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Chapter 59

Day 5, Another Interesting Day



Day 5. The last day of my first week of school! It consisted of Reading, Practical Classes or Adventure. Adventure… actually sounds fun. Back then, I hadn’t had that much opportunity to embark on Adventure classes. After all, Harmonia Academy and my previous self’s school’s educational system were different. Only the students of Basic Level 5 at my previous school were allowed to start their free adventure.

In addition, I heard that the adventure field’s types also differed per school. Some schools even had the same adventure field, due to the shortage of it. The type of monsters inside were different, too.

Back at my previous school, I believe the monsters weren’t that vicious and strong. It was a school of nobles that emphasized more on noble honor and things like that. Hunting and adventure were just means to show off. Some were quite serious about it, though.

By the way, adventure fields refer to special terrains imbued with special power, where there would be many “floors” or “sections” and where monsters would continuously spawn. Experts believed that the fields were actually located at different dimensional spaces than our worlds.



With that prior knowledge in my mind, I enthusiastically went to my seat and eagerly listened to Morgan-sensei’s briefing.

He started off with the explanation of what the adventure class is about—basically, we’re allowed to roam the adventure fields to gain more experiences. Yup, he also explained about adventure fields. His explanation was more or less the same as my prior knowledge, so I was happy that I didn’t have to update my knowledge!


“So, for now, you’re still not allowed to participate in adventure classes. But next year, students who’re deemed to be ready for adventure classes will be allowed to explore the adventure fields—restricted to certain areas—and under your senior’s monitoring.”

“Eh?! We’re going to form a group with seniors?!”


The students in my class ignored Morgan-sensei’s opening remarks about how we aren’t allowed to participate in adventure classes for our first year—I guess the special children aren’t special for nothing, as almost everyone seems to understand that it’s a common sense for us to refrain from the adventure classes for our first year. Instead, they were excited on Morgan-sensei’s last sentence.


“That’s right. It’s been the custom here. You shall form a group of 4-10 people to enter the adventure field. You aren’t allowed to enter on your own. And the rule dictates that during the [guardianship]—which refers to you and your seniors partnering, there should at least be 2 seniors in a team.”


10 people max? That’s quite a lot—but oh, if you’re in deeper levels, I guess you’d need more heads to help?

The team composition has to have various types of people combined, like attackers, healers, defense managers, and so on, so I guess that’s still doable.


“Teacher, how long is the guardianship period?”

In contrast to other lessons, everyone seems to be so lively and eager to ask questions.


“Naturally, another year. I will just give more details again next year. I think that even if I explain it here, you guys are going to ask me again next year.”

Everyone awkwardly laughed at Morgan-sensei’s remarks, since it most probably would turn out like that, indeed.


“That will be the details I’m giving you for now. Let’s discuss other things later on.”

“Sensei~! I want to clarify something!”

“What is it?”

“Can we still register to the adventurer’s guild when we turn 10 years old? Does the school have any rule regarding this matter?”

“Yes, you can. But remember that you have to pass their test—”




Morgan-sensei was speechless at how that student bluntly screamed out of happiness. He could only give that child a slightly sharp glare so that he could be quiet again.


Speaking of which, apparently the schedule for Day 5 is the same for every year, special class or not. So, it’s also possible to form a group with regular students. However, unlike us, they’d be allowed to participate at their third year.

“Adventure fields? You mean, the training grounds?” Carbuncle tilted her head.

“Training grounds?” I asked her back.

“From the concept that the little man—I mean, that the teacher explained, it seems very similar to what we dragons call as training grounds.”

“Such things exist in your continent, too?!” My curiosity was tickled.

“Yup. Our continent is not that different from yours… with the exception of harsh weather, extreme temperature fluctuations, and many more interesting things.”



Basically, just about everything was the “extreme” version of our land? In gaming world, the other races’ living condition is on normal difficulty, and the dragons are on hard difficulty?

I really want to take a look at the continent of the dragons—the Dragon’s Heritage someday. With the name of technology and magic, I’m sure the “extreme” things can be overcome!

…or do I really need to wait for my next reincarnation and wish to be reincarnated as a dragon in the Dragon’s Heritage?



No, no, no! I take back my words, no, pretend I didn’t say anything!! God, it was a joke, don’t you pull your prank here and end my life again, or I will kill myself right away after I’m reincarnated again.



“Lyr, what is this adventurer’s guild?” Carbuncle tilted her head.

“Eh? Ah, I don’t think the dragons have it? It’s basically a small scale organization or group of people who embark on an adventure or journey together—or accepting requests from other people and do them for the reward…?” I explained.

“Non-Draconis have such system? That’s pretty cool. But reward, huh? …well, I was about to say that you non-Draconis are so petty, helping others due to rewards—but it feels more like a job, or a trade, or a barter of some sort?”

“Y-yeah… I’m not sure about your comparison, but that’s the gist of it… Uhm, Carbuncle, I think we should talk more later… Morgan-sensei is glaring at us.”

“Oops~!” Carbuncle casually stuck her tongue… M-morgan-sensei’s sigh is so long!!


When I took a glance at Iris, she seemed like she wanted to say something, but since Morgan-sensei has sent the signal, “Be quiet!!!!”—I can’t just start a conversation with her, right?

…Right, poor Iris… She was seated in the middle of me and Carbuncle who were talking just between ourselves back then… did she miss the chance to join our conversation because she was still listening to Morgan-sensei?

B-but that’s a good thing, Iris!



Anyway, so we will just have [Reading] class and [Practical] class. In [Reading] class, we are required to read the selected articles or books, and we also have to write a summary after we finish reading. This is a good way to enforce interest in reading and to widen one’s knowledge—but that child over there—she picked a large book, put it so that it stood up on her desk, opened it and… put her head on the desk… though?

I decided to just… let it go! And then, just when I was immersing myself in the book I was reading, a loud thud was heard…

…The book fell on her head…

The surprised girl quickly stood up in a hurry and…

Ah, Morgan-sensei walked over to her…


Aside from that incident, nothing else particularly happened at [Reading] class. During the break before we start [Practical] class, it’s time to… hype about it with my friends!!


“Luca, you look so calm, did you know of it all along?!” Kiri asked in a wonder. Even the timid Kiri was actually so hyped for the adventure class.

“Well, yes. Father has told me about his past experience in this academy, too,” Luca answered smugly.


Hoo…? Really?

But I can imagine him being hyped before we started our school and bombarded his father with many questions—thus, he ended up knowing more than the rest of us today and could keep his composure.

So, I purposely let out a teasing expression to show up, and I sent him the “I-know-what-you-did-last-summer” kind of a gaze.

Luca being Luca—he totally caught the implication of my expression and gaze, and it evolved into a small bickering among us.

From the corner of my eyes, I could tell how Kiri and Iris looked unsure on what they should be doing. Meanwhile, Carbuncle seemed like she was enjoying it—as if she was observing us as a way to comprehend human relationship…?


After our bickering ended…

“So, Iris… What are you going to do? The adventure class is not mandatory, so we can just take the practical class, but… I think you should at least experience it…?” I turned around at Iris with my concerned look.

“Yes, that’s what I think, too! Uhm, actually… My craftsmanship teacher told us that we’ll be able to study basic alchemy next year, so I’m going to practice it intently, so that I’ll be able to join you guys and help you out during our third year!!” Iris said.

“Eh, Iris, you’re interested in alchemy?” I was surprised. This is the first time I heard of it!

“Yes!” Iris firmly nodded before continuing, “I’d like to be an alchemist in the future!”


That moment, I want to give my thumbs up to her. So young, but she has already thought of what she wants to be in the future? Compared to her, I… well, does “wanting to live a peaceful and happy life” count as a good dream? Hahaha…


“Guardianship and forming a group in adventure classes, huh? …I wish we’d be able to team up with Alt-nii, too. I wonder if it’s possible…?” I suddenly wondered. Really, it’s during time like this that I wish Alt-nii and I don’t have the 3-year-gap.

“I heard that it’s possible, but when they want to go into the deeper level beyond our abilities, we have to obediently separate,” Luca answered.

…Luca answered?!

At that time, I was so grateful that Luca’s heart is as wide as the ocean!! I just teased him back then, but he still answered based on what he heard!!

Sorry, Luca! Actually, your getting hyped beforehand and asking your father about it—it’s actually not bad!


“Really? Then, I’d have to ask him later!” I answered in my happiness.

Ah, really~. To think that my 13 years of prior knowledge would lose to a 6-year-old child’s knowledge? …He has the cheat of being born into the royal family and a reliable source of information, though.

Besides, I don’t have that much of experience in this matter. Back in my previous life, I also wasn’t involved in any of the adventurer’s guild… It’d be nice if we could try it, maybe…


When the break was over, we returned to our class to do the practical class. Basically, we’re free to do anything within the range of options. For example, continue training magic or any physical combat training, sparring with other students, and many things. It’s during this day that we can also compare our abilities with students from other classes! After all, joint class is not that free, and it isn’t held that often.

The practical class took up most of the lesson hours during this 5th day. But no matter, it was fun! We could also observe the others’ sparring, and progress. The classrooms weren’t that lively—in contrast to the liveliness that could be felt outside. Since it was our first time experiencing this Day 5, most of the first graders ended up being observants.

Iris also followed us to observe everyone else during this time, before she left to conduct her own practical class, which is none other than craftsmanship. Taking this opportunity, she went along with seniors to experience basic alchemy! This is the advantage of practical class!


Meanwhile, Carbuncle excitedly separated herself from us and busily observed here and there. Being a dragon, moving around different school buildings weren’t so tiring to her, so she also took the opportunity to observe the other educational level, such as the Intermediate, Advanced, and Master Level.

We could also go there to look, but heck, the buildings were located separately! Also, we had no acquaintance on the other educational level. I guess it will be a different story when Alt-nii and his friends are going to the Intermediate level!

After we felt content from observing the others—by we—it’s now only Kiri, Luca, and I. We decided to continue practicing our combative skills. I took this chance to try to incorporate swordsmanship and magic. We were also eager to try sparring—it’d be just like how we studied together under Luca and Kiri’s swordsmanship tutor!



In the middle of our practical class, we encountered Alt-nii and Clavis!


“Alt-nii, you’re here! Clavis-nii, too! …where is Harvey?” I asked when I couldn’t find his figure at all.

“Harvey is being Harvey. He’s conducting his own practical class,” Clavis shrugged.

“Oh, the same as Iris?” I commented.

“Iris, too? They’re really childhood friends, so alike. Is Iris interested in blacksmithing, too?” Alt-nii asked.

“Blacksmithing?” I furrowed my brows and shook my head, “No, she’s interested in alchemy.”

“Oh. Harvey’s pa is a blacksmith, so he aspires to become one, too,” Clavis explained.

“Really? That’s great. Now our group has both alchemist and blacksmith. If they’re great, I’d recommend them to the royal court!” Luca happily said.


Luca was just being Luca, haha! He really took his role as crown prince seriously, which was a good thing. Come to think of it, he didn’t really hear my conversation back then when I talked about my knuckles-hair-accessories hybrid with Alt-nii or Harvey. It was too brief and Luca was talking with Kiri at that time, too.

Also, speaking of blacksmithing and Harvey… I couldn’t help but to think of the special knuckle/hair accessories hybrid that Alt-nii gave me.

At first thought Alt-nii accidentally found this kind of headgear somewhere and bought it on an impulse for me. However, this seemed to be custom-made, based on what Alt-nii and Harvey told me before. Alt-nii customized the design he thought, Harvey and his pa miraculously could make it out of Alt-nii’s absurd idea…


“I think Harvey’s pa is quite talented. Alt-nii requested Harvey and his pa to make Alt-nii’s gift for me, which is knuckle-hair-accessories,” I quickly gave a review of Harvey’s family’s blacksmithing business.

“Whoa, can we take a closer look at it?” Luca was even more interested.

Kiri didn’t make any sound, but his gesture indicated that he was also interested.

So, I decided to take off my twintails and let my hair down—and handed the headgear for them to see.

Luca attentively observed the headgear, looking at it from angles and trying to understand the mechanism. Did he seriously start to think of scouting members for his future royal court from now on? Or don’t tell me he’s also interested in learning blacksmith on his own? …Nah, the former reason seems to be more like it. He was only looking and assessing the quality, it seemed.



Suddenly, I recalled about the adventure class, guardianship period, and many other things, so I decided to ask Alt-nii right now.

“Guardianship period? Ah, when you’re in S2, the students of S4 will be in charge of the guardianship period, so yes, we will be with you guys!” Alt-nii excitedly announced.

“Eh, really? What a coincidence! I thought the Intermediate students would be tasked with the guardianship!”

“I guess it’s because the Intermediate students’ adventure will be on different level. Areas available for Basic Level students have teachers in charge or other staff in charge, to monitor the happening. The areas for Intermediate Level students and up won’t,” Alt-nii explained.


I see… Well, I guess that’s a different level, then. However, even if there won’t be any staff positioned at each level, there would still be the emergency staff on stand-by, just in case. But I heard we basically would receive some kind of protective charm to prevent life-threatening injuries or any other serious injuries.

I recalled Carbuncle’s way of addressing the adventure fields as training grounds. I guess that’s true, considering the mechanism and protective measures being applied.


“Eh, isn’t Alt-nii 3 years older than Lyra?” Kiri suddenly asked. He seemed to notice Alt-nii saying that when we’re in S2, they would be in S4. That’d be 2 years gap only, not 3 years.

“Ah, we were in the regular class of Basic Level 1 for a year, before finally entering S1. I’d want to enter S2 immediately after having regular class level 1, but it seems that the lessons for Basic Level 2 are taught during S1, so we had no choice,” Alt-nii explained.

“S-sorry for asking!” Kiri apologized in a fluster.

“Don’t mention it! If you apologize, that’d hurt more!” Alt-nii chuckled.

Well, it’s not that unusual to see the same pattern as Alt-nii. The majority of my classmates are already seven-year-old, either by taking a gap year to study privately, or by going through the same pattern as Alt-nii.


With my coincidental meeting with Alt-nii and Clavis-nii, we ended up doing the practical classes together. Apparently, since it was the first Day 5 of the semester, the students were asked to do warming up only, and they were restricted to practical classes or wandering around lower levels of the adventure fields. Therefore, Alt-nii and Clavis-nii decided to spar.

Alt-nii’s weapon was still dagger, while Clavis-nii’s weapon was actually a knuckle with claws! It suited his image as a wolf beastman. I guess when he’s older and stronger, he can even fight with bare hands, as he is one of the beastmen! That’s pretty cool. Ah, but going with a weapon is surely a plus, nevertheless.


Day 5 was actually quite long, but we felt like it was so short! Time passes by so quickly when you’re too immersed in something, huh?

In the end, most of the students reluctantly tidied up and prepared to go home when the “going-home” signal was heard. My group is included, of course.

Luckily, with Alt-nii’s prior experience, my parents and the others at home already knew that we’d be returning home quite late. Also, since it’s a weekend break tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, there’s no problem at all.


I can’t wait for the adventure classes, and I end up imagining several scenarios in my head, about the future adventure classes!

PS: The imagination was also supported by the little experience and knowledge I had as Reinst, so my past life was also quite useful in a way… Yay?





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