also the field for Advanced Level.

Yup, there were times when we were allowed to have a ‘collaboration’ adventure session with those of Advanced Level. It was arranged so we could learn and observe first, in preparation for when we became an Advanced Level student.

Incidentally, the week when Clavis started to go to school again was the week where this collaborative class would be held.


“Alt-nii, there you are! Ah, Clavis and Harvey, too!”

I waved my hand when I spotted the trio who were also standing in front of the adventure field.


“Lyra! Whoa, as usual, you’ve brought your usual large party with you,” Alt-nii smiled.

I stopped my track to Alt-nii and turned to look behind me. I did a mental count.

Let’s see, there’s me, Iris, Carbuncle, Luca, Kiri, and Ein.

Just six people, it was actually so-so.

But compared to Alt-nii’s usual party of three, it was surely a large number.

But, but, but!

There were parties consisting of 8 people. It was like the norm, I suppose.


“It’s just Alt-nii’s party that’s too small! How did you manage to pass through everything with just the three of you?!”

“Well, to be honest, if things look difficult, we’d offer an alliance with another party. If not, just the three of us are enough,” Alt-nii explained.

“Is that so… Well, just be careful, okay?!” I unconsciously advised my own big brother.

“Haha, that should be my line to my little sister!” Alt-nii laughed as he messed my hair up.

“Hey!!” I pouted as I tried to pull Alt-nii’s hand away from my hair.

Even if I was considered tall, Alt-nii was still taller than me, so it was quite a difficult thing to do.


“Tsk, tsk, tsk, flaunting your sibling affection, huh, Tair, Lyr?” Carbuncle teased after she caught up with me and Alt-nii.

To be honest, she could arrive faster than me, but she was only walking leisurely. Everyone else had already gathered in this spot, too.


“Iris, remember to stay on alert! I’m not kidding, this field is going to be different than the other fields,” Harvey tried to warn his childhood friend whom he might see as a little sister.

“Don’t worry, Harvey! I have many items I’ve made in alchemy class before! They can come in handy!” Iris said.


“Long time no see, Clavis. Are you feeling okay?” Luca suddenly asked Clavis.

As a member of the royal family, of course Luca would have a knowledge of what happened to Clavis.

Werebeasts were still seen as dangerous beings, so Dad had to make a report to the king. The government also needed to make a census, and records of werebeasts were also made.

At first, they were seen as beastmen, but since some time ago, the government decided to record werebeasts separately.


“I’m fine, Prince—I mean, Luca! Instead, I’m quite excited to test out my newly gained power in the adventure field,” Clavis gave out an honest answer.

“Whoa, Clavis, make sure you don’t get too excited, okay?” I quickly chimed in, worried that Clavis would be too excited and then activating the necklace he was wearing.

“Haha, thanks, but don’t worry, Lyra!” Clavis gently said.

“…,” Luca was slightly taken aback, so I quickly explained the whole matter to him.


“I see…,” Luca nodded after listening to my explanation.

He took a few glances to Clavis, which I interpreted as his attempt to digest the information and to confirm the special necklace he was wearing.


“So? When are we going to start? I’m getting bored already,” Carbuncle yawned.

“Kuu, we have to make sure our preparations are 100% done!” Iris scolded Carbuncle.

“Nah, we grow when we take risks!” Carbuncle retorted.

“But it’s still better if we can prepare for any upcoming risks, Big Sister Kuu,” Ein chimed in.

“Hurry and do it, then!” Carbuncle lazily said.

“Are you all prepared?” Kiri asked in amazement.

“Duh, of course! I’m ready whenever the enemies strike,” Carbuncle said with a haughty tone.


“Alright, alright! Is everyone ready? Let’s enter the adventure field!” Alt-nii clapped his hands and commanded.

““Let’s go!””




The adventure field selected for today’s collaborative session was a dark forest with eerie aura. Although it should still be bright since it was way too far from the sunset, let alone the evening, it was so dark when we entered the forest. It was as if we were in a completely different dimension.


“Whoa, it’s quite eerie here…,” Iris shivered as she tugged on my clothes.

“Be careful, Iris,” I could only say that.

“Lyra’s right. Pay attention to your surroundings and make sure you don’t trip or get separated,” Alt-nii commanded.

“It’s getting colder here,” Ein commented.

“Really? I don’t think so,” Carbuncle denied him.

“No, Ein is right. It is indeed colder here…,” Kiri affirmed Ein’s opinion.


After that, we were walking in a complete silent. Only the voice of grasses or dry leaves being stomped by our shoes could be heard. Occasionally, we could hear some monsters’ growls.

“Uhhh…,” Iris was starting to get more scared.

“Iris, are you okay? If you can’t bear it anymore, I can accompany you out,” Harvey asked.

Iris seemed to be thinking for awhile before she shook her head.

“No need, I can continue…,” she said, but the grip on my clothes seemed to get stronger.


“…Are we really going in the right direction? The monsters’ growls only seem more distinct,” Kiri voiced his thoughts.

“Well, we can’t just expect to explore the area and go out without any battle. Unless we continue to run away from each monster we encounter,” Alt-nii explained.



Suddenly, Clavis’ voice rang. We immediately stopped.

I could see his wolf ears twitching.


“What’s the matter?” I asked.

“They are near,” Clavis shortly answered.

“They?” Iris asked as she continued to hide behind me.

“The monsters?” Ein asked with his eyes wide open… as if he was excited to encounter the monsters! Despite not really having good combat power… Ein was brave, I must admit.

Yup, despite being Clyde’s son, Ein wasn’t that interested in swordsmanship that he only learned the basic skills necessary to defend himself. He was more inclined to his maternal family, but that was as expected from their heir apparent.


Clavis nodded.

“I can’t wait to see Big Brother Clavis’ new power!” Ein suddenly voiced his honest thoughts.

I turned to look at him in disbelief.

Where is his sense of danger?

Or is he so trusting of us?


“Wait and see,” Clavis said as he chuckled.

He tapped on the three fangs ornament on his necklace as if the ornament was his lucky charm.

Yes, the ornament was quite odd that it seemed to be able to sense the wearer’s will. It wouldn’t restrain Clavis if he purposely unleashed his power, or so he said. I had never seen Clavis’ werebeast power since that day.


“Prepare yourselves,” Luca reminded us as he wielded his rapier.

Kiri was also holding his sword.

I did the same and readied my beloved magic sword.

Harvey, Iris, and Ein would be our ‘back-up’ or ‘support’, so they positioned themselves behind us. Carbuncle was behind them, ready to protect them… as she yawned…


Alt-nii took a dagger and readied the other daggers hanging from the special belt on his waist.

Meanwhile, Clavis was barehanded…


Sure enough, immediately after that, several monsters approached us.

Though it was dark, our eyes were already accustomed to it, so we could see the monsters’ form.

There were ten of them, a pack of beastly monsters.

They were furry monsters walking on all-fours with scary red eyes, growling and hissing as they showed their fangs and tongues that were like snakes’ tongue. Their tails were like scorpion’s tail. The lower half of their bodies were covered in scales, while their front paws had sharp beastly claws.


“Chimera!” I gasped in my surprise.

They were surely chimeric monsters. But since there were various kinds of chimeric monsters, I didn’t know what they were. It was also my first time seeing them.

“GRAAAR!” One of them—the biggest one, which seemed to be their leader—roared.

It was as if the other monsters were commanded by that one, as they were quickly leaping to us.


“Don’t panic, they are not the strong kind of chimeric monsters,” Alt-nii quickly said as we broke into a battle.

I instantly relaxed when Alt-nii said that.


I dashed and swung my magic sword as it was now glowing with a light blue color, emitting a cold air.


With that swung, cold air was emitted, and ice quickly formed on the ground, all the way to the monsters’ legs. I managed to freeze two monsters’ legs, making them immobile.

“GRRRR!” The monsters struggled, but I quickly dashed to one of them—the one closest to me.

When I thought it would be too easy like this and was starting to feel a bit disappointed, the monster swung its large scorpion tail to the ground, almost hitting me in the process if only I was a bit too late in my reflexes.

I managed to dodge the monster’s fierce tail swing, only to see the monster breaking free of my ice confinement.


Okay, I admit, you’re not that bad!

I silently praised the monster in my head. But the battle must go on.


Just when I was about to change my maneuver from dodging that attack, the monster already jumped to me. It looked menacing now that I was below it. But I quickly lowered my body and glided with my feet, touching the grass with my hand and chanted.

[Stîgend oflinnan!] (Shadow stop)

The monster then stopped mid-air just like that, defenseless as it was. It seemed to be in panic.

“Hah, here you go!”

I immediately thrust my sword upwards, aiming at its bare chest when the other monster managed to break free from my ice confinement and lunged at me from the side.


“Tch! I forgot that you are monsters working in a pack!” I retracted my sword and blocked the other monster’s claws with my sword. In the meantime, I made sure one of my feet was still touching the other monster’s shadow in order to continue locking it there.

Since both of the monster’s claws were blocked by my sword, it seemed to think that it should use its fangs, as it opened its jaws, ready to bite me.

“Not so fast!” I said as I quickly formed a magical barrier with a chantless magic.


It seemed that I should just get serious right away, so I quickly pulled away my sword after making sure that the monster’s claws and fangs were blocked by my magical barrier, and I swung my sword to the other side, circulating more mana in it, as it froze the monster that was still in mid-air instantly. Yes, its whole body was now frozen.

I pulled my foot which was holding that monster’s shadow, and the monster-trapped-in-the-ice quickly fell to the ground.

The impact of the fall broke its tail as the tip of it was so huge in comparison to the part that connected it to the rest of its body.


By this time, I had already shifted my stance and the direction of my barrier several times in order to block the other monster who was still persistent in its effort to eat me.

Since this couldn’t go on forever, I decided to end the icy monster’s life so I could deal with this other one.

In any case, it was my own magic that enveloped it, so I could manipulate it as I saw fit.


[Offeallan] (Break)

I calmly chanted as I poured more mana in my ice magic. Soon after that, the block of ice forming the monster was broken in pieces.

RIP, one chimeric monster.

Don’t worry, I won’t let you feel lonely, as I’m going to send your other friends soon!

…I feel like I just said the line of a villain…


“Time to deal with you!” I smiled confidently as I shifted my whole attention to the other monster.

I decided to break us out of this deadlock as I canceled my magical barrier and jumped behind, dodging the upcoming claws and fangs.


However, at this time, I sensed something wrong.

Like… there was an upcoming presence from behind me!

I shifted my gaze in a fluster to what was behind me, only to see a monster leaping to me!

It seemed like the other monster who was dealing with my other party member decided to shift its target to me as I was too focused on this one monster.

At a glance, I saw that it was already quite injured. I immediately understood the situation: it was busy fighting my other party member who managed to injure it and probably knocked it out. Since it didn’t seem to move, my party member quickly focused on the other monsters who were targeting them. But only heavens could guess that the monster quickly recovered and saw its chances to attack me who wasn’t paying attention to the other direction!


“Aah, Lyra, be careful!” Iris’ voice could be heard.


In front of me was a chimeric monster trying to chew me off, my sword was already pointing it. If I continued to target it, I would be attacked from behind by the injured monster.

If I were to defend myself from the one behind me, I might get attacked from the one in front.

Either way, it didn’t look good at all…


I came to a conclusion at that time: play defensive would be the safest way, although quickly switching my fighting stance and casting a barrier which would cover me instantly would give repercussions to my body upon impact from either side—or in other words, recoil, as the time was too short to form a strong barrier.

But it was better than getting attacked without any defense, right?

I could always heal myself after that.

Determined, I quickly formed a shell of magic to cover myself, readying myself to accept whatever impact that might come, with my sword ready to block the other monster instead of what I intended to do at first: attacking it head on.


And right at this moment, I saw Clavis jumping between me and the injured monster, as his position was the closest to me and that injured monster.

At this time, he was still the usual Clavis, the beastman that I knew.

Just what was he planning to do, rashly getting himself involved like this?

I blankly stared at him, and at that time…

Clavis was smirking.

Thinking that it was my weird imagination, I blinked.



Author’s Comment:

Lyra’s blink will last several days until the next chapter, that’s such a long blink (lol)



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