But God Forced Me to Reincarnate! 228

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Chapter 228

Embarking towards Vittae Village


I didn’t know how the little prince of the Cielle kingdom managed to arrange stuff, but our journey to Vittae village began not too long after our last talk with Prince Manasye.

Despite Prince Manasye being the timid younger son that spent more time with his nanny instead of with his parents as opposed to Princess Phoebe who began studying under their parents’ direct guidance after being appointed as the crown princess, it seemed like he was still loved by their parents.

Of course, I couldn’t go with just Clavis, Ein, and Carbuncle. There was an additional person in our party, one that was Prince Manasye’s people.

Surprisingly, it was none other than Prince Manasye’s nanny herself!


“I heard about the details from Prince Manasye. I am Maiara, Prince Manasye’s personal maid. I will be going with you for this particular errand,” Maiara said during our introduction.

During when I saw her for the first time, she wore a very modest outfit with robes and elven-styled veil that covered most of her face.

I thought for this expedition, she would wear more comfortable clothes that would make it easier to move around. But it turned out that she wore a similar styled outfit.

I wasn’t really sure why she would choose this kind of get up… Besides, her outfit looked so stuffy!

Is it more of a preference or a kind of lifestyle choice she personally made?

I wanted to ask about it, but I didn’t want to sound so rude to someone I just got to know. In case it would be deemed a sensitive question to her…


“I am Escha, this is Kuu-chan,” I said as I introduced Carbuncle who yawned—but I quickly used my illusion magic to conceal Carbuncle’s rude behavior.

“I am Reynald,” Ein said.

“I am Ralph,” Clavis introduced himself too.

“It’s nice to meet you,” Maiara said as she smiled.

I couldn’t really see her eyes unless I were to go closer to her and look up at her—she’s taller than us, after all!—but we could all see her smile.



Despite looking a bit odd, she seems like a warm person.

She’s someone who gave Manasye a wisdom of kindness, after all.

Even if we can’t really probe for too much information, I am eager to know more about her as a person.

I think this journey is going to be a pleasant one with someone like her by our side!


Or so I thought.

…Unexpectedly, we didn’t really exchange any single word other than necessary after that.

There was no small talk that I anticipated.

“…,” I felt a little bit down because of it, but what could I say?

Whenever we asked questions, she would reply, though. It wasn’t like we were ignored, but how do I say this…


For example…

“Why is it only you who’s sent with us? Is it going to be alright with the five of us only?”

“Vittae village doesn’t like to welcome too many people. The path we’ll take is relatively safe. If there’s any danger, I believe I can fight them off too.”

“You can fight too?”

“I am always by Prince Manasye’s side, aside from taking care of him, also to protect him.”

“I see…”


If we didn’t add another word, she won’t add any more either. She only answered the question without adding anything else. She didn’t even ask us back!


When we talked about the things we discovered on the way, it would mostly be the four of us talking. Maiara won’t talk unless we addressed her personally.

But the fact that she wasn’t necessarily cold towards us made me feel a bit complicated.

Oh well, maybe she’s just this kind of person.

Her smile seems sincere too, so let’s not overthink it!


Our journey was relatively easy too because we went through teleportation ports that shortened the trip’s time significantly.

Just as we went through yet another teleportation port, Maiara suddenly stopped walking.

We all stopped the moment we saw Maiara stopped, since she was the one leading the way for us.

Suddenly, she turned around and in this very rare moment, she talked to us first.

Well, she also talked to us first when we first met and greeted each other, but this would be the second time she initiated a conversation with us.


“There’s one last teleportation portal remaining and we will arrive near the Vittae village. But… that portal is unique since it will only activate when the first ray of sunlight of the day hits the portal. We can’t miss it, so there are two options. First option is to spend the night in a nearby inn and wake up early in the morning—before dawn—to go near the portal and wait until it activates. The second option is to camp right near the portal.”

Whoa, it’s our first time hearing Maiara speak so many words!

“Hmm, is the location of the portal safe for camping?” Ein asked.

“Yes,” Maiara quickly answered.

You could have elaborated more…

“Uhm, is it a camping ground?” I asked more details about the location.

“It’s a forest,” another short answer by dear Maiara.

“Ah, then—”

“Let’s camp there!”

Carbuncle exclaimed before I could finish my sentence.


“Eh…,” I was surprised at her words.

“Well, I brought along some camping kits with me,” Ein said.

“Huh, you did?!” I was surprised more by Ein’s words and his expression that seemed to said as if it was only natural he would bring it along.

“We never really went to camp, huh? Maybe it’s nice to experience it once,” Clavis said.

“I was thinking of the same thing,” I nodded.

Actually, I was in a dilemma, but it’s pretty much settled now!

Camping, yay?


“Then, follow me,” Maiara said as she proceeded to lead us once more.

We went towards the path that Maiara had chosen. Again, being part of the elven kingdom, the pathway used more means with magic. Such as a path that could rise up to the air that would give us a shortcut, some paths we needed to activate with magic, and so on…

It’s just so fascinating!

If only I am not here because of some crisis, I might really enjoy it here…

There were part of Riviera that was done using the elven kingdom’s method as inspiration, but not too much since not all residents of Riviera could use magic. It was different with the elven kingdom, however…

There was still regular paths for tourists and more importantly for dwarves who also resided the elven kingdom.


From there, we entered a secluded forest. The sun was already so low on the west by this time. Soon, it would be the night.

I was a bit worried about having to walk a long distance during the night in such a forest, but apparently, we arrived at the place where we had to camp relatively quick.

I turned around to see the dense forest behind us.

Tilting my head, I really wasn’t sure how I could arrive at this point very quickly. All I did was following Maiara without any care… She might have gone through yet another shortcut I didn’t even notice.

In front of us was a dead end.

Next to us was the waterfall and the river that flowed after it.


It’s such a serene atmosphere, but…

Turning right, left, walking here and there, I still didn’t understand…

“Maiara-san, is the portal leading to Vittae village really here? I can’t see anything,” I asked Maiara.

Maiara stopped and turned around to answer me, “Of course. It’s just right beyond that waterfall.”

“Eh?” My jaw almost dropped hearing her explanation.

We have to go through… that waterfall?!

Okay, okay…

No wonder Vittae village is called as a secluded village.

The portal could only be activated with such an intricate method on top of being hidden very well too.

I guess this way, only people who knew could enter and it would decrease the risk of enemies or outsiders who meant harm to be able to enter the village easily.


“Let’s set up the camp here,” Maiara said.

Ein quickly took out the camping kit he had kept with him.

I almost had a heart attack when he did so, for he saved the camping kit with some kind of magical bag, but then I realized we were currently elves in the elven kingdom. Having anything related to magic was completely normal!


“I’ll set up the magic campfire and—”

“What’s the fun of camping if you’re just going to do that? Let’s do the real camping!” Carbuncle cut off Maiara’s words and said.


“Okay, I’ll go hunt, then!” Clavis said with a very enthusiastic look on his face.

Seeing the two of them getting excited like that, I couldn’t help but swallow any ‘but’ I might have.

Well, it’s not like we can do this every day. Just this once, to lighten up our mood too! It won’t hurt!


Clavis went away with his tail and ears wagging—in the illusionary state, he looked like he was bursting with excitement only, though.

Carbuncle started to quickly gather some woods to start a campfire.

Ein was busy setting up the tents he brought.

…leaving me and Maiara standing together, not really having anything to do and was just surprised by the sudden turn of events.

Then, suddenly I heard a small laugh, so I turned to see how Maiara was smiling.

Seemingly noticing my inquiring look, Maiara then explained, “They’re so cute. It’d have been nice if Prince Manasye were here. He would’ve enjoyed himself.”


Aah, this person really loves the prince so much, huh?

She isn’t merely doing her job as the prince’s main caretaker; she genuinely cares for him.

My heart felt warm thinking about it.

How odd.

If it were me in my past lifetime, my heart would ache because I’d envy them so much.

But now, I can genuinely feel happy for others gaining the thing that I want too. It’s really nice.


“Done, we have two tents set up. This one is for the females, and this one for the males,” Ein said as he pointed at the two tents he had set up.

“Woohoo, campfire is here!” Carbuncle happily exclaimed, followed by the big blaze of flame that rose in front of her.

“Kuu-chan, that’s way too big!!” I panicked and quickly used my magic to help quell the fire down.

She might turn the whole place in a sea of flames!!


“I’ve caught some chickens and fish!” Clavis returned with his catch.


You’re a wolf right, not a bear?!

The image of a wolf catching fish flashed in my mind…


“I’ll cook the meat first,” Maiara quickly took the catch from Clavis’ hands and began processing them.

“You’re familiar with cooking in the wilderness?” I was surprised seeing how she seemed to be familiar with it.

“I remember going on expeditions before becoming the prince’s caretaker.”

Aah, right. She must be working something else before becoming the prince’s caretaker, after all.

Prince Manasye really sent the right person to us!

And it’s even his most cherished underling too!

I felt a bit touched.




With Maiara cooking, doesn’t that mean I am the only one useless in this whole camping fiasco so far?

Oh no, that can’t be!!

Terrified, I quickly went over to Maiara’s side, “Let me help, Maiara-san!”

“It’s okay, sit back and rest.”

“No, no, let me help!”

“You young ones can take it easy. Let the older do the job.”

“Nooooo, I insist, Maiara-san!!”

By this time, my face looked like the famous screaming painting that I didn’t even know how the painter even thought of drawing it.

Maiara’s face was a mixture of wonder and concern.

“I mean, everyone had something to do in this camping… I don’t want to be the only one to sit and do nothing—”

“You can just enjoy the camping, that’s all that matters,” Maiara said.

“I mean…,” My brain quickly thought of a reason.

“I want to fully immerse myself in this camping thing!! I won’t be able to enjoy it if I just sit and do nothing!!”


My mind wants to explode.

That’s the best reason I can give.

If Maiara rejects this last resort of a reason, then my fate is sealed! I will be the useless baggage in this camping session!

My pride…




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