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Chapter 103



Allen was in a huge dilemma.

At one hand, he was glad that his wife, Ann, finally got along well in the truest sense with the saintess, Laura.

Moreover, now Laura actively vouched for Ann, saying that the two of them came from the same world. Ann’s story and her identity became more convincing and believable now.

It should have been positive outcome only, but…

After a few days, it was apparent that there was a negative outcome as well!


Yes, Allen found out that his wife seemed to be much more attached to the saintess than himself!!

“Nice weather, I wonder what Laura is doing? I wish there’s smartphone here so I can talk to her any time conveniently…”

“This dress is cute! I want to wear a matching one with Laura!”

“This food is delicious, I should come here with Laura.”

Laura this, Laura that.

Allen was totally pissed off.

Could it be that Laura is Ann’s true love?


Ann’s true love should be him, right?


Before, Allen thought that it was annoying enough to deal with other guy, but now he realized that it was much better to deal with other guys than with a girl!

People would think he was insane if he were to ask Ann not to be too close to a girl, especially a girl that won’t bring any bad influence to herself!

If they found out that he was jealous of a girl, he’d definitely be a laughingstock.


“Isn’t this great? I know for sure she’d come to like Laura. Laura is so likeable, so how come she won’t be fond of Laura?” Kiehl said to Allen.

“…,” Allen wordlessly looked at his best friend and silently thought to himself, ‘You’re the same.’

At this rate, Allen felt as if Laura was taking away the people closest to him, so his resentment towards Laura just increased to a whole different level.


And the peak of his resentment towards Laura was when…

“Can I stay over at Laura’s place?”


Allen looked at Ann who was currently staring at him with eyes full of anticipation, it looked kind of adorable, but…

His mind could only think of one thing.

And so, he voiced it out.

“We are husband and wife, yet we haven’t slept together again after that one time during our vacation…,” he said with a low voice, clearly trying to hold his emotion back.

“…Uhm?” Ann wasn’t sure where this conversation was going. She was talking about staying over at Laura’s, then suddenly Allen brought up the topic about them being husband and wife…?

“Although we have confessed to each other and make sure that our feelings are mutual!” Allen was considered to be a cold man, and yet he was actually unable to hold back his emotion at this moment.

So, being emotional felt like this.


Ann wasn’t sure why Allen suddenly shifted the topic there, but she decided to just talk about this topic before asking again about staying over at Laura’s.

“I want it to be done later after I’m sure the real Anne won’t take over and harm you! It’s for your own good!”

“But that’s alright with Laura?” Allen raised his eyebrows.

At this moment, every frustration that Ann had towards Allen since she thought he had forgotten about this point vanished, replaced with a deep sense of understanding.

Ooooh, so that’s why he suddenly brought this topic up!


“Laura has a powerful light magic that can knock me unconscious right away, so yes, no problem!” Ann proudly said.

“…,” Allen felt like Ann’s words made sense, yet at the same time, he felt as if she was missing his point.

“And, and…,” Ann began to add with a lower voice that was akin to a cat being trapped in the wall, “I want my first time to be special. I haven’t even gone through the wedding, so… maybe when this is all over…”

What was unspoken was that she wanted to have something to look forward to when this is all over…


Allen looked stunned before he suddenly averted his gaze from Ann, coughing with his hand covering his mouth as he said with a low voice, “When it’s all over, let’s have our real wedding.”

Ann didn’t expect that Allen would suddenly think of that.

To be honest, she just wanted to rant about not being able to have a wedding, not intending to hint that she wanted to have one.

Ceremonies and what not seemed to be a bother and back when she was in the modern world, she already thought of not holding any wedding celebration to save some money. The money could be used for more useful stuff such as mortgage, and so on…

But now that she thought about it more carefully, being able to have a wedding celebration would be kind of nice…


Touched, Ann turned to look at Allen sincerely and said with a voice that held back her tears, “Thank you.”

I really, really hope we can overcome this trial.

I hope we can really be together without any fear.

Even though I am not confident enough in this battle, for I am the outsider here, or the anomaly that any right system would try to get rid of…

But there should be some kind of meaning to my being here.

I really hope it’s to change the fate of this world, and to obtain my second chance of life.

Various emotions and thoughts swirled in Ann’s mind.

Never have she felt so scared before, scared that she had to lose everything again.

This would be the first time ever since she came to this world.


I went about having my days here with the thought that I’d be leaving anyway, so I might as well have any kind of fun I could have.

But now, I don’t want to leave, if possible.

Humans are complicated beings.

They couldn’t help but be attached to things in the world.


Allen was also swept away by the atmosphere.

The couple looked at each other wordlessly with stares that conveyed their feelings to each other.

But then, Ann’s magical mind thought of something as her eyes widened in surprise before she suddenly said, “So, can I sleep over at Laura’s place?”

Allen had never been so emotional before, but then Ann managed to shatter his newly found emotional side in an instant.

Instead of replying, Allen lightly flicked Ann’s forehead.


“What was that for?!” Ann touched her poor forehead as she stepped backwards and looked warily towards Allen as if he was some kind of a villain.

“Nothing,” Allen didn’t want to reply as he had a mixed feeling of wanting to check if there was actually something wrong with Ann’s brain, yet at the same time, he found this side of her to be oddly endearing.

“So… I can, right?” Ann decided to not care about why Allen did what he did, as she knew that he could be weird at times.

Allen sighed and said, “Alright.”


“Yay, thank you!” Ann jumped in happiness as she circled around in the place from her happiness.

Looking at the woman that he loved acting like a little puppy, Allen was actually amused.

He had been taught that a noble lady should be elegant for people to find her attractive, but why did he find such Ann more attractive instead?

Perhaps I am indeed sick.

That was the most logical conclusion he could think of.


Before Allen could even say anything, Ann suddenly turned around and jumped on him, her hands wrapped around his neck as she pecked his cheek and said, “I love you!”

Again, before Allen could process what was happening, Ann fled like a little cat that was discovered stealing some fish in the market.

Allen looked at the open door where Ann fled off to, feeling dumbfounded.

A few moments later, low chuckles could be heard from the room where Allen was left alone.


It’s fine, then.

Allen suddenly thought to himself.

He had never dated before, and most nobles were engaged quickly then married. Perhaps this could be what the fiction and commoners talked about dating… it didn’t sound so bad.


Meanwhile, on the other side of the residence…


Ann jumped on her bed and muffled herself with the thick and comfortable blanket.

Faye was started upon hearing Ann’s scream, but when she found Ann rolling left and right on her big bed, Faye was stunned silly.


“Look, heismyhusbandoonly! I managed to kiss your husbando, what are you going to do to me, huh? Oh right, you can’t do anything to me because he is my husband, but he is only a 2D character to you, mwahahahaaaa!!”

“…???” Faye tilted her head, confused about the meaning of Ann’s words.

“Mother, Father, look! I am not crazy or hallucinating! I managed to make my dream of marrying my husbando a reality, hahahha!!”

“…,” Faye decided to give up on understanding Ann’s every word.

A weirdo will always be a weirdo and that’s it.


“Oh, right!”

Ann suddenly jumped off her bed, startling Faye so much.

Ann-sama, please don’t do this too often or my little heart won’t be able to take it anymore!


“I gotta tidy up, I’m going over to Laura’s soon!”

Ann quickly opened her wardrobe and began sorting out her clothes as she hummed a melody from the modern world that Faye didn’t know anything about.

But even if Faye didn’t know that melody, she could tell that Ann was clearly singing it out of tune…

However, Faye decided to not tell this to Ann ever.

As long as she is happy.



Birdie would sometimes chirp amidst Ann’s humming, making it sound like a discordant duet between a human and a bird.

“…,” Faye tried so hard to ignore the discordant tunes being sung out by hearts.

She felt as if this was one of the trials and tribulations in life…



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