But God Forced Me to Reincarnate 3

Chapter 3

Reincarnate or Disappear!



“What a pitiful creature…”



Upon hearing that voice, I opened my eyes.

Ara? Didn’t I die? I am pretty sure my skull was cracked… or something like that.

It’s pitch black…. with a spectre of white in front of me.

Eh? Was the voice…. this thing’s?



“Who or what are you? Are you God?”



“… Something like that.” it vaguely responded.


Whoa, what a vague response, Is this some kind of scam?

“No, missy, this is not a scam!”

“!!” EH?! It can read my mind?! So it really is God! In that case—

“Don’t worry, I won’t make any complaint to you regarding my life. I thank you enough for granting my wish to end my life. So can you let me sleep in peace now? Or make me disappear already. Whichever you prefer, I don’t mind.”


Inside my mind, suddenly a pop out sound effect just like that of a game appeared.

☆Special Event [Meeting with God] has triggered!

☆Achievement unlocked [The Long Awaited Death]!

Uwaa– have I spent too much time playing games… it’s scary.



“What? No way I can do that! You have endured such a life and even gave your life in order to save the others. Besides, what killed you was a result of my miscalculation during my experiment with the meteorite…  How can I not give you my compensational reward for that?”


Uhm… so… were you so bored you had to play with… A METEORITE?!

That’s taking games to another different level, you know… if I were to say it, it’s totally on God’s level!

And wait, so the thing that actually killed me was a meteorite? That… is pretty cool. Hooray for my anti-mainstream death!


I hurriedly return from my own exasperation. It would be rude to keep God waiting, right?



“Yeah, so I will let you reincarnate. If you do not reincarnate, you will just vanish like that. Poof! Reincarnate, or disappear! The answer is obvious, right? Ask away anything you want from me. I cannot give you much such as cheat to make yourself way too overpowered, etc, non, non! That is cheating! I have had enough of those reincarnee with cheats! However I will grant you one power you wish! How does that sound?”




Honestly, is this some kind of a joke?

This is not funny… not a slightest bit!!


Well, I guess I have read stories where the main character reincarnated with some kind of cheat and was able to live to the fullest and happy… or became a legendary person.

In this case, I should ask some kind of cheat to make my life convenient, right?

Anyhow, someone with this kind of situation is expected to wish for something for their next life. In hope that they can live… happier this time.




But, no, thanks.

I am not the kind of protagonist in stories like that.

By no means, I have never considered myself a main character of any story. A person like me is suited to just be a boring side character that will easily be forgotten. After all, I hold no interesting value. I am not a likeable person, either.

That’s why, my answer is obvious.


“It sounds more like a punishment to me, so I will pass. Please, just let me rest in peace already,” I sighed, and I proceed to lie down on the nothingness.

Fumu, so you can actually lie down here, eh? That is pretty nice. I love this afterworld already.



I heard a surprised voice.

Uh, no wonder. If you plan on making someone the main character of the typical reincarnation story, definitely cross me out. God, you should have known better than anyone…


“Don’t you… have any other wish?”

I cannot see any facial expression from the light, yet I get the feeling that God feels a bit dejected. Or is it just my feeling?


Hmm, if this will be the last story of me, then I guess I can ask something, right?

After all, I cannot deny the fact that I am curious of something…


“About my cell donation… how is it going? Are there people who feel glad by it? Have I saved anyone? Was my existence meaningful?” I asked.


“Ho ho… I see, so you are curious about that, eh,” I see the spectre of light wavering—no, flickering– as it laughed.


“Yes. You said I can wish for one thing.”


“Ah yeah. Wouldn’t it be great if you find it out by yourself?”



How in the world would it be possible to do so?

Is it going to show me the fate of my cell donations? Whoa, this light is God, after all!

Let me guess : it’s gonna be shown like how cinemas show movies, right?

Viva God!


“Yosh, it’s been decided! Ahoy, aboard to the reincarnation train!”

…wait, what?

Excuse me, God… Hello? Earth to God?

“Go and enjoy life!” said God, making use of the time I spent being dumbfounded by the development.




Someone, please give God a common sense!


I am about to voice out my objection with a loud voice—and I want to try to point my hand at the light—just because… I want to try the pose of my favorite character from a certain video game…

But apparently, I have no chance to do so.

The darkness quickly melts away as I am being pulled by force—an unknown force—towards a source of light—the world, I presume?



–is the last sentence I managed to shout with my last energy.



“Maan, what a weird girl. It isn’t supposed to be like this based on the novels I have read. Upon the choice to reincarnate or to remain death, anyone would definitely choose reincarnation as second try to life… And as for the previous ones, they went along with the scenario… that girl is indeed an anomaly… maa, I guess I should grant that girl a little cheat, so hey, girl, you gotta thank me later on!”



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  1. ohmariowv

    What a… I can’t even describe the word I wanna say about that god.

    • LynneSuzuran

      Troll god? Playful god? X”D Lawful chaotic god?

      • ohmariowv

        I think Troll God suits him better.

        • Anra7777

          Evil God

          • Rebecca kalel

            I agree. (Also I love this author ever since they translated a novel that I love. That being said due to personal reasons the whole “God” or other being scene filled me with such hatred that the next lines while not very graphic or creative, are hateful so I wrote this warning.) Any God who would reincarnate someone against their wishes is true evil, and truly the worst skum of the earth. Those who tell you “you can have one thing you want,” and then take away the one thing you want should all die and rid the universe of their exisence. I will continue to read this author’s works because I truly love that novel, but not this one.

          • LynneSuzuran

            This is a bit spoiler-y but in a defense for the god’s action, the god knew what the girl really wanted deep down and granted it in her reincarnation.
            I understand that each person’s preference differs and you might be discouraged by the god’s action in this chapter, but I wish you’d give this book another chance, read past this chapter and see if you like it or not–if not, that’s also understandable ^^ Thanks for trying to read my works and I’m hoping to see you in the other work 🙂
            PS: Thanks for your support as well! <3

      • CaTastrophy427

        (8 months late, rereading the series for the umpteenth time) I think you meant Chaotic Good. Lawful and Chaotic both are modifiers for Good/Neutral/Evil

        • LynneSuzuran

          Don’t worry, I’m also late in replying the comments >< And after months seeing that chart in the internet a lot, I now get that XD

  2. Dwi Rizki.

    So, the world is modern world with medieval mentality?

    • LynneSuzuran

      Yup, it’s the mixture of advanced technology and medieval values XD

  3. seesmoke

    Ngl I’d be pissed at that god xD

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