But God Forced Me to Reincarnate 178

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Chapter 178

Older Brother


“Whoaaaa, this cathedral is so amazing!”

Freyja said in excitement as we arrived right in front of a big and luxurious cathedral.


On the very last day of Month 4 Year 982, my past self’s younger brother, Dominick Robin Grabberton was going to get married to his fiancée, Madeleine Orstein Chant Sanseylvester.

I’ll be honest. It was my first time learning Adel-san’s full name and dang, it was a long and hard name.

The Sanseylvester family was a marquis family with a clean history. The current marquis and his wife was said to have a harmonious relationship and they were hard workers. Their only son was also bright ever since he was young. Meanwhile, their only daughter was said to be a sweet, sensible, and obedient lady. The family was on the rise back when their daughter’s engagement to the Grabberton family was decided.

It was no wonder why my past self’s family, the Grabberton family, decided on this family’s daughter as Domi’s suitor. Temperament-wise, their daughter would make a fine noble wife. Background-wise, she was good.

Of course, I received this information by looking them up, after I saw Domi’s wedding invitation to my family.


Back to the present time, we were standing right in front of the biggest and oldest cathedral in Riviera country: Cattleiya Cathedral. It was often used for noble weddings, especially those of upper ranks. Its huge size meant that there would be more capacity for audience.

We managed to enter and find our designated seat without any problem. Freyr and Freyja looked here and there with amazement. This was their first time coming to a noble wedding.

At first, it should only be my parents and Alt-nii, but they asked me if I wanted to tag along and I did. Then, the twins insisted they wanted to come too.

Four years have passed since they first arrived at our home. In these four years, the major adjustment they had to make from their old way of life was to learn about etiquette and mannerism as nobles. My parents obviously let them take things slowly. Perhaps they were happy the twins seemed to really take it slowly and often displayed their childlike behaviour.

In my case, that didn’t happen as I had been trained in that kind of thing in my past life. Meanwhile for Alt-nii, being the eldest child who had a high sense of pride and responsibility, he learned quickly. Or perhaps it had something to do with him being introduced to such things ever since he was small, because he was born as a noble.


“Can we please take a look around the cathedral?” Freyja asked with her shining eyes.

“Well, the wedding ceremony has yet to begin, but…,” Mom hesitated.

“I can take them around,” I volunteered. I wanted to go around the place to see more and gather more information especially about Domi and the circumstances of his wedding. This was just perfect.


I was accompanying Freyr and Freyja to walk around when suddenly, a familiar voice called out to me.

“Big Sis Lyra!”

And as usual, not too long after that voice rang, a figure hugged me from behind.

It was none other than Ein.


“Oh Eine!” Nicole’s voice could be heard as she approached to grab Ein said, “You’re ten years old already and Lyra-chan is going to be twelve soon. You shouldn’t hug her like that!”

“Eeeh? Why not?” Ein pouted as he clung to me tighter.

“I know you remember. Don’t pretend you’ve forgotten what I told you before?” Nicole asked.

“But Big Sis Lyra is mine!”

“There’s no official betrothal between you two. You aren’t a small child anymore. People will frown if you act like this,” Nicole said and I finally got what they were talking about.

“I don’t mind!” Ein said.

“Think for Lyra-chan. What will people say if they see you hugging her like this?” Nicole asked.


Yep. From the age of ten, we would be taught about the appropriate relationship between a boy and a girl. Since puberty starts as early as ten.

It was cute when children clung to one another despite of their genders, but if that habit continued into adulthood, people might frown, especially if there were no promise of betrothal between the two parties.


Ein was silent for a while as I felt his grip loosening.

“I don’t want Big Sis Lyra to suffer from the consequences…,” he said with a low voice.

Then, his grip tightened and he said optimistically, “Then that means we just have to get engaged!!”

My smile froze. I could see that Nicole’s also froze.


“Come on now, that’s not for you to decide, right? Although I think that’s also a good idea, you should let Lyra-chan and her family decide if they want it or not,” Nicole said as she grabbed Ein and made him distance himself from me.

“Uhhh… Big Sis Lyra, let’s get engaged, shall we?” He asked with his puppy eyes. But I wouldn’t buy it.

“Uhm…,” I was at a loss on what to say to him.

Does he even know the difference between familial love and romantic love? I think his feelings to me is simply like a brother and sister love…


“Come on, Ein. You have to be a gentleman here,” Clyde stepped into the conversation as he stoke Ein’s head.

Ein was still sulking, but he reluctantly nodded.

“I apologize for his behaviour, Lyra,” Clyde apologetically said.

“It’s alright. He’s still young and it’s not like he can change his attitude in such a short time,” I said.

“Thank you for being understanding. But you know, I wouldn’t mind if you are interested,” Clyde said.



Each one of you are the same!!!

[That just meant they liked you very much. Marrying to a family that likes you is a blessing, right?]

Fenrir’s voice then resounded in my mind.

But, Fenrir—! I—

[I know. You want to feel the kind of romantic love you never felt before, right?]

Yeah, so I can’t just agree like that…


“Well, don’t worry. Let’s not rush things.”

Perhaps sensing my visible reluctance, Clyde quickly closed the topic.

I nodded before realizing I could probably ask Clyde a few questions…

“Clyde-san, the one getting married is your half-brother, right?” The first question that came out of my mouth wasn’t a clever one. It was such a rhetorical question I felt so ashamed I even asked. But what else was the perfect question to open the topic?

“Yeah. The day has finally come,” Clyde said with a smile.

I was at a loss.

What does he mean by that? His words made it seem as if this day was anticipated.

But was it anticipated by him? If so, why? That just doesn’t make any sense.


I opened my mouth as I wanted to say whatever came to my mind when the trumpet sound resounded.

It was the cue to the wedding ceremony starting.

Ceasing all talk, we parted ways as I brought Freyr and Freyja back to our seats.


As the music played, the venue turned quieter and the important people showed up. The Grabberton family was sitting right in the first row. The Loera main family was sitting close to them since they were technically their in-laws. Clyde was the Grabberton main family’s son, after all.

Then, there were the Sanseylvester family. The middle aged pair must be the marquis and his wife.


The father isn’t the one to escort the bride?


Before I could even question it, the high priest showed up in the altar, standing in the middle of it. And sitting at the back of the altar were the king and the queen who obviously came since this was one of the four dukes’ wedding. That meant Luca must be sitting somewhere here as well. I wasn’t sure about Leticia coming.


Another music played and that was to let us know that the groom was entering. All eyes were focused towards the cathedral’s main door.

Sure enough, Domi’s figure–clad in white–entered the scene.

Though this was his big day, I couldn’t read anything from his face at this time. He looked confident, though, which was a good thing. His steps forward were steady.

He walked and stopped right before the altar high priest where the high priest was there, slightly to the right side as the other side was meant to be the bride’s position. He left some distance away from the altar as he was supposed to walk the short distance there hand-in-hand with his bride.


The signature wedding ceremony song for the groom’s entrance still played for a while after the groom took his position as he waited for his bride to enter.

As the song was nearing its end, the sound gradually faded. And then, it was replaced by another song–the bride’s entrance song.

More than the groom’s appearance, the audience was looking forward to the bride’s entrance. Before I turned my eyes towards the entrance, I stole a glance at Domi who was also looking towards the entrance. I still couldn’t read him.


I was a little bit bummed because I hoped he would show a bit of happiness towards his wedding. Instead, he was as calm as usual.

This would be his one and only wedding, so show a little bit of feeling!

Then, a foreboding feeling rose up my heart.

Don’t tell me he’s acting normal because another wedding’s been discussed for him?

That made me sad, especially for Adel.

As fellow women and experiencing the first-hand harshness as the daughter that grew up in such a marriage, I was a firm believer of monogamy and love marriage.


Regardless, I suppressed my feelings as I turned to wait for Adel’s entrance.

How stunning would she be?


Finally, two figures could be seen at the entrance of the cathedral. They would be the bride and a family member who would be walking them down the isle. Normally, it would be the father but since Marquis Sanseylvester was sitting in the front row…


As the two figures made their entrance, I finally could see the heroine of this day, Adel-san, in her wonderful wedding dress. The pure white long dress was elegant yet simple, and it was so suitable for Adel-san. Her honey brown curly hair was tied up and styled elegantly with a tiara on the top of her head. Her honey colored eyes were looking solemnly straight ahead. The make-up applied on her face made her look stunning, although she was already pretty from the beginning… at least that’s my opinion.

After taking a look at her, I noticed her hand linking to a male figure next to her. I observed the one escorting her and he was a tall and sturdy man with dark blonde hair and firm dark brown eyes. He looked to be in his mid-twenty and his facial features had resemblances to Adel-san’s.

Ah, he must be the rumored Sanseylvester family’s eldest son… Adel-san’s big brother?

I tilted my head in wonder.


Mom seemed to notice my confusion as she quietly said to me, “She’s being escorted by her older brother. I heard those siblings were pretty close.”

“I see,” I quietly replied as her words cleared my confusion.

“What about you, Lyra? Do you want Alt to escort you, or…?” Mom asked.

“Eh?” I honestly never thought of it.

“What? Of course I’d be the one to escort her later!” Dad heard our conversation and replied in a suppressed voice.

Then, he added, “Wait, let’s not talk about it. Her wedding is still far in the future.”

Mom chuckled. She wanted to say something back but then she changed her mind as she turned her attention back to the wedding ceremony.


Likewise, I also looked at Adel-san wholeheartedly. In my heart, I was praying that this kind woman would be able to move my past self’s younger brother’s heart and led a happy family life.

Adel-san was about to walk past me as she seemed to notice my presence… I guess, since I felt like our eyes met and the corner of her mouth formed a slight smile.

I was about to smile back at her when I noticed another pair of eyes staring at me—they belonged to Adel-san’s older brother whose name was Zephyr, based from what I knew.

For some reason unbeknownst to me, his eyes carried a hint of surprise upon seeing me, but it quickly vanished, so I wasn’t sure if I was seeing things right or not, but I digress.


Finally, Adel-san and Zephyr-san arrived beside Domi as it was time for the bride to let go of her escort’s hand and take the groom’s.

After they stopped walking, Adel-san and Zephyr-san looked at each other. Adel-san smiled gently, but Zephyr-san only returned a half-hearted smile. Adel-san’s hand grabbed Zephyr-san’s as she brought it closer to her face and lightly kissing it before letting go of the hand.

She slowly turned around to face Domi and right at that time, Zephyr-san grabbed her left hand, which surprised Adel-san as well as me.



This shouldn’t have happened in a wedding ceremony, right?

What’s going on?!



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