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This is a teaser to introduce you to VIP chapters of “But God Forced Me to Reincarnate”, which will be exclusively available for patrons level 3+. The VIP chapters tend to be small/short stories in the same universe as my series that might not be connected to the main storyline, and they tend to highlight minor characters in the story. Necessary stories will be released as the main/extra chapters available for public, so these VIP chapters are like “additional topping” or “additional flavor” in a food XD

VIP chapter 1 is about Fumitsuna Yuzuru’s parents :3

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VIP Chapter 1

Accidental Love



My name is Fumitsuna Yuu, the only son of the current Duchess Fumitsuna and her husband.

And the one who brought misfortune to the family, so they said.


It was said that my birth was a difficult one that my mother’s body was injured.

She could no longer bear another child after that.

Everyone always told her how it was such a pity, as the only child she gave birth was a son, not a daughter.

On top of it, it seemed that the glorious oni blood that was mixed to our family… almost died in me, as I didn’t have any physical manifestation of oni, such as oni horns. Not even one horn, the tiniest one.

I could use dark magic, much to everyone’s relief, but the power didn’t seem to be as great as my mother’s.

My power was similar to the branch family of Fumitsuna household whose oni bloodline had also diminished.


Thus, everyone in the family decided that I wasn’t fit to inherit the title of an ‘heir’, and persuaded my mother to adopt a relative’s daughter whose oni bloodline seemed to excel.

My mother refused, as she really loved me, her only son.

So, I didn’t want to let her down and practiced my swordsmanship, my magic, my dancing arts.

Even so, it was quite apparent on how the other relative’s daughter seemed to be superior than me.

Well, the elegance in the dance sought by the Fumitsuna family was more prominent in female, so…

I was at the losing end, but I kept trying my best.

And my mother was proud of it.

My father no longer blamed himself for not having a stronger oni bloodline, and no longer felt that much guilt for loving my mother and requesting their marriage to be bestowed.


Still, there was a custom in the family.

If the main branch of the family had their ‘oni’ influence dying out, marked by the birth of only son(s) with little to no oni manifestation, the main family should adopt a relative’s daughter whose manifestation was stronger… or…

The male heir of the main family should marry a woman of oni descent. It could be a full-blooded oni or half-blooded, but no less than that.

That way, the Fumitsuna family’s arts and original bloodline would forever be maintained.

That is because our ancestor, the founder of the family, Fumitsuna Amara, was an outstanding half-oni woman.


I wanted to inherit what Mother had fought and worked on so hard, and to answer Mother’s love to me, as she never gave up on me.

So, I agreed to marry a woman of oni bloodline.

It was a pity that I had no freedom in my life, that even my wife would be selected.

However, believed Mother would choose a good woman to be my wife, so I could feel a little relief to my mind.

Such things didn’t really matter to me, anyway.

Being able to become a ‘Duke’ in this matriarchal family was a blessing in itself, and I really enjoyed the work of a duke, that my mother introduced to me from a young age.

Being relied on by the people, having people to protect… It was such a good feeling.

Perhaps it was due to my relatives’ low expectations of me that I really liked these feelings.


But in the corner of my heart, I felt a bit scared of marrying a woman of oni blood.

If experience could teach us many things, then, from my experience so far, most of women with oni blood had such high pride and arrogance.

Though I knew that Mother would not pick such a woman that could bully me, I was a little bit afraid of it.

I always felt inferiority complex towards women of oni bloodline, due to my past experiences.



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