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Chapter 107




“Anyway, come to this Barbara salon over here. The people of this salon helped me when I was refused by the Glam-Glam salon. They’re friendly, genuine, and most importantly I love the homey feel over there,” Ann said as she pointed towards the Barbara salon.

Looking at the modest salon that Ann pointed, Allen was stunned.

Most women that he knew would always gloat over going to somewhere luxurious. There’s nothing to gloat about going to a place everyone could go to.

But that was also why Allen liked the eccentric Ann.


“Welcome! It’s Miss Lea! Ah—”

The young clerk that Ann was familiar with, Belle, first saw her and greeted her before finally having her eyes land on Ann’s hand which was hugging Allen’s arm, then she looked at Allen.

Joy, the salon owner was also there, tidying up her equipment that was used for the customer who had already left the premise. She also looked up and chimed in welcome when she also looked at Allen in surprise.

Then, behind them, Faye walked in as she tilted her head, wondering why Belle and Joy looked at her mistress and her mistress’ man like that.

Meanwhile, from their words, Allen could already tell that Ann used the name ‘Lea’ as her nickname here.

Arlea… Lea…

Not so creative.


“Miss Lea, this is…?”

Joy was unsure of how to address the man beside her and asked.

“Her h—”

“He’s my boyfriend!”

Before Allen could tell that he was Ann’s husband, Ann quickly said that he was her boyfriend.

Allen frowned hearing that, since the position of husband would be higher than just a boyfriend. But Ann tightened her hand that was grabbing Allen’s arm, gesturing him to not argue about it, so Allen played along with her.

To console his wondering mind, Allen justified it with the logic that lots of married people—especially in nobility—were married due to convenience and other considerations, but lovers were basically two people who were in love and chose to be in relationship, so it wasn’t that bad.


The three of them were greeted happily by Joy and Belle, as Ann and Faye had reunion with them.

Ann quickly signed the three of them to the salon’s service, to which Joy and Belle happily obliged. Allen wanted to protest, but eventually he decided to see what Ann liked about this salon’s service and he didn’t want to destroy their cheerful mood.

But since there were only Belle and Joy, Allen sat down to wait first.

“My husband should be back soon,” Joy said to Allen as she brought a tea and some snacks for Allen.

Allen only nodded in response.


“Faye, you look healthier! I’m really happy!” Joy commented on Faye’s appearance now as she was tending to Faye’s hair. She still remembered how Faye looked before and it pained her to see a young child like that. Perhaps since she was a mother herself, she couldn’t bear watching Faye like that.

“And Miss Lea, you look happier than before!” Belle also commented.

“Huh, really?” Ann didn’t know that it showed?

Seeing her reflection on the mirror, Ann was stunned because it was true that she looked happier than before.

She still had some uneasiness in life, but it was true that she was much happier than when she first came here.

Since she was no longer alone and devoid of purpose in this foreign world.

Since she had found an old friend in this world as well.


By this time, Joy and Belle already knew that Lea was at the very least the daughter of someone wealthy enough, so it wasn’t surprising for them to hear that Faye was taken in under Lea’s care.

But since Lea didn’t want to divulge more of her circumstances and identity, and they weren’t going to pry on their customers’ privacy, they didn’t ask too many questions.


In the middle of the salon’s service being done, the door was opened.

“Mooooommm! Auntieeee!”

An energetic small girl’s voice could be heard, followed by her tiny footsteps.

“Barbara, don’t run!” And a man’s voice was heard as well, following after the girl’s.

The little girl was so energetic that in a short moment, she was already at where Ann and Faye were being serviced next to each other.

Seeing the cute little girl with her fluffy curly hair, Ann wished she wasn’t being bound receiving the salon’s care at the moment so she could go and squeeze the girl.

This must be Barbara, Joy’s daughter that she told me about before!

She’s really cuuuuuteeee!


Barbara seemed to notice that there were customers, so she stopped and looked intently at Ann and Faye.

“Uhm…,” Ann was unsure what she should do under the girl’s intense stare.

“Barbara, don’t stare like that. Sit over there and wait. Dear, there’s a customer,” Joy quickly lifted Barbara and brought her away from the service area.

“Ah, welcome. Thank you for entrusting us. I’m Alvin, and I will quickly prepare first. Please wait for a moment,” said the man who just entered and saw Allen waiting.

Allen nodded again.


Before long, Allen was taken to sit next to Faye, who was sitting next to Ann.

Then, in the middle of the treatment, Barbara seemed to be bored playing alone, so she walked towards the service area again.

“Barbara, go back and play for a while, won’t you?” Joy asked.

“I’m bored. I want to take a look,” Barbara replied.

“…Sure, but don’t get too close or disturb us,” Joy warned.

Barbara nodded and switched her walking mode to a more careful walking, that made her look like a cute little baby chicken.

Barbara circled around to look, but she didn’t get in the way of her parents.

“How cute!” Ann couldn’t help but say that when Barbara was seen looking at her.


“Miss, can I ask a question?” Barbara suddenly asked Ann, to which Ann quickly answered in an automatic sweet tone, “Yes, what is it, cutie?”

“You know the other customers?” Barbara asked.

“Yes, they came here with me!” Ann happily answered.

“I see,” Barbara nodded, seemingly satisfied.

Then, she suddenly asked, “Are the three of you family?”

“Huh?” Ann was stunned hearing her words.

“That man is the father, you are the mother, and that big sister over there is the daughter?” Barbara tilted her head, asking.

“Barbara!” Belle quickly scolded Barbara as she added, “Think carefully. The big sister you’re talking to is still young. How can she have a child this big?”

“Hmm…,” Barbara seemed a little confused perhaps due to her young age. She tilted her head to left and right, observing Ann before lightly nodding.

It wasn’t so clear whether or not Barbara really got what Belle talked about, but she then asked again, “Then… Is the younger big sister over there like you, Auntie?”

“Hmmm… Well…,” Belle wondered what to say to Barbara.

“Hmm? What does she mean?” To which Ann asked.

“Ah, she’s asking if Faye is your little sister, Miss Lea, just like how I am Alvin’s little sister,” Belle explained.

“Ooh! You guys are all related?” Ann clapped her hands in understanding.

No wonder when she first came here, she was told about how this salon was their family business!

So Belle was also related to them!

There seemed to be quite a difference between Alvin and Belle’s ages.


“Yeah,” Belle smiled in response to Ann’s words.

“Hmm, well… You can consider it something like that,” Ann quickly told Barbara.

“That’s nice! Are you guys opening a family business together too?” Barbara asked.

“Hmm, no…,” Ann laughed looking at Barbara’s shining eyes. Perhaps she wanted to see another family similar to hers so that she could have a sense of familiarity.

Or maybe children’s mind was just too puzzling!

But being asked if the three of them were a family…

Since her original age was way older than her current body’s, she didn’t find it too repulsive. She found it heartwarming instead.

In the future, it’d be nice to have a nice and loving family with Allen… Faye can be our children’s little auntie!

Ann’s mind quickly imagined such a scenario and she first smiled at that thought before shaking her head in embarrassment.

Thinking about our future children already, gosh… am I a pervert?!

Laura would definitely say I am a pervert!!


“Then, is that big brother over there the elder brother of the younger big sister over there?” Barbara asked Ann.

“Hmm… Well, you can consider her my little sister!” Ann happily answered.

Hearing her mistress’ answer, Faye couldn’t help but be happy. Her eyes shone in delight and the corner of her lips was raised.

Mistress considers me her little sister…!


With the addition of the innocent little girl, all of them conversed happily. Laughter could be heard sometimes.

It was really homey and warming.

Allen could somehow understand why Ann said what she said before.


“We wish you an everlasting happiness!”

Joy said after they were done with their services and were about to leave the salon.

Everlasting happiness…

Ann dazedly waved back to the family who sent them off.

I’m not sure if I can get that, but…


What am I doing?!

I will definitely get it here!

So that the harmonious picture of the future she had imagined just now could come true…

She would do her best, while praying… to whoever god that had put her soul inside this body of a villainess.

You wouldn’t have put my soul here due to a mistake and let me stay this long until things have developed this way, right?

So, please…

Help me!



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