But God Forced Me to Reincarnate 217

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Chapter 217

Infiltration Plan


“…Oh, I erased the evidence—Alt-nii’s letter because of the risk it’d be found out… But I hope you will believe me!”

I said after I finished explaining everything that Alt-nii had said in the letter, in front all of my friends.

We were gathered in the secluded area near the chapel of Harmonia Academy, which had no one else other than us at this moment, not even any passer-by.



Everyone was silent after hearing my long explanation, each and every one of them had serious expression on their faces.

I wasn’t sure of what I should say next when…


“Don’t worry, we believe in you, Aneki!” Briar seemed to sense my confusion as she suddenly spoke, turned around to see Dmitria and Valerie and asked, “Right?”

Dmitria and Valerie quickly nodded.

“Right, who can even make up that thing?!” Dmitria asked.

“Aneki, our heads are just too heavy due to the amount of information we needed to digest. We didn’t stay silent because we doubted you,” Valerie explained.

“Right, Lyra! I am actually panicking… I can’t imagine being you, getting that kind of information alone… It must’ve been hard for you, right?” Iris clearly looked worried.

“Why don’t we raze up the royal castle of Cielle? Remember the principle of the jungle! The strong one wins!” Carbuncle puffed up her chest.

“Kuu-chan, you can’t do that!” Iris quickly scolded Carbuncle.

“Why not? I am strong enough to do that.”

“Violence will only give birth to more violence in the future, it’s not a good long-term solution,” Harvey was the one to answer Carbuncle’s question.

“Hmmm, alright… Then what do you suggest we do?” Carbuncle asked.


“I am thinking of sneaking into Cielle kingdom and somehow try to solve this for good… I guess by finding out why Celeste suddenly had a change of mind will be good,” I proposed.

“How are we going to do that?” Clavis asked before adding, “For me, I can try turning into a wolf and see how it goes.”

“Right… Here’s the thing. I am not sure you guys are aware of it, but I can disguise myself as someone else,” I said.

Everyone’s eyes were on me, and naturally I understood what they wanted me to do.

So, I gave them a quick demonstration.

I assumed the figure that I had transformed into the other day when it was just Fenrir and I.



“How did you do that?”

Iris and Harvey asked.

“Oh hey, Lyr, that’s pretty awesome!” Carbuncle said before asking, “Can you try becoming a dragon next?”


“Hmm, well, if I have the gift of perfect memory… It’s not weird for Big Sis Lyra to have the gift of being able to disguise herself like that… It’s just, will it not tire you to death later?” Ein asked.

I guess Ein had a little bit of knowledge about this as he was the son of a duchess.

“Mhm, I’ll be fine,” I nodded.

“But you can’t go alone! I will come with you, I can turn into a wolf too,” Clavis insisted.

“Actually, that is going to be troublesome as well…,” I dragged my words.

“…A wolf that looks more like a dog?” Clavis asked.

“W-well, I guess it’s alright,” I relented.


I had put some thoughts into this plan before asking my friends.

It was really unwise for me if I were to insist I’d go and do this alone. If Clavis were to come with me, that’d be fine for he was a werebeast, so he’d be strong enough to protect himself. Moreover, he wasn’t a noble of Riviera, so it would be harder to recognize who he was.

As for the other candidates…


“Aneki, we’ll come with you!”

“Yes, yes!”

“…I don’t think it’d be wise for us to tag along with Aneki, lest we’d be a burden, but… if you’d like to, I volunteer,” Valerie eloquently said, her eyes clearly showed her wish to be included.

“Me too, Lyr!” Carbuncle happily chimed in.

“I-I’m worried for you, Lyra, but I don’t think I should come… But…!” Iris was clearly in a dilemma.

“No, Iris and I should stay. We will just burden you more if we were to join, as much as I’m worried for Altaire… and Celeste too,” Harvey shook his head.

“That’s right…,” Iris finally made up her mind.

“Big Sis Lyra, I will come!” Ein enthusiastically said.


“Uhm guys… As much as I want to bring everyone with me, we’re going to do an infiltration mission and bringing more people means more risk, and… and you guys are Riviera’s noble children!” I quickly rejected their requests.

“But you too, Aneki!” Briar insisted.

“I can disguise myself like this! It will be hard for them to identify me,” I reminded Briar.

“…Right…,” Briar hung her head down.

“Big Sis Lyra, you gotta take me with you,” Ein insisted.

“Why, Ein? You’re the only son of the Loera family, there’s no way—”

“I have my perfect memory with me, remember? I am sure you’re going to need it,” Ein tapped his head.

I went silent hearing his words.


His ability was really powerful! Even if he couldn’t fight very well, his perfect memory might even become a lifesaver in some scenarios…

“…Can you really protect yourself? How about disguise?” I asked.

“Yes, even if I am like this, I’ve learned some of the swordsmanship from my father’s family! I can at least protect myself and run,” Ein earnestly said.

“Run? Pfft, that’s not so manly, isn’t it?” Dmitria laughed.

“As long as we can keep our lives safe and not ruin anything, even escaping is better than going headfirst into trouble just because you want to look manly,” Ein quickly said.

“…,” Dmitria’s smile faded as she could tell that Ein’s words were right.

“Okay… About the disguise? And your parents…?” I asked.

“About the disguise, we can do something about it. There’s nothing that money can’t buy,” Ein quickly said.

“…Right, right. The Loera family’s the richest one amongst all the nobility here… You guys dabbed in with the merchants a lot, so there’s bound to be some useful items for that… And you can afford it, right…,” I said dumbfoundedly.

His cocky confident attitude was annoying, but I really had no words to refute that!

Heck, it’d prove to be useful in this kind of situation, I should be thankful for his privileges here!


“About my family… Wait, how are you going to tell yours too, Big Sis?” Ein asked.

“Hmmm… About that…,” I thought of having Fenrir be disguised as me or something like that, but I wasn’t confident that my parents won’t find out about it in the long run.

Plus, I think I’d need Fenrir with me too.


“It’s going to be the holidays soon, so I am thinking of saying that we’ll be going on a vacation or something like that, but…,” I muttered.

“We can help with that!” Dmitria and Valerie said at the same time.

“Oh, how?” I asked.


“Wait, wait, wait! So, I’m going to come as well, right?” Carbuncle interrupted.

“…Well, you’re a dragon and having a dragon sneak into Cielle, uhm, that’s…,” I hesitated.

“Exactly. I am a dragon and I have no affiliation with Riviera, right? That makes me a perfect candidate,” Carbuncle tapped on her chest, looking smug.

“You know what, you’re actually right…,” I nodded a little, but…

“Kuu-chan, won’t it be found out?” Iris asked.

“Riviera never said anything about sheltering a dragon. My existence is pretty much a secret safe for the academy—”

“What if Celeste were to snitch on you?” I asked.


Carbuncle seemed to not consider about it at all.


“Uh, well, I can just roar at her or spit fire at her, or anything… I can just say she’s lying and feign ignorance, saying that I get lost in Cielle or something…,” Carbuncle quickly came up with solution and excuses.

“Then, that means you should never be seen together with us,” I concluded.

“Okay, I’m good with that.”

Contrary to my expectations, Carbuncle quickly agreed.

“Kuu-chan, will that be alright?” Iris asked once more.

“Yeah. I really want to see the other countries too, not just Riviera. It’s just that I grew too attached here that I haven’t proceeded with my plan on visiting the other countries. But now, the opportunity’s presented itself to me!” Carbuncle said excitedly.


“Okay, then it will be me, Clavis, Ein, and Carbuncle… Ah, Dmitria, Valerie, can you continue your words from earlier?” I asked.

“Sure,” Valerie said.

“We have an idea about going on the vacation or permission,” Dmitria added.

“Why don’t you all stay in our place? It has a wide farm and our parents won’t monitor us all the time. Plus, even if they are with us, they don’t know you all enough to notice that you aren’t the real deal…,” Valeria said.

“Yep, I can get my hands on a body double or something like that, there’s gotta be some kind of magical item to make that,” Ein said.

“I can actually use illusion to—”

“Nope, it will tire you even more,” Ein insisted.

“…Right,” I couldn’t deny his words, so I readily accepted his offer to help with somehow making a copy of us that could be on autopilot or controlled or something like that.

“I wonder if any of the monsters in our farm can help with that?” Valerie wondered.

“A monster that can disguise itself as others? Oh, I think we have some like that,” Dmitria said.

“Oh, the mujina? We can probably use them to help,” Valerie said.


“Moreover, our residence is located in the West! We’re close to the elven kingdom, Cielle, your desination!” Dmitria excitedly said.

“If you need help with a transport beast, we can also provide that for you,” Valerie said proudly.

“Thank you, guys… That’s really great!”

The more I heard their words, the more I was glad that I was able to befriend them!

It wasn’t like I wanted to befriend them for the benefits, but to think that they could really help during this time… Who would even think of that?

…Is it true that there are no coincidences in this world? I feel like this is fated!


“Now the question is… how are we going to sneak into Cielle without being found out?” Ein asked.

“Do you know any border that’s not guarded?” I asked.

“Hmm, I think I can try finding out about it,” Ein looked like he had no clue for now, but he was certain he could find out more information if he wanted to.

“I know someone who’d surely know the way, but…,” I muttered.

Fideline surely knows, but asking her is out of question!

What if Celeste is really a bad person who’s not on our side? Then Fideline is most likely onboard with Celeste, and if so, then…

Yes, definitely out of question.


“Are there any wolves around the area?” Clavis asked.

“Well, I guess there are some,” Valerie said.

“Then I can try asking them,” Clavis said with certainty.

“You can communicate with them? That’s pretty cool!” Dmitria widened her eyes in amazement.


Oh right! Fenrir is from that area, I wonder if he knows anything…

[I lived in seclusion in the Silent Forest, but we’ll see. I’ll try to see if I know anything that can help.]

When I asked and called him in my mind, Fenrir’s voice quickly rang in my mind.

Okay, thanks!


“Then it’s decided. Let’s just think of the rest later. Let’s promise to all gather in the Flugel family’s residence once our holiday starts,” I concluded today’s meeting with satisfaction.

Having people to share joy as well as challenges in life is really an amazing feeling.

I might be able to go on a bloody route alone to solve this problem, but having my allies with me just made things way easier for me!

…I really am glad I didn’t insist on solving this alone and tried to reach out to them.


And then, when the holidays started—



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