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Chapter 108

In the Future…


“Hey, try wearing this!” Ann said as she passed Allen a set of clothes that she liked.

Then, her eyes quickly scanned over the other clothes and picked some that caught her eyes and…

“Faye, you try this for me too!” Ann passed the set of clothes to Faye.

Lastly, Ann herself took several clothes to try out herself.


Allen was stunned, but he decided to just follow Ann along since she seemed to be enjoying herself a lot. How could he put a damper on her mood? At any rate, all Ann wanted him to do was just to try out several clothes. It wasn’t like she asked him to slay ten thousand dragons or build thousands of monuments in a single night.

“My, you look like a very harmonious and loving couple with the matching outfit!”

“Oh, the three of you make a loving family! –Ah, I apologize, the age doesn’t seem to match…”

When Ann and Allen wore matching outfits, the store clerk would compliment them, and when Ann included Faye in it, the store clerk quickly complimented on how they looked like a family, but then she quickly apologized because that’d be an insult to Ann, perhaps Ann would think that she looked old, when in reality she looked too young to have a daughter as big as Faye.

But Ann didn’t mind and was instead happy.

Even Allen—despite not displaying any slight difference to his poker face—actually felt happy even if he knew it was the clerk’s marketing strategy.


Ann didn’t know that Allen was happy until—

“Gosh, there are so many that I like. Which ones should I choose, I wonder…”

“Just buy everything.”

“Right, as if I can do th—WHAT?!”

Ann quickly turned around to Allen in her disbelief.

Did this man just say the legendary phrase?!

“But I can’t possibly do that!” Ann quickly shook her head.

“It’s not like we intend to buy the whole store,” Allen answered.

“Uh… Well, these are still a lot. I need to be selective and choose only the ones I really, reaaally want. I like them all, but…”

“That’s enough reason to buy them then,” Allen interrupted Ann’s words again.

“How could that be?!” Ann was surprised.

Did her common sense not work, or did Allen’s common sense malfunction?


Sensing that Ann seemed to not understand what he implied, Allen took a deep breath and—despite him not used to talking a lot to explain things—explained, “From now on, you’ll be living here for a long time. You will need a lot more clothes as an option to wear. It’s fine.”

Ann was absent-minded hearing his words.

From now on, I’ll be living here for a long time… so I’ll need them?

That meant, Allen was certain she would be there for a long time in his future.


Then, Allen caught a glimpse of the nervous Faye. Allen pondered over something and for some reason, Faye could sense Allen’s lingering gaze on her that caused her to be even more nervous.

Why is Allen-sama thinking while looking at me with a complicated gaze?

A-Am I a bother in his mind?

T-that’s right, I am a commoner and Ann-sama’s maid. Who am I to deserve to be given fancy clothes just like Ann-sama?

“Uhm, I—”

Just as Faye opened her mouth, Allen suddenly shifted his gaze from her.


Allen’s gaze landed on Ann as his eyes grew tender. He threw in another line of explanation, “You love Faye and seem like you want to buy her clothes. It’s no big deal to me.”

Just as Ann finished processing Allen’s previous declaration, he threw in another set of words her brain needed to respond to.

It’s no big deal to him…

Whoa, rich person is different.

Whoa, that means I am no longer a corporate slave here!


Nevertheless, this could happen because of Allen, so she definitely needed to hug his thigh tighter—no, she definitely needed to be grateful to him!

“Thank you,” Ann said sincerely.

“As long as you’re happy,” Allen quickly answered.

As long as I am happy…

Ann felt that her heart was warmed by this man who was the cold character in the game.


The awkward Faye just stood there. Her growing brain tried so hard to comprehend what was happening.

No big deal…

Since Ann-sama loved her…

So… since Allen-sama loves Ann-sama and Ann-sama loves her… That means she gets the splashed love?


Faye didn’t know how she should feel about this…

She still wanted to object that such clothes didn’t seem appropriate due to her status, but knowing the lovely mistress she’s serving, she knew her mistress wouldn’t let her refuse after her mistress’ man said those words.

Returning the clothes was out of option, so…

The only choice left would be to work hard and repay them for this grace!


The lovey dovey aura emanated from Ann and Allen was so strong that even Birdie who was happily resting on Ann’s shoulder decided to go and latch onto Faye’s shoulder instead.

The increasing lovey dovey power made it seem so natural when Ann and Allen went on a fancy romantic dinner with just the two of them.

Allen had reserved a private room for this occasion as well.

Ann was so hyped!

This is a real proper date, ohmygodohmygod!!

I can finally experience a fancy dinner too!


Ann’s face was beaming with happiness no matter how much she tried to act calm and noble.

“If you like it, we can do this again next time,” Allen said, satisfied upon looking at Ann’s happy face.

“No, don’t do it too often, we shouldn’t be squandering money!” Ann was tempted to say yes, but her rational side quickly said.

“What’s the use of money if not to make ourselves happy like this?” Allen asked with a frown.

“…This… Uh…”

Yeah, they indeed weren’t lacking any money, nor did they have the need to invest aggressively and to not spend on fancy stuff…

“Alright, but don’t do it too often or it will lose its meaning.”

Understanding that having something too often or being the norm would make it lose meaning and the special feeling one could feel when obtaining it, Ann decided to say that.

“Okay,” Allen agreed.


The two of them savored every bite of their fancy dinner that night.

To Ann, it might be because this was her first fancy dinner.

However, to Allen, it was because he was with Ann that this dinner tasted extraordinarily more delicious than usual.

The pair of man and woman were so harmonious and the lovey dovey aura could make anyone near them drunk.


At the end of the dinner, just when Ann was wiping her mouth and contemplating on how her stomach could fit all the food served, Allen suddenly placed something on the table, in the middle of the two of them.

“…?” Ann wondered what it was, since Allen’s hand covered the item entirely.

Then, when Allen moved his hand aside and revealed the item, Ann was stunned silly.

It was a small exquisite box that contained a simple yet pretty ring with a shining diamond embedded in the middle of the ring.

Is this…?

Is this what I think this is?


Allen then solemnly said, “Ann, I love you. I’m glad I got to meet you. Will you stay with me as my wife?”

This body’s identity is already his wife in name.

He already knows my answer.

There shouldn’t be any need for him to do this, yet…

Ann felt like crying.

This was totally out of her expectation.

Allen didn’t seem to be the type of person who’d do things like this, but perhaps because she had been blabbering about the romantic stuff that she had seen somewhere, he was moved to do this.

She really didn’t tell him all this because she was expecting him to do it. She only wanted to blabber about things she liked. And Allen didn’t seem to be paying an intense attention when she was blabbering.


That’s precisely why I fell for him.

Ann thought in her mind.

Oh right, all the male targets in this game got romantic at the end of the game, so maybe that’s also a factor?


“Yes…!” Ann finally managed to suppress her tears and smiled as she held out her hand.

Allen put the ring on her finger.

“We’ll have our wedding soon. Is there anything you want?”

Ann then happily talked about her dream wedding and while she was at it, the things she wanted to do after the wedding.

Allen listened patiently to her every word before saying, “Let’s do them all, then.”


“And then, next time…”

“In the future, I want us to do…”

The two of them seemed to be in a tacit understanding that they wanted to enjoy today to the fullest and only talked about good things… and hoping that this won’t be the last time they got to do these things. That was why they kept talking about things in the future…

Because tomorrow would be Ann’s purification ritual and nobody knew what the outcome would be.

The two of them were surely afraid of what was going to happen…

But nevertheless, they made many promises that day.

As if it was the form of prayers that they could use.


That night when they returned to the residence, they walked hand in hand.

Ann was about to enter her room, and Allen was escorting her.

The two of them stood silently in front of the door, neither seemed to want to really part with each other.

After fidgeting for a while, Ann looked up at Allen and asked with a low voice.

“Tonight… let’s sleep together?”



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