But God Forced Me to Reincarnate 180

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Chapter 180

Should I be Worried?


After the shocking ‘sealing the marriage with a kiss’ event, nothing notable happened. However, the shock that I got from that event was enough to send my brain on a freeze and autopilot for a while. In other words, I was drowned in my thoughts.

I only remembered that afterwards, the ceremony was concluded, and we were moving on to the reception that was held at the Grabberton residence.

Obviously, the Grabberton family provided a teleportation service to help.


Arriving at the decorated residence, I couldn’t really feel nostalgic at all.

Could it be that I was no longer that attached to my past life as Reinst, or that the place had changed quite considerably that I lost any sense of nostalgia in it.

Either way, the food that they served was really good and there was some Western food in it. Since living as a Hartmann, I didn’t eat that much of Western food since we live in the East Riviera.

I was eating all alone at the least crowded part of the venue as I rejected my family’s offer to be with them and also socialize with others. I said that I was tired and that I’d rather enjoy my food slowly, so they let me be.


Though I was eating such delicious food, my mind still pondered over how I could pry more about this… probably?

Since I saw the members of my old family gathering. From Domi himself, Father and Mother, Kania-san, even Clyde… Everyone was gathering in the same spot as they seemed to be talking about something…? I wonder what… Hmm…

If I were still Reinst, would I be over that place too?


Anyway, as for prying for more information… I actually could do that!

Ever since overcoming more of my past life’s chains, I started learning more about dark magic, both with Mom and by myself.

When it comes to spying for an information like this, there’s just one perfect magic that I can use… One that uses the shadow so I can pry and listen to what they were talking about…

Should I do it…?



I was about to prepare myself to try that technique when suddenly…

“Dang, he still got my little sister in the end, huh…”

I heard a man’s low murmur right next to me.

When I turned my eyes to the source of the voice, the man that I saw was none other than Zephyr-san, Adel-san’s older brother.

Seemingly noticing my gaze, Zephyr-san also turned to look at me and was briefly surprised at me.

HEY! What does that mean?! I’m pretty sure I’m not small enough for you not to notice my presence!

Or was he too caught up in his thoughts too that he became blind to his surroundings?

Yep, I’m like that too.


“Oh, you’re the girl that’s not supposed to be here if things were—,” he muttered in a barely audible voice that I couldn’t really catch what he was talking about.

Noticing my expression that showed more confusion, he stopped and said, “Ah, I said it out loud, huh?”

“Hmmm?” I tilted my head, inquiring.

“Never mind, just forget it,” Zephyr-san said.

W-well, I’m not going to just let this golden chance to ask more questions about the circumstances go to waste, alright? If you’re not going to talk more with me, I’m going to continue our conversation!

“You’re… Zephyr-san, Adel-san’s older brother, right? You look a bit annoyed… but this is supposed to be the joyous day of your sister’s wedding, right?” I asked.

“Is it that obvious…?” Zephyr-san scratched his head, showing a little bit of a troubled expression.


“Well, kinda,” Zephyr-san said before continuing, “At first, I doubted that my sister would be happy with that bra—that man. But he seems to be different f—no, he seems to be sincere enough to my sister…”

I was surprised he was willing to talk about it with me! Do I have a charm that attract people to open up? If so, then I’d be happy!

[Nah, he’s probably feeling pent up and wanted to vent it to someone. You happen to be at the right place and at the right timing. Plus, you’re still young so he thinks it’d be alright to just talk it out to you.]

‘A-ah… I see…,’ I muttered in my heart in response to Fenrir’s rational analytics. He probably didn’t want me to get too far ahead of myself.


“Besides, my sister wants this, so I can only bite my tongue and wish for the best,” Zephyr-san finished his sentence.

“Sincere enough…? Do you mean that even though this is an arranged marriage by the family, Adel-san and Domi-san have feelings for each other?” I asked the question that I wanted to know the most.

Hearing my question, Zephyr-san showed a little bit of a resentful expression as he said grudgingly, “At first, I tried to cancel their betrothal that would lead them to getting together… But… During my effort to do that, I became a matchmaker for them instead. I failed so miserably I wanted to bury myself in the ground…”

Then, he showed a bitter smile.

“Eh? You helped them grow feelings for each other?” I asked with my eyes widened.

Isn’t that… quite amazing?!


“Sort of. I mean, I still doubted him from time to time… and even now, there’s a little bit of doubt left in my heart. But I am certain that he cherishes Maddie, so I decided to let this wedding happen.”

…Letting this wedding happen? What were you planning on doing that could make this wedding be cancelled?!

“You must have cared for your sister a lot,” I said with an admiring look.

“At the end of the day, when our parents are no longer here… She’s the only family I’ve got, so I gotta cherish her.”

I nodded.

His words… were indeed true. The only family we’ve left after our parents were gone would be our siblings, and though not all family could be close… it’d feel nice to have your blood-related family members be close to you, right?

I have experienced it myself and I agreed that it felt nice to have close siblinghood.


We didn’t continue talking as I felt it was enough and perhaps Zephyr-san also felt that it was enough, too.

And not too long after that, I saw Adel-san’s beautiful figure coming closer after she noticed Zephyr-san. She had been talking with some other people—I guess her friends or relatives?

Anyway, she approached us and looking up close at her, I could tell that she looked very delighted.

“Oh, Lyra-san! You’re here too! Thank you for coming to my wedding!” She greeted me with a bright smile.

“Adel-san!! Congratulations! You look so beautiful!!” I said as I shook Adel-san’s hand happily.

Then, I asked in a smaller voice, “Have you sorted things with Domi-san?”

Adel-san looked a bit surprised before she shyly said, “Ah, right… You witnessed such an embarrassing thing… I apologize, Lyra-san, and thank you for worrying about me. But yes, we’ve sorted things out, and that’s why we’re here now.”


I nodded before I asked again, “Uhm, Adel-san, I heard that your betrothal with Domi-san was arranged… but are you and Domi… in love with each other?”

Adel-san smiled shyly hearing my question as she blushed. Then, she gave me a small nod and said, “Yeah.”

I was surprised hearing the answer.


It’s quite obvious that Adel-san has feelings towards Domi, and quite a strong one, judging from the looks of it… But as for Domi… I’m not so sure, since the hint of his feelings to Adel-san could only be seen once, and that was during the wedding kiss.

But from the conflict between the two of them that I witnessed, I was sure that Adel-san would break things off if Domi didn’t feel the same way for her, so…

Yeah, the two of them must have feelings for each other.

It’s just hard for me to believe that for Domi, since, well… Domi is Domi.

Did I read too many romance stories that I believed that men would change quite a lot and obvious when they were in love?

Anyway, I should believe in Adel-san’s words!

Zephyr-san also backed this, so be as bizarre as it might be to me, since they knew it better than me, itt must be true!


Thus, I could only smile back and say, “Adel-san, be happy.”

“Of course she has to be happy. If not, I’ll beat that man up,” Zephyr-san’s voice answered me faster than Adel-san could.

Adel-san chuckled before she said, “Don’t worry, Onii-sama.”


We were talking about some light-hearted stuff together when suddenly, Domi approached us and tapped Adel-san’s shoulder from behind.

“Ah, Domi! You’re here!” Adel-san greeted Domi with her carefree smile that was beautiful. More than an elegant yet reserved smile, I liked this smile better.

“Mhm. Come with me,” Domi said with his usual curt manner, but then I managed to catch a glimpse of Domi’s gentle gaze when he looked at Adel-san. The corner of his mouth seemed to be slightly hooked up.

In short, it was an expression that I never saw in his face before!!


As the two excused themselves and walked away from us, I finally put my mind to ease.

Well, maybe there’s nothing I need to be worried about.


Though I may not know the full story, I am pretty certain that Domi finally found love and he might not end up as a cold person that only saw his family as pawns, after all.

As long as it was true that he cherished Adel-san, and as long as the gentle and kind Adel-san was there with him…

I’m sure he’d already found his happiness.


I mean, look. His face was gentle whenever he looked at Adel-san, I finally could see it now.

And Adel-san also linked her hand to Domi’s hand as she smiled happily.


Really, I’m glad for you two…

As your former older sister, Domi… I’m happy for you.


Thus, a concern that my past self carried was put to a good ending.



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