But God Forced Me to Reincarnate 4

Chapter 4




Suddenly, the pitch black darkness that envelops me turns into a painfully blinding light.

The depths of my eyes feel like they are burning.


Is this what it feels like… to be born?


Have I been underestimating babies all these time?!

I am not exaggerating. It is like my whole body aches. Like it is being crushed or what. I feel like I have no energy at all. Is this normal?

My body feels very wet and sticky—oh wait, is this blood? Well… it is normal for me to be enveloped in blood, considering I was just born… Nevermind it, I do not mind the sensation of stickiness—but moreover, this pain… is beyond… my…!!


Hm? Was that my voice? It sounds different…

Eh? Since I am basically another person now? And a baby, on top of that? …I know, I know…

…I am ashamed to admit, but I let out a very loud cry.


Even though I am already thirteen years old, for me to cry out loud like this… it is embarrassing, but the surge of pain I feel has urged me to.

It hurts…

It hurts…


Apparently, I passed out.

Some time must have passed ever since my birth.

When I came to, I try so hard to open my eyes and get adapted to my surroundings. But I cannot see my surroundings very clearly……………



W-wait… Let’s be calm… let’s be rational… Let’s think…

Yeah, that’s right. I was just born!! So, it must be normal for my organs to not be fully adapted to life. Surely, my eyesight will get better, right?

Ooh, my sight is not as bad as when I first opened my eyes!

Yes, that must be it!

Thank goodness, I am not blind!!


And I thought it was a very good way to start my new life : bad eyes.

God hasn’t really forsaken me, after all, eh?

Okay, let’s go around with body check!

[Aa… uuu…]

Voice? Check!

Next, I try wriggling around my upper and lower limbs.

Ohh, great! I have both hands and legs!!

What about my nose?

*sniffs sniffs*

…the smell of a typical hospital.


–Oh dear stupid me… I could hear my voice before, so my hearing was fine.

In conclusion, I was born perfectly healthy. Good. That is a good start…

Though, I believe some kind of misfortunes are bound to happen for all the fortunes I have.

So, let’s guess it… my family? My magical power? My talent? OR ALL OF THEM?!

I cannot wait to know which part do I get my share of misfortunes in…


A few days have passed ever since…

And I spent those days in some kind of incubators, receiving some painful shots and treatment.

What? Am I really that weak? Do I have some kind of incurable disease? Am I dying?! GOD, IF I WERE TO REBORN JUST TO DIE AGAIN, THIS IS NOT FUNNY AT ALL!!

Oh… OR AM I AN EXPERIMENTAL RABBIT?! Did they inject me with various genes? Will they make me a mutant? And then suddenly I have to fight villains to save the world? Or will they turn me into any kind of beast, who’s going to do some dirty, underground work?

…speaking of it, what species am I?

Am I born as human again?


Let’s have a briefing on the species…

First~✷ Humans, of course! I was a human back then… basically…
Humans do not really have anything special.
It is just that they have potentials on magical power and also physical power, such as swordsplay like what my previous family was so proud of.

Second race : beastmen~✷!
They are basically the hybrid of a human and any beast. It can be a wolf, dog, fox, cat, or even bird… the mix of a human and any type of beast shall be categorized as beastmen.
They possess ridiculously strong power and enhanced senses. Only a few of them have good affinity in magic.
Some even possess the power to shape-shift to their beast form, and those who can shape-shift are called [Werebeast].
Beastmen often suffered from slavery and discrimination, though, for being half-beast—or in harsh words, half-animals. They have the characteristics of the beasts : like the shape of their ears, and usually they have tails, or… wings for birds-men!

Third race : dragons~✷!
…do they even exist, though? Anyhow, they possess strong power, both physical and magical power. They have long life span and their aging process is different from us… or so I heard.
It is rare to see dragons. It is said that after a certain age, they can transform into a human-like form, and the older they get, the more enhanced their transformation can be. They are feared, however, due to their destructive power.
But, they are… very rare, I even doubt one still exists.

Fourth race ✷ : Elves!
They are characterized by pointy ears and unparalleled beauty and youth… Their bodies are usually slender… One look at them, you’ll exclaim, “How pretty!” They possess strong magic talent and huge amount of mana. Their signature magic element is light. None of them should be able to do dark magic.

Fifth race ✷ : Oni (demons)!
They are characterized by horns on their heads. They have characteristics like elves.
But, their signature magic is dark magic. Vice versa, they should not be able to do light magic. Oni are feared… due to the stereotyping of their dark magic and their demeanor. They are proud beings.

Sixth race ✷: Dwarves! Just like the fairy tales told us, they are small (adorable, little creatures~✷!). Both the males and females of the dwarves in this world look like children… yet inside, they are adults. Their ears are also pointy. When you look at dwarves, you’ll exclaim, “How cute!”

Unlike some stories which say that female dwarves look like small girls (loli) while the male dwarves look like grandpas (jii-chan), fortunately, in my world, they are not like that at all… It would be disturbingly creepy to be true…
They are eternal loli and shota. They are incredible at physical strength and have longer life span. Unfortunately, they, too, are prone to slavery and discrimination. Since their small statures are usually followed by childish behaviors… one can say that it is quite easy to trap them.

Seventh race : Mixbreeds! The combination of ✷any✷ of the races above is usually categorized as the seventh race. But it is rare to see one. Marriage across species is not that usual.

Fufu, it was a nicely done review! It seems my memory hasn’t failed me, I still remember the knowledge of my previous life. Therefore, I should have no worry about common sense in my world.

…my world…

Speaking of which…

…Is this even the same world as my previous life?

What year is it?

Dear God, please come back and brief me with my condition of birth, this time…

Seems like it is still long until all my questions are answered.

But first thing first, was I sold by my parents to some kind of shady organizations?

Why haven’t I seen my mother or my father?

Just as I am thinking about that, the usual nurse comes to me.

Time for treatment… or experiment?

I readied myself, but—

She gently carries me in her arms and smiles in relief.

“Thank goodness, finally, you can go to your mother’s arms! Let’s go and see your mother!” she said cheerfully.


Apparently, I am not an abandoned orphan who is all alone in this new world—wherever it is.


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  1. mr.tanen

    i don’t expect every fantasy world to not deviate – and more often than not i even welcome such deviations – from tolkien’s established species, but loli and shota dwarves are a pretty disgusting concept
    hopefully they won’t even show up here, or if they do, they don’t stay for long

    • LynneSuzuran

      I think I’ve read or watched another series that portray the dwarves like this: the male ones would look old while the female ones look like children or young—this disparity in their appearances makes me think it’s a disgusting concept, so I changed it so that both of them have a matching appearance. Let’s just say that dwarves have youthful look.

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