But God Forced Me to Reincarnate 9

Chapter 9

Hartmann’s Special Arts



Previously on Lyra’s Life!

I talked about Alt-nii’s lessons! But I was too lazy to go into details back then regarding Alt-nii, as I was talking about my house!! I don’t want to be very OOT (out-of-topic)!

Yup, when I was born, Alt-nii’s special training has started. Which means, he received the special training at the age of 3.

It’s a standard procedure among the Duke households.

After all, the Four Dukes in Riviera country is responsible for protecting the border of the territory.


Grabberton family protecting the west territory,

Hartmann family protecting the east territory,

Loera family protecting the north territory,

Fumitsuna family protecting the south territory.



That’s a pretty big responsibility, so to ensure that the territory is safe, all members of the family must quickly undergo special training.

The standard age should be at 4 years old, but normally for the main family, they start it earlier.

But the education should start with the standard and easy basic first, tutored by proffesionals that can educate young children well.

…or rather, it seems that the one tutoring Alt-nii will be Dad.

Since it’s a secret magic arts that has been passed down from generation to generation, within Hartmann family. It’s said that as long as the Hartmann blood flows in your veins, you’ll have no trouble mastering the arts, while the others might find it hard to learn and maintain.

Actually, I have heard the rumors regarding Hartmann family’s secret arts but I know nothing of the content.

The Grabberton family has established their own swordplay style… oh yeah, it would be bad if I were to use the swords and immitate their style perfectly in the future, so I had to improvise it later on, right?

I can actually sneak outside or at least force Mom to take me and follow Alt-nii’s training, but I think I’ll skip on that.

First, I’m afraid that I cannot do what’s expected of the Hartmann.

Second scenario, if I were to follow the training ever since I was a baby and then managed to understand it well and master it by the time I turn 3 years old, it will cause people to frown, or maybe I’ll be seen as strange… or they will favor me over Alt-nii and perhaps it will cause Alt-nii to resent me, and then the family will be broken.

No, I don’t want that.

So I will wait patiently and bury my curiosity deep down in my heart!

Therefore, I chose to wait patiently and avoid any spoiler!

Also, Alt-nii is forbidden from showing the result of his training to me, out of consideration that they don’t want to surprise me and scare the little me.

But I wonder what’s this doki doki feeling I have when I turn three?

I cannot deny that I’m excited to find out.

Even so, I cannot hide my feeling of uneasiness. I might be as talentless as I was back then.


This morning, I wake up to my third birthday! But as soon as I opened my eyes, I became confused.

“Happy birthday, Lyra-nyan~!”

An unfamiliar boy with blonde hair, light blue eyes, and… cat ears, cat paws, and cat tail…(???) greeted me.

“A… uhm… thankhs?” I honestly have no clue on how to respond.

But who are you?


No, no, no! Wait a second, isn’t it too early?!


“Bwahaha, look at her face, so funnyan!” he bursts out laughing.

Hey, that’s rude!

I glanced at another direction. Good gracious, Mom’s there! And Dad, too! Why are they letting this unknown boy greeting me, who has just woke up?

“Altair, it’s not good to play a prank on her like that,” said Mom.





“Ah… wha?” I am dumbfounded.

“Well, Altair, you sure have mastered it well. Also, it seems you’ve been looking forward to Lyra’s third birthday to do this?” Dad patted the boy’s head.

“Nyehehe, of course!” the boy laughed happily. And, gradually his appearance changed to Alt-nii.

“EEH?!” I shouted reflexively.

“Happy birthday, Lyra!” said both my parents in complete sync.

Explanation, I need explanation first!


“You might be slightly confused, but…” Dad carried me in his arms and now I can look into his eyes directly, at the same height.

Well to be honest, it’s not a slight confusion. It’s a HUGE confusion!!

“That’s Hartmann family’s trademark. Our secret magic arts!”

“Uh,… uu??” Please, I need more elaboration.

And as if Dad understands what I have on my mind, he begins to explain more in depths.

“The Hartmann family has been experts in illusions, disguises, and transformation magic. All, without any exception, as long as they have Hartmann’s blood. No matter how weak their mana is, the Hartmann family member is still the expert in those kinds of magic. Nobody can immitate the perfect method we have been practising. But in order to master something, a training is needed. Therefore, as of today, Lyra, you’ll begin your special training to master the Hartmann’s secret arts.”

Hee—I see… wait, isn’t that awesome?! I never knew!!

After hearing more explanation, I come to know that the only ones who are aware of this Hartmann specialty are the whole members of Hartmann family (but we’re the only ones remaining though, I don’t know about the other relatives…? I might ask about this later on…), and the royals. Since the Four Dukes of Riviera Country must serve the king, the king must know about the abilities of his henchmen. Which means the other three Dukes that work together with Dad should know about this, as well, naturally since they are working together and all. But they must keep the abilities and other confidential information among themselves. They cannot even tell their family members. That is why I never heard any words about this from my previous life’s father. Not that I was close to him, though.

That’s the brief explanation I can grasp. I don’t know if there are other people who know about this, but I understand about how I must keep it a secret.

Uhm also, since it’s a secret arts, most of Alt-nii’s lessons are held privately with Dad as his tutor. During the session, none of the Hartmann family member can enter the room, which includes Niina, Chloe, and Vince. And since they wanted to surprise me with the family secret (but mostly since they didn’t want to scare me), I was taken to play together with Niina, Chloe, or Vince if they were free, or Mom would take me to go somewhere near the house if she didn’t get involved in the training.

“Soo now I’m alsho going to learnn abouth it?” –please excuse my occasional lisping, I’m still three years old.

“That’s right. But, your training will not start today,” said Dad.

I tilted my head, “why?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” Alt-nii chuckled.

“Well, today is your special day, so… we’re going to celebrate it!” said Mom.

Aaah, how could I forget?

My first and second birthday were also celebrated. It was a joyous celebration, full of warm feelings.

I wonder how’s today’s celebration?



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