But God Forced Me to Reincarnate 179

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Chapter 179

Wedding Ceremony


In the fictions I’ve encountered, there were dramas in a wedding day, where a character actually said, “Objection!” right at the wedding ceremony. It was really thrilling and emotional, especially in a series where the main character managed to get their lover back from what would be a disastrous arranged marriage, since the other character was actually a bad person.

But never have I thought I would live to experience a real live wedding drama!! On a noble wedding, on top of it!! And the one causing the ripple wasn’t the true love of the woman, but her older brother!!

Just what is that Zephyr-san thinking about?


By this time, Adel-san turned around one more time and was now facing Zephyr-san, her older brother. Meanwhile, I could finally see a change in Domi’s face. He was obviously surprised.

And everyone else present was drawn to this unexpected development. Even those who seemed to be yawning, disinterested, or distracted… All of them were now watching the spotlight.

“O-onii-sama?” Adel-san asked in bewilderment.

Zephyr-san was unfazed as he took Adel-san’s right hand with his left hand, and then his right hand went into his pocket.

When he took his hand out, there was a beautiful silver bracelet with the Sanseylvester’s family emblem as its pendant. Without saying anything, Zephyr-san quickly put the bracelet on Adel-san’s wrist.

After he was finished, Adel-san stared at the bracelet, still confused.


Right at that time, Zephyr-san spoke with a firm and audible voice.

“Even though you’re married now to another family, you will always be the Sanseylvester family’s member. Don’t forget that you have another home you can always return to whenever you feel like missing it, no need to hold back. And should you encounter any trouble even after you marry, as the next in-line for Sanseylvester family’s head, your elder brother will definitely help you. Now, go to your… husband and promise me you will be happy, alright?”

Hearing his words, Adel-san’s eyes reddened as she almost teared up. She then showed a really bright smile as she said, “Thank you so much, Onii-sama!”


Then, the ceremony proceeded smoothly, resuming from where it was interrupted.

…leaving me confused with the spectacle that just happened.

Why would Zephyr-san do that kind of thing here, of all times? He could’ve done that before the ceremony starts, in private, right?

His words mentioned nothing of the objection, and it was just the usual words of love and reassurance one usually did before a family member got married.

Was he doing that for a show? But wouldn’t that disrupt the ceremony instead? It won’t be good to make a show of something like that, that would disrupt the ceremony’s flow…


Perhaps I was thinking too loudly in my mind that Fenrir interrupted my monologue.

[I know why.]

Why?’ I quickly asked back.

[The brother was thinking of his little sister’s future.]

‘Huh?’ I held the urge to tilt my head in confusion.

[I may not know how she really is, but I guess she has a soft temperament, right?]

Hng… Yeah. Adel-san is kind and gentle. From our brief interaction, she’s someone who’d endure in silence so that she won’t cause a bother to the others…’

I was amazed that Fenrir could tell. Or could he probably know from my memories too?


[Exactly. With that soft temperament of hers, other nobles might think she’s weak and easy to manipulate or bully. There might be others who still want to marry the duke even if it’s as the second wife because the first wife seems to be easy to bully. They want to snatch away the matriarch’s position from such a weak-looking woman. For all the power, wealth, and glory.]

At that moment, I thought about the situation of my past self’s family. Kania-san, Clyde’s mother, was Father’s first wife… but just like Adel-san, she wasn’t someone ambitious and she was gentle. Even though she seemed to go with the flow of heir rivalry that happened at first because of me and Clyde’s positions, it seemed that she decided not to really push Clyde that way. She was content with just protecting her and Clyde’s small happiness and it showed.

Perhaps Clyde and Kania-san’s relationship taught me that such familial love existed and how envious I was towards Clyde…


[Moreover, this is an arranged marriage, right? The ducal family asked and her maiden family agreed to give her away in what appeared to be this loveless marriage. We didn’t know if she was just a pawn to her family or if her family couldn’t oppose the higher-rank ducal family and had to give her away… But in short, that gave away the feeling that the girl was only a pawn for the family.]

Aah, yup, that makes sense.

[However, what her elder brother did just now wasn’t just for an empty show. With his action, he wanted to let the others know that his younger sister was cherished in the family and that even if she was married to another family, if something were to happen, she would have his backing and also their whole family’s support. Of course, he might also be speaking to the groom’s family too, so they would think twice before doing anything that would make her suffer.]

I see…

That’s such a clever way of conveying such intention. Had it been done in private, his intention won’t reach the others in this hall. He might have added an element of surprise and disrupted the flow of the ceremony a bit, but what he did wasn’t wrong at all. Nobody would blame or speak ill of him for doing such an action. Rather, people who understood his intention would praise him for being such a caring older brother.

Such a simple action, yet it contained such a deep meaning and intention.

Zephyr-san must have been a bright person.


“O the almighty Alpha, our God of Creation, Aion-sama. May you give your blessing to the two people before me who’s making their wedding vows now.”

The high priest’s solemn voice pulled me back to the present as I turned to witness my past self’s younger brother’s wedding vows.

“Dominick Robin Grabberton. Do you take this woman to be your wedded wife, and promise to stay by her side through the good and bad times, for richer or poorer, and in sickness and in health?”

“I do,” Domi said with his clear and deep voice.

“Madeleine Orstein Chant Sanseylvester. Do you take this man to be your wedded husband, and promise to stay by his side through the good and bad times, for richer or poorer, and in sickness and in health?”

“…I do,” Adel-san first took a deep breath and finally said with a slightly strong voice that showed her determination.

“Let us now proceed towards the ring exchange ceremony. These rings have gone through the rites of blessings by Aion-sama. May your rings remind you of the eternal commitment that you make to each other.”


The high priest brought out the two wedding rings and put it forward for Domi and Adel to take. Domi was the first one to take a ring and then Adel-san followed.

The two of them were facing each other with one ring each.

Domi took Adel-san’s left hand and put the ring into her fourth finger.

His action was swift.

Contrary to that, Adel-san was a bit flustered as she slowly took Domi’s hand and put a ring into his fourth finger as well. She seemed to be blushing a bit, meanwhile Domi seemed to have his straight and unreadable face as usual.


“To seal your wedding vows, the groom may kiss the bride,” the high priest commanded.

This was what I thought to be the hardest part in a wedding ceremony. The wedding kiss.

For arranged marriage, of course you’d understand what part of it was hard.

But even if it wasn’t an arranged marriage, I personally found it hard to do this part. Kissing in front of the public? Gosh! And how long or how deep should the kiss last?

Wait, is it better to kiss on the forehead instead?

I personally saw some couples doing the wedding kiss on the forehead and it was still so sweet!

But yeah, personally, I’d be most troubled about this part.


I wonder how Domi and Adel-san would do it?

If I had to guess… It would most likely be a reserved kiss on the forehead!

That’d be the safest route since it would avoid any awkwardness of doing a lip kiss. And it would still be viewed as intimate.

Knowing how Domi is–

Wait what?!!!


I was shocked when I saw the scene that was unfolding before my eyes.

In a moment after the wedding kiss permission was granted, Domi’s hands reached out to Adel-san, one was put around her waist while the other one was supporting her head as Domi planted a kiss on Adel-san’s lips!!



This bold action seemed to be very out of character with him!!!!

Why did I feel like his action was also very eager?!!



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  1. Gackt1

    Gackt1, reporting for duty

    “there were dramas in a wedding day, where a character actually said, “Objection!” right at the wedding ceremony.”
    …and do it by flung the chapel door open, sometime it even add with character look like they just run with all their might and just arrived just in time, or even have a lot of wounds (because of accident they got …or because the groom’s family put the bodyguard outside and they need to fight through them) (Cain: ….and then groom will forcefully kiss the bride, the bride then will jump away from the altar while summoninh her familiar….
    G: What kind of fantasy is that ???
    Cain: …the final one…the ten version of it…)
    Wonder what kind of popcorn will fit with this kind of drama. Oh, there is no drama, just a brother openly support his sister, but something tell me what he worry may will not come (Cain: …but I’m still right about the kiss part
    G: How the heck an romantic kiss become “forcefully” in your eyes ?)
    “Knowing how Domi is…..” well, Lyra, it seem you don’t know him…and it doesn’t bad

    As always, thank you for the chapter, please take care of yourself, Lynne-san

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