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Chapter 10

My Cute Loli Maid


When Ann and Faye arrived at the Schwartzen’s residence, all the maids and servants were in uproar. First, they were betting that Ann would return in a sorry state and would have an ugly face. But instead of that, Ann returned in a high spirit and she didn’t look like she was suffering at all. They even almost didn’t recognize Ann due to the vast image change!

This caused a trouble and the gate’s guards almost suffered a heart attack.

“Excuse me, Miss. May I know what business do you have?” The guard looked sternly at Ann who was holding Faye’s hand as they stood in front of the gate.

“Uhm, I’m just returning home?” Ann tilted her head.

“Could it be that you were confused and got the wrong address?” The other guard added.

“No, I am certain. This is the Schwartzen residence, right?”

“That’s right, but who might you be? Are you a new maid?” The guard turned to look at his friend in confusion.

“Aaah!” But the quick-witted guard B noticed similarities between this young lady in front of him and the vicious mistress that his lucky master got…

“Why are you screaming?” The slow-witted guard A still had no clue…

“T-this little one is sorry for offending you, Arlea-sama!” Guard B bowed deeply.

“What?!” Guard A felt like he was about to have a heart attack.

“Ah, yes, I am Arlea. It’s good that you noticed,” Ann nodded in satisfaction, but both the guards felt like she was sarcastic and that caused them to sweat profusely.

“Please give me a punishment!!” Guard A bowed deeply and didn’t dare to raise his face.

“What?!” Ann was shocked.

Are the people of this residence masochists?! How is it that she has two days in a row where people asked punishment from her?

Arlea touched her forehead in confusion. If this keeps on happening, she’s bound to have a recurring headache…


Luckily, Ann learned her lesson and when she entered the residence and encountered confused servants, she would announce her identity, “I am Arlea, thank you for asking.”



Second uproar was caused by… the fact Ann actually brought home a stranger with her! A child, on top of it!

The servants had differing imagination on what Arlea was going to do with the poor child. One imagined she would torture the child, another imagined that she would use the child to go against their poor master, then another even imagined Arlea was going to eat the child… No one had a good imagination of what Arlea was going to do with Faye at all…

So, some of the servants even looked at Faye with eyes that pitied her. This caused Faye to tilt her head in confusion.

Ann glanced at the maids and butlers who greeted her with complicated expressions. She was sharp enough to catch what they were thinking, so she immediately explained herself.

“This is Faye, she’s going to be my maid from hereon. And don’t worry, I’m planning to tell Allen about all this when he returns, so make sure to notify me upon his arrival,” Ann said without sparing a glance to the maids and butlers.

Just when she was about to head into her room right away, she stopped and asked the maids, “Oh right… Is there any maid uniform that fits her size? I want you to help her change into one right away.”

I am going to see my cute loli in the maid uniform! She’s going to be soooo adorable!

Though her mind had such thoughts, Ann maintained a straight face. She was used to daydream in the middle of her busy work—but she still maintained her straight face to not get scolded by the bosses.

“But, we need to wait for Allen-sama…”

“I just want to see how she looks like in a maid’s uniform. Is that so difficult for you to do? I haven’t even asked her to do any maid’s work. I haven’t even asked you to teach her—”

Ann was about to lecture the maid who rebutted her when that maid shivered and raised her voice, “I-I think there are uniforms that fit her, let me get one for her right away!”

And she escaped.

Which was a good thing to do, as Ann’s old lady soul would be able to lecture her until her ears turned sore.


After the maid gave her a small maid’s uniform, Ann led Faye back to her room first—because she wasn’t sure where Faye would live. But she wasn’t troubled because she was sure Allen would arrange everything later after she discusses things with him.

If any, Ann was sure Allen would hear about Faye’s matter before she explains everything to him. Ann speculated that Allen’s subordinates who followed her would be reporting to Allen around this time.

The other maids didn’t dare to do anything yet. They weren’t sure if Faye would be their fellow maids later on, so they didn’t teach Faye anything yet.


Faye’s head was restless upon her first arrival at the residence. From the front gate until they reached Ann’s room, everything seemed so dreamy to her.

She was going to live in this luxurious residence from now on?

Faye hadn’t expected Ann to be so wealthy, so this really surprised her. She became nervous again now.


The first thing that Ann did was… to help little Faye change!

She immediately instructed Faye to change into the maid’s uniform that was given to her. Although the uniform was quite small, but Faye’s body was so thin that the uniform was still baggy. It would need some adjustments to really fit her body—or actually, all Ann had to do was fatten Faye so she would fit to the uniform. Faye’s body weight surely wasn’t a healthy one!

Ann looked at Faye in maid uniform from head to toe. Faye was a bit shy from Ann’s stare, so she fidgeted a bit—which just added to her cuteness!


Ann tried her best to keep a straight face, but Faye then stole a few glances at her. Ann’s wall broke down as she immediately hugged Faye and rubbed her cheek with her own.

“My lo—little Faye is so cute!” Ann ultimately let out her fangirling shriek, which caused Faye to blush. She even almost slipped saying, ‘loli’.

But Faye was delighted to be called ‘cute’. She hadn’t heard that word being said to her for a long time already. Faye was used to being called ‘ugly’, ‘dirty’, ‘animal’…

Meanwhile, Ann was completely healed by Faye. The headache that she almost got thanks to the servants of this residence disappeared.

Mm, cute is justice indeed!

Ann was really proud of herself for bringing back Faye with her.



After that, Ann organized her newly bought clothes in the wardrobe before realizing there were still some time left before dinner and Allen didn’t seem to be arriving soon. She remembered what had happened today and thought of reading a few things about magic.

“Faye, wait here. I’m going to go to the library,” Ann said as she was sure this residence had a library, or a study room with books. Basic books such as magic books should be there, right?

But Faye was too nervous to be left alone, so she followed Ann wherever Ann went. Ann felt like she was a hen raising an adorable baby chick. But Faye’s cute figure in a maid uniform caused Ann to lose her mind a bit. She had to hold herself back really well, lest she were to shriek in her fangirling mode and cause the whole residence to be in uproar.

Ann managed to find a maid and immediately asked her, “Where is this residence’s library or study room?”

“Arlea-sama… The library is just over here. As for the study room… Allen-sama told us you aren’t allowed in…,” the maid didn’t dare look at Ann as she led the way to the library.

“Huh? Oh well, as long as the library is accessible,” Ann decided to not pursue the matter about her stingy husband that didn’t even allow her in his study room. But her quick mind immediately thought of several reasons. Perhaps some confidential information and books were there. Their relationship wasn’t good—heck, there might not even be a shred of trust between them, so it was no wonder Allen would let her in.


Just right after she picked a few books—some magic books and interesting books she wanted to read, the library’s door was opened without any knocking. It indicated that the one entering wasn’t one of the maids or servants.

Ann turned to look at the door and saw a handsome black-haired man entering the library. He didn’t close the door, but he leaned on the door with one of his arm. His slender fingers tapped into the door as his cold eyes were directed straight at Ann.

Upon seeing Ann’s new appearance, the man’s sky blue eyes widened a bit—a flash of surprise was seen. But that surprise only lasted for less than a second before it changed to the usual cold gaze.

Then, with a cold voice befitting of his image, the man uttered a single word.





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