But God Forced Me to Reincarnate 141

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Chapter 141

Clyde and Nicole


The next day, I was told to not mind anything and focus on resting, while Mother and Father would take care about the rest.

I was actually worried about school. Obviously, being a comatose meant I didn’t get to enroll nor make any progress through the school and so—I would be a year late. The very thought of it caused me to be distressed, but thankfully Mother and Father didn’t make any comment about it.

Perhaps they were already thinking that they lost me when I hadn’t woken up for so long…?

Or would they call tutors for me to catch up so I could go to the level of school in accordance to my age?

Hmm, the latter one seemed to be more obvious.


Anyway, since I was told to take a rest, I decided I would do some catching up with my favorite series. It had been one year, so of course there would be plenty on my list.

After taking a bath and eating some food, I went to open my Provice. The cool black Provice that had been together with me for quite some time was my beloved partner, you see. I always felt relaxed and at peace when I felt the cold sensation of the metallic box.

Opening the Provice, I opened my bookmarked series and began to catch up—from manga to novels, from anime to films. Of course, I began with my favorite series.

And that was when the oddity started again.

The history clearly stated I hadn’t read the updates yet, but for some reason, my mind seemed like it already knew what was happening and what was going to happen.

I tried to open the other series with the same results. In the end, there was nothing left that I could catch up with…

Getting up from the bed, I put aside my Provice and walked to the window. There was a sofa by the window, so I lied there with my hand propping my chin as I gazed outside.


“Would you like a cup of tea, Reinst-sama?” Mary was a perceptive maid, she knew that I would like to sip some tea while thinking and looking outside.

“Yeah, please,” I said and Mary poured me a cup of tea in no time.


Sipping a hot chamomile tea while feeling the soft breeze from the open window was really relaxing. Although my eyes gazed to the garden below my room, my mind was wandering elsewhere.

Not only was I familiar with the updates I shouldn’t have read, I felt like I knew the plot that was going to happen after it. Absurd, don’t you think?

And although I made sure I kept everything I was following in bookmarks or notes, my mind was craving for some unknown series that I couldn’t find elsewhere. Where would I know such series if none of them even existed?

Was there something wrong with my head?

No…the doctor that Mother called before said that there wasn’t anything wrong…but why the ‘memory lapse’?

Was it all my imagination, then?


Amidst my thoughts, Jane suddenly called, “Reinst-sama, you have some guests.”

I turned my glance at Jane and asked in a wonder, “Guests? Me? Who might they be?”

“They’re Clyde-sama and Nicole-sama,” Jane announced.

Clyde and Nicole?

Oh, look at the time. It was already time for them to go back from school.

“Let them in,” I said as I moved from my comfy spot near the window to the sofa that was in my room’s ‘living room’.

Strange enough, I didn’t feel as if my ‘alone’ time was interrupted and that I kind of expected them to come and see me…




“Reeeeiiiiiinnnnsssstttt~! Haaaauuu, you’re really awakeee!” Nicole’s loud voice welcomed me as she immediately brought me closer to her arms. Yes, I was ‘attacked’ by Nicole’s ‘hug’ move!

Her reddening eyes seemed to turn teary as well, but I could no longer see it since her face was behind my back…

“…,” I sat there frozen with my usual straight face when I suddenly had the urge to do something else.

“…There, there,” I said softly as I used my hands to pat Nicole’s back.

“…! Uwaaaa, Clyde, look! Reinst is comforting me! Hwaaaaa!!” Nicole’s tears didn’t subside, they increased instead.

Meanwhile, I saw Clyde looking at me with a puzzled look.

…At this point, I was also looking straight with a puzzled look, for what I was doing was…certainly not my ‘style’. But I just had the urge to do so to Nicole—to comfort her for some reason.

Perhaps I finally learned that Nicole’s feelings were sincere to me from her reaction? Well, she could be considered my friend, really, to think that she would cry that hard…


“Clyde, what do we do? Did Reinst hit her head? Was there something wrong with her? She’s not acting like herself, huwaaaa!”

…I took back my words. I wanted to take back my feeling of being touched…with interest, please, Nicole. Give me back my feelings, and their interest. Now!

But your words definitely had some points, and I was wondering about them myself.

I always half-ignored Nicole and let her do whatever she wanted. I thought that I had never reciprocated her before…


“Nicole, that’s not what you should say, right? Shouldn’t you be happy?” Clyde sighed as he finally said some words, leaving behind his puzzled look from before.

“I am hwappy, bwut…I’m awso concewned with Weinst–,” Nicole said amidst her sobbing.

“…Sob first or talk first, choose one, don’t mix them,” I said.

“Hweee, twis is the uswual Weinst—”

“I am Reinst, not Weinst.”

“Weinst, cwome own~”

“Reinst, R-e-i-n-s-t!” I said with emphasize on each letter.

“Pfft,” Clyde was holding back his laughter.

I glared at him, “What? Laugh if you want to laugh. Holding it makes me more pissed at you.”

“…Hahahahaaaa!” Clyde finally let out his laugh.

Urgh, now I felt more irritated!


After this farce with Nicole’s sobbing and Clyde’s laughter finally ended, we got to have a proper conversation.

“Still, I didn’t expect you two would start quarrelling like that!” Clyde said.

“I also didn’t expect Reinst would pick on me like that!” Nicole protested.

“…” Shall I also say that I didn’t expect myself to react that way, too?

But…it was fun.

The corner of my lips was slightly turned upward before I even noticed.

“Oooh! Reinst smiled!!” Nicole quickly pointed it out.

“Huh?” I went back to my default ‘straight’ face instantly.

“She did…,” Clyde commented.

“W-well, it’s just a smile. You’ve seen it many times too, don’t exaggerate it,” I said as I averted my gaze from them.

“But the type of smiles is different…,” Nicole insisted.

…True, my ‘business’ smile was definitely not the same with my sincere smile.


“It was fun, wasn’t it? I’m happy we could quarrel like that!” Nicole said.

“…Quarrelling isn’t a good thing, though,” I commented.

“Heheee, I feel like we’re finally interacting. I feel so happy, you’re allowed to do that again, Reinst. No, let’s do it a lottt!” Nicole excitedly said.

“…Hmpfh,” I said no more comment on this topic. I didn’t even know what got over me at that time.

“Anyway, I really am glad to know that you’ve woken up. You’re safe and sound, too…I really am…glad,” Nicole said with a smile.

“Oh, right. About school…Here you go,” Clyde suddenly said as he took out several books from his bag and put it on the table.

“These are…?” When I was about to take them, Nicole suddenly took out several books and stacked them with Clyde’s.

“Here’s mine as well!” Nicole said with pride.


I decided not to ask them and took a look at the books instead.

They were all Intermediate Level 1’s books…Meanwhile, since Nicole was enrolled in Special Class, she took out her books from when she was in Intermediate Level’s Special Year 1.

Not only there were textbooks, there were also their notebooks.

“Reinst, don’t feel guilty since you’re late by a year, but be glad because you’re given another chance in life. It can’t be helped if you’re late a year due to your circumstances, but I hope these books can be useful for you,” Nicole said.

“In case you’re told to keep up with others your age, I hope these books can be useful to you,” Clyde said. He seemed to understand that there would be a possibility I was told to catch up with my lateness due to the period I spent in comatose.

“…Thank you,” I said as I proceeded to take a look at a textbook and notebook pair. They were from Clyde, Intermediate Level 1’s.


…Then, I froze.

The content of the textbook and notebook…for some reason, they seemed so familiar! Even though I was supposed to not have any memory of them! My last grade was Basic Level 7, I clearly had no way of learning the materials in Intermediate Level 1 yet…

I skimmed the book before I proceeded to check Clyde’s other books. A sense of familiarity washed my mind over and over again, denying the irrefutable fact that I had never learned any of this.

This contradiction…I put my hand over my head, causing Nicole to fret.

“What’s the matter, Reinst? Are you hurting somewhere?” She asked.

“You can go over them slowly, I can help if you want,” Clyde offered, perhaps he thought I was too overwhelmed over the amount of unknown information I had to absorb in the future.

“No, that’s not it,” I said as I put back the books I took. At that time, my eyes caught notice of Nicole’s books. Something inside me was telling me to check them, so I reached out to check out Nicole’s books next.

“Reinst, you shouldn’t force yourself–,” Nicole said, but I insisted on checking her books.


Skimming through them, I noticed that some lessons were like Clyde’s Intermediate Level 1 books, while some others were not in Clyde’s books. I guess Special Intermediate Year 1 had some materials from regular Intermediate Level 2 as well.

But that wasn’t the matter.

The problem was—I still felt that the materials were familiar somehow…Yep, not all of them, but most were familiar.


On a bright side, that would put me in a relief since I could easily catch up and be enrolled in Intermediate Level 2 along with Clyde in the next term.


This was definitely odd!

Nobody in my comatose told me these things, too, I bet. Just where on earth did I know them?


“…Reinst?” Nicole’s voice snapped me back to reality.

…For the time being, I should put this aside and talk with them. Nicole went out of the trouble to visit me, and Clyde even took his time and lent me his books.

“…It’s nothing, really,” I said as I stacked the books together again, “Thanks for your books, Clyde, Nicole.”

“No worries, tell me if you need any help,” Nicole said.

“The same goes for me,” Clyde added.

“Yeah, thanks.”

“Speaking of which, your fourteenth birthday is coming soon. You’ll also use the birthday celebration to celebrate your going back to life, right?” Nicole asked.

“…I didn’t die in the first place,” I said with a half smile.

“Well, a long comatose…a vegetative state, such things were similar to dying for me,” Nicole said.

“Whatever floats your boat,” I gave up.

“You’re right. It seems everyone is busy preparing your birthday, too,” Clyde leaked the information to me.


“I’ll have to practice dancing again, then,” I said as I raised my brows.

“I can be your partner,” Clyde offered.

“Me, me, me too!” Nicole raised her hand.

“Nicole, you are—,” I said, but Nicole cut off my words.

“I can use the teleportation service to go home quickly, and my parents won’t be angry with me if I want to visit here often,” Nicole quickly said.

“…Fine then,” I resigned myself as I thought Nicole couldn’t be stopped once she was determined.


We chatted some light topics as Nicole and Clyde told me the happenings for the period I was asleep.

I mostly only listened to them as we drank some tea and ate some confections.

While listening and looking at those two, I suddenly felt like…I remembered that…they were together?

I reflexively tilted my head with a questioning look to them.

Finally noticing my questioning look, they stopped talking and turned to me.

“What’s the matter, Reinst?” Nicole asked as she tilted her head back at me.

“Is something wrong?” Clyde frowned.

“You two…,” I reflexively answered but I hesitated midway.


“”Hmm?”” The two’s questioning look at me looked in sync that I couldn’t suppress my doubt again.

As far as I know, these two are together. It must be true.

So, I decided to let my mouth work.

“Are you two together?”



Nicole and Clyde yelped in surprise—again, they were in sync with each other…


“Where did you get that idea?!” Nicole immediately asked, she looked flustered.

“W-who said that?!” Clyde said as I saw him blushing a bit.

“So, that’s not true?” I tilted my head in confusion.

“No, we are not dating or so…,” Nicole said in a small voice.

“Yes, we are friends,” Clyde stated.

“Hmmm…how odd. Why do I feel like you two are together…,” I tilted my head, questioning myself.


But despite them denying the idea, I could sense a hint of awkwardness in the two of them after I mentioned this idea.

Could it be that it was the same as the upcoming series I had a knowledge of? That at this time, the plot was only until this point, but in the future, they would develop the way I felt they would?

That at this time, they might not be together, but in the future, they would?

…Could I have developed a clairvoyance ability? The comatose period awakened that latent ability?


For now, only that made sense logically, but my heart felt like it was not it…


[Title: Reinst the Clairvoyant…?]




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