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Chapter 106

Took Over the Villainess’ Body, but I’m Not the Villainess!


The day before the purification ritual…

“Where do you want to go?”


During their breakfast together, Allen suddenly asked Ann, who quickly put down her food and looked dumbfoundedly at him.

I think I didn’t even have a plan to go somewhere, let alone tell him that I intend to go somewhere?

Ann tilted her head in confusion.


These days, she was way too nervous to do anything other than the purification ritual.

It was suffice to say that her life was paused until it was over.

She hadn’t gone to the orphanage yet, she hadn’t received the Rubennhelsch siblings’ invitation yet.

Ever since the return of the saintess, she had devoted all her time to working towards her eventual purification ritual, aside from resting.

Mental stress was very taxing, after all!


Seeing Ann’s clueless expression, Allen knew that the meaning behind his words didn’t reach Ann.

He was a man of few words and felt that it was too troublesome to explain things to others, but towards Ann, he was willing to yield.

So, he added, “I took the day off. I will accompany you.”

It was still a short explanation, yet thankfully, its meaning was clear.

Ann was surprised, but when she had fully understood what it meant, she broke out into a smile and said, “It’s a date?”


Allen hadn’t thought of it before.

He simply wanted to accompany her before the purification ritual the next day. In any way, he would be too nervous to think for work, so he might as well spend the day with her.

But, he liked the idea of a date and unconsciously, the corner of his lips was raised.


“Mhm,” he slightly nodded.

“Then, then! I want to go to downtown and from there on, I want to…,” Ann excitedly thought of what they were gonna do for their date.

Although they had actually gone on a vacation together and the memories of that vacation was a very fun and fond memory to look back, this was still different.

It would be their first date ever since they became official!


Looking at this scene, Faye and Gwen sighed in relief.

The two people themselves might not realize it, but others could see it very well.

These past few days leading to the purification ritual, Ann was too nervous, as if she was on edge, while Allen’s previously regained warmth also turned colder—in a nervous chill.

Now, the two of them seemed to be much more relaxed.

That’s good.


It was decided that they would be going on a date downtown, but they wouldn’t reveal their identity as the duke and the duchess.

Ann was so excited.

She chose the downtown since she wanted to experience a typical date for every lover. Going shopping, eating together, perhaps watching an interesting performance together.

She had done that alone, it wasn’t anything new… but after all, it would feel with Allen along.

It wasn’t so creative, but anyway, she had never done this kind of thing before and she would like to experience it with Allen!


Even if they went incognito, they still wore nice clothes since Allen suddenly said that they would have a fancy dinner. Who would wear sloppy clothes to a fancy romantic dinner with their lover? Even Ann could understand that.

Faye shot a look of disbelief when Allen told Ann of his plan.

Didn’t the elder sister maids talk about how great it is for a man to surprise his lover with a fancy dinner? Why is Allen-sama telling Ann-sama this instead of just surprising her there?

Oh well, never mind. Ann-sama looked so happy.


During the way to downtown and when they alighted down from the carriage and walked around, with Ann hugging Allen’s arm, Ann kept talking about her experiences when she first went downtown.

“I remember when I realized you had sent a few men to monitor me during my way out,” Ann suddenly said.

Allen tensed, feeling that Ann would be angry at him next. But what came out of her mouth was out of ordinary.

“Boy, I’m so glad of your thoughtful arrangement! I get a free bodyguard, hahaha! That’s why I was able to go out carefreely!”

“…,” Allen didn’t know whether he should get angry or be relieved…

If Ann was a normal girl, she would be angry for Allen’s arrangement. Not giving her an entourage of maids in a good carriage. Instead, letting her go alone with a few people monitoring her movements…

Oh well, Ann was indeed an anomaly. Perhaps that was why he fell for her.


The two of them walked in front of a few salons when Ann glanced at a familiar place that triggered some memories in her.

“Glam-Glam salon…,” she muttered.

“Do you want to go there?” Allen asked. He recalled the name being talked about several times. What was it again? Right, a luxurious salon that many would kill to go to.

“Nah!” Ann shook her head resolutely and began to say, “I just told you about places that I dislike, right? Take this place for example… Ugh…”

Her face distorted in a funny way, making Allen feel amused.

“It reeks of discrimination and they only accept people who look rich,” Ann said.

“Isn’t that a given?” Allen wondered what was wrong with that.

A luxurious salon would accept people who could afford them… so nothing was wrong, right?

“You don’t get it. They only see people based on their appearances. They will scrutinize you silently if you don’t look rich enough to afford going there. I mean, what’s wrong with preferring simpler get up? You can look simple but be actually rich,” Ann said.

In the modern world, people who dressed sloppily or didn’t care about their appearances would surprisingly be the rich instead.

For example, a middle-aged man with shorts and a simple shirt going to a bank… he was actually some rich boss.

Then, a prim and proper middle-aged man with formal clothes also went to the same bank… he was the boss’ worker.

Therefore, it was ingrained in her mind and perhaps in most modern people’s mind that understood this… Never judge a book by its cover!!


“I was also rejected and made fun of…,” Ann said with a terrible expression.

It was at this moment that the clerk at Glam-glam salon suddenly walked up to the two of them.

Ann was surprised, she almost jumped.

It’s the same lady that drove me away and looked at me with her judging eyes! She didn’t overhear my words and come here to pull my hair and fight with me, did she?

Ann unconsciously took a step back and tightened her hold of Allen’s arm.


“Welcome, Miss and Mister. Would you like to enter and receive Glam-glam salon’s service?” Trixie was all smiles.


Ann was silently looking at Trixie with a look of disbelief.

It’s the same lady, I’m sure of it! But why the different treatment?

Then, Ann noticed that this time, she dressed nicely and her appearance was nice. Walking with Allen and with Faye behind her, it was evident that they were rich enough to afford the salon’s service.

But the most important thing is…

Did I change that much since my first time going here? Is that why she doesn’t recognize me?

Or… Am I too insignificant for her big brain to actually remember me?

Ann became irritated thinking of the second possibility.


But perhaps because the timing was too perfect, Allen looked at Ann in wonder.

Didn’t she just say that she was rejected here? And was even made fun of?

Why is it that the store clerk looks so welcoming towards her now?

Allen felt like he couldn’t understand women.


“Oh… I remember that you told me we had to make reservations? And you said I wasn’t welcome because your store only receives nobles?”

Ann didn’t hold back with her slightly harsh tone.

This surprised Trixie, and then she said in disbelief, “You’re…!”

“Or did you actually change your mind so a plebeian like me could enter?” Ann put on an emphasis at the word ‘plebeian’.

Trixie finally remembered who the girl was.

She looked at Allen and then at Ann, analyzed stuff, and came to a conclusion.

‘Humph, you’re only latching on this man! Just you wait and look what you can do once he dumps you!’

Her stare seemed to convey something like that as she looked at Ann in ‘understanding’, as she put on a fake smile and looked at Allen first before looking at Ann and said, “You must’ve remembered wrong. Of course, you’re welcome here, Miss. Isn’t that right, Mister? Would you and this miss over here enter the salon? I can give you a few recommendations.”


She’s definitely trying to fawn over Allen!

She’s definitely thinking that Allen is my sugar daddy!!

Irritated, Ann tightened her hold on Allen’s arm as she forced herself into a smile and said, “Thank you, but we’re good.”

Then, they quickly walked away… or more precisely, Ann dragged Allen away from the salon, not minding to Trixie anymore.


“I have a better salon in mind,” Ann said after they were a bit away from the store.

“Don’t you want to pay back that salon?” Allen finally opened his mouth, asking her.

“Uh… Yeah, but I don’t want to contribute to their profit share!” Ann quickly said, pouting.

Allen thought it was cute and said, “We’ll think of another way, then.”


…By this time, Ann had completely shut up about the ‘revenge plan’ she had devised back then…

Yes, how could she forget that she had wanted to come back here, slap Trixie with a bunch of money, and laugh like a villainess, ‘Hohohohooo! This is what you got for insulting me, you plebeian!! Now give me your best service and get away from me! I’ll tell your higher-up to fix the whole management! Or… should I buy this place over and revamp it from zero?’

……Yes, Ann definitely wouldn’t say that she had wanted to do it!!

She might have taken over the villainess’ body, but that didn’t mean she was a villainess!!




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