But God Forced Me to Reincarnate 20.5

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Chapter 20.5

The Adults’ Side


At the time during when Lyra is gone to the Capicastle with Cyan, Cassie is having her day off…

She was helping with her subordinates’ experiments the other day, to the extent of bringing the work home, and so in return, her subordinates told her to take a breath at home today and leave the rest to them.

They felt bad since Cass was literally doing all their job.


Usually during her day off, she can teach the kids about magic and other things.

But, Altaire is still in school, and Lyra is not home, as well.

Cassie doesn’t know what she should do, besides to relax at home and talk to Niina, Chloe, and Vince.

It has been long since she last spent her days alone.

From when she got married to Cyan, her life was nothing but busy. Her solemn, peaceful days alone were like a tale from the long, old time.

She was Sanctuaria branch family’s only daughter. The main family only had sons, and their house was quite far away, so she was often alone when her parents went out for businesses.

Even if they were only branch family, her parents were often busy. She was used to spend her time alone in peace at home, reading her beloved books and trained her magic.


Whenever she was bored alone, she could always go to the garden and view the small yet lovely garden her family has— and the one that Vince and his colleagues tended with care.

She would stare at various plants, and Vince would approach her and initiate the conversation. To Vince, Cassie is just like his own daughter. To Cassie, Vince is like her own uncle.

Most of the time, they would discuss about the plants’ names, how they could be utilized, and other useful information, as Cass has always been an infomaniac.

Perhaps that thirst of knowledge drove her to study and learn anything that piqued her interest, resulting in her excellent academic grades.



And now, for the first time in forever, she decides she would try to do what her past self used to do.

She crouched down at the flowers and observed them.

But her mind was elsewhere.

…Damn, if only I know that waiting for either Alt and Lyra would seem as long as the eternity, I might as well come with Cyan to the castle.

Ah, could it be… Cyan is hogging Lyra again?!


She suddenly becomes upset to Cyan, who suggested her to take plenty of rest at home when she suggested she would accompany them. Though Cyan’s intention is nice—that he doesn’t want his wife to overwork, Cass feels like it’s better for her to work rather than being idle like this. She wasn’t much of a sleeper, anyway, so there is no way she can just sleep in all day long.

Speaking of Lyra…

Her mind trails off to think about her children again.

Compared to the carefree Altaire, Lyra seems to overthink lots of things. Unlike what children her age should be.

She was a really good girl since she was an infant. She almost never cried.

…Or did she?

She couldn’t have hide herself whenever she felt like crying, right?

A child like her shouldn’t be trained to do things like that, for no reason, too.

Even when she is a precocious child.

Nobody has ever scolded her for crying. Besides, she is free to express herself.

Cyan and I have never limited Alt and Lyra’s expressions.

Cassie wants to figure out why Lyra is the way she is, how she has that extreme denial towards her [Dark] magic, and how she cried out of a sudden during her first training with Cyan.

But, she couldn’t come up with a good explanation.

Be as it may, Lyra is still her beloved daughter. She just hopes that she can help Lyra whenever she’s having trouble and is willing to tell her. It’s her job as a mother, after all.



Amidst her thoughts, Vince noticed her and reached out to her.

“Cassie-sama, somehow it feels like time has turned back when I see you like this.”

“Vince! That’s right. Won’t you tell me about these plants, just like the good old days?”

As Vince approaches her and crouches down, she takes a glance towards the sky and wonders once again.

I wonder what are Lyra, Cyan, and Alt doing at this moment…?





Capicastle’s Garden, just after Lyra followed Luca…


“So, what is it, Titus?” (Cyan)

“There is a suspicion that an illegal activity might be happening in Habbah Port City and our territory in Estrada island.” (Titus)

Cyan sighed.

“Is there no end to this sort of things?! What is it this time?!” (Cyan)

He remembered spending lots of time and efforts to unveil illegal activities and put a stop to them. But, these horrendous activities keep on surging.

“Aside from the usual slave trade—we suspect that they are engaged in illegal organ and cell transaction.” (Titus)

Hearing that, Shaula’s face turned slightly wry.

“…what?!” (Cyan)



“They usually target orphans and the ones living in the slums—somehow kidnapping them and then they would take out their organs and cells. Needless to say that the victims should be dead after the procedure.” (Titus)

“Wait, how did you get that information…?!” (Cyan)

“There was this man who suspiciously managed to get his hand on a really compatible donor for his relative out of nowhere. Note that it was hard for them to obtain a matching donor. After several efforts to interrogate him, he finally disclosed us the information he has.” (Titus)

“Organ and cell transplant is a lengthy procedure, and waiting for your turn to get a matching donor might seem too long due to all the requirements and the discrepancy of demand and supply… so some people resorted to the black market and illegal trades. How I wish a new method to meet all the transplant demands is found quickly…” (Shaula)

“While it was good that they could help others to get a donor and live, but considering their method of killing off the others to do that… I can’t forgive them! Imagine the guilt that the recipients will feel when they know that their cell donors are from those murdered in cold blood!” Her calm expression turned into that of an anger.

“And, that is why we need your help in investigating this matter. In the meantime, we have also instructed all hospitals and clinics to report any suspicious activities they detect.” (Titus)

“Of course, I will do my best to make sure justice is served. Nobody in this world should be subjected to those horrendous treatments, not even the orphans or the people living in the slums,” Cyan said with eyes full of determination.

“I will especially handle the report from my hometown, Seifert. I have a lot of connections to the health care facilities there, so report from there should arrive faster than the other areas. Also, leave it to me if you need help with questioning or consoling the recipients or their relatives,” Shaula is looking enthusiastic in helping the mission.

“Wait, Shaula, you are now the queen. You think it will be a good idea to let you question them?” Titus is exasperated.

“Though I can’t do any kind of transformation magic like Cyan, I can do well with the help of magic tools or other disguising tools. Though it was short, but my experience as a nurse would make me the best person to handle the talk with the recipients and their relatives, right?” (Shaula)

“…Just don’t be too careless,” Titus knows that nothing can stop Shaula once she is determined.

“Alright, so that’s the gist of it, Cyan… I’ll be depending on you and the other Royal Spies.” (Titus)

“Leave it to me!” (Cyan)


Cyan sighed a little inside, knowing full well that he might have to be absent from his house for several successive days for this mission once his presence is needed to end this. It’s not his first time doing that, of course, but he is worried to leave because of Lyra’s condition and her reaction to her magic affinities the other day.




“Speaking of which, do you think Lyra can help Luca, somehow?” (Cyan)

“Considering how often you praised her precocious demeanor, I’m putting my bet on it.” (Titus)

“Oh well, just promise me you won’t ever force her or punish us if she says no.” (Cyan)

“Haha, no worries, I won’t. By the way, is it really just my Luca or did your son also…?” (Titus)

“Ah, now that you mention it, Altaire also rebelled a little when Lyra was born.” (Cyan)

“Well, as a big sister, I can understand that. When my little sister was born, the attention I got from my parents was slightly reduced as they also needed to tend to my little sister. But after she was older, perhaps she felt I was usurping all of our parents’ attention due to various circumstances, haha.” (Shaula)

“Hmm, perhaps all big brothers and sisters out there have ever felt the same thing?” (Titus)

Titus is an only child, so he can’t really relate to how his son is feeling right now.

“I’m sure my big brother didn’t experience that,” Cyan said, with a loathsome expression.

“…well, well. I’m sure everyone’s got their own circumstances.” (Titus)


It’s not that parents purposely neglect their older child, it’s just that they also need to divide their attention to the younger child, as infants need to be tended carefully.


As the busy adults proceeded to carry on with their respective schedules, Cassie is now happily talking with Vince, Niina, and Chloe—while Lyra is facing yet another of her new life’s trial…



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