Taking Over the Villainess’ Body 17

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Chapter 17

Groping Hubby

“Arlea-sama, Allen-sama is here,” Faye said in wonder after she received Allen in the living room.

“What?” Ann was initially lying down on her bed leisurely, but upon receiving the news, she immediately sat on the bed.

“Are you sure, not mistaken?” Ann asked Faye as she moved towards the edge of the bed.

Faye nodded seriously in response, causing Ann to be taken aback.

What’s going on? Why does he suddenly want to see me? Does he finally see my charm when we had dinner? Of course, I have that kind of charm!

…But wait, charmed during eating…Does he have an ‘eating’ fetish?

Ann shook her head in order to shake off any weird thoughts that creeped into her mind.

No, think calmly, Ann. What kind of business does he have with you? What did you two last talk about…ah.

Finally, Ann stumbled upon the truth! It was time for the truth to shine!

Is he here to talk about the table manner lessons? That’s quick! As expected from one of the game’s capture targets, he has an amazing side to him…not to mention the beauty he has…


“Alright. I’ll come out to see him. Faye, you…”

“Make a tea, right?” Faye quickly finished Ann’s sentence on her behalf.

“Right. You’re really smart, you know? Ah, give me a refreshing tea. I think I can drink it just fine,” Ann said as she calmly stood and caressed her stomach in front of the mirror. The way she caressed her stomach, coupled with the warm look on her face (due to the satisfaction of the dinner) made that gesture of hers be ambiguous in nature.

She could even be mistaken as a pregnant lady gently caressing the baby in her stomach…that wasn’t quite bulging yet.

Faye was stunned looking at this mistress of hers. Such a warm expression, such a loving gentle caress on her stomach…Could she be…!!

Faye was having doubts in her mind right now. The way her mistress and master communicated didn’t indicate a warm and loving couple, but could it be only on the surface? Because they were embarrassed to be seen in a lovey dovey mood? Or was it because they had a fight recently, but they were on cordial term in usual?

She really wanted to ask, but she was taught not to meddle too much in the mistress and master’s matter. She was but a maid.

Anyway, since she had a pressing task of preparing the tea for both the mistress and the master, she should swallow her curiosity and just do the matter in hand.


Faye opened the door from Ann’s bedroom to her living room after Ann finished tidying up herself. She bowed to Allen before exiting the living room to go prepare the tea. Which left Allen and Ann alone in the room.

Allen was initially sitting on the sofa while waiting for Ann to go meet him, but he stood up the moment he saw Ann.

“What? You can just sit down. I won’t bite,” Ann blinked looking at Allen in front of her.

Damn it, she has to look up at him now that he’s standing up! Spare her neck from the fatigue, please!

“No, this doesn’t take too long,” Allen explained.

“What?! You should have told me earlier! Faye’s currently preparing the tea for us. You gonna make her efforts go to waste?” Ann suddenly scolded.

Allen was flabbergasted.

Since when does this woman care about such things? No, she seems to really favor that new maid she picked up. Is Faye the apple of her eyes?

“Fine, I’ll drink it,” Allen relented.

“Good,” Ann was satisfied with this man before her.

“So?” Ann asked with her crossed arms and slightly raised eyebrow.

“I’ve decided on a tutor for your table manner. Start from the day after tomorrow,” Allen briefed.

“Okay, got it,” Ann said while she thought inside her heart, ‘That’s it? No more information?’


The two of them remained standing while looking at each other in silent. Yes, they were waiting for each other to speak first. But it caused such a stalemate between them.

Ann was the first one to break through the silence.

“Well, are you not going to—,” Ann said as she walked a bit, wanting to loosen up the awkward situation…only to find herself stumbling out of thin air.

“Ah—,” Ann let out her voice in surprise.

“Careful,” Allen reflexively reached out to support Ann, only to find himself falling to the sofa with Ann.

Thus, the awkward situation just evolved into a super awkward situation, with Allen lying down face up on the sofa, and Ann was on top of him, face down looking at Allen.

From the current position, it seemed as if Ann was attacking Allen…just look at their position, Ann was sprawled on top of Allen with her hands on his chest…


Hm? Hands on chest…?

Ann’s brilliant mind decided that this was the right timing to remember the fact that she wanted to experiment more with the information pop-up box that seemed to be prompted by touching one’s chest.

Thus, Ann’s mind completely filtered out the thing about ‘propriety between a male and female’ and ‘shame’.

While Allen was still stunned with the turn of events, Ann decided to apply more pressure to her hands. The firm chest on her palms was pressed, prompting a window box to pop up.

And in this perfect timing…


“Excuse me, Arlea-sama, Allen-sama, here is your tea—”

The maid, Faye, returned!

Alas, when she looked at the current state of her mistress and master, her cheeks immediately blushed as she quickly retreated back.

“Sorry to disturb youuuu~,” Faye’s melodious high-pitched voice could be heard as she closed the door.

Master and Mistress are both tsunderes! They are lovey dovey when nobody is looking~~!


Allen finally snapped out of his daze when he heard Faye, but Ann was still reading the information box that just popped up.




Name: Allen Salvatore nib Schwartzen

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 26

Birthday: 16/09

Magic: Fire, Wind

Occupation: Duke

Status: Capturable Target


Status: Capturable Target…Well, that’s new.

Ann also saw the ‘More Information’ button on the bottom of the window, so she lifted her right hand to click that while her left hand was still resting on the firm warm chest.


More Information


Allen Salvatore nib Schwartzen was one of the key people who assisted King Ferdinand in the Siegcrest Kingdom’s revolution around ten years ago. After the revolution, King Ferdinand took the throne and bestowed the title of a ‘duke’ upon him. His kind governance over his territory caused the people to adore him. On 9 January 1022 AR, he married Arlea Pristine Claritianta in a marriage of politic.


Oh dear, I learned my anniversary with Allen!

Ann finally picked up something new from the information box.

grope, grope

While reading the information, Ann completely relaxed her body that was resting on top of Allen as her left hand kneaded Allen’s firm warm chest as she was thinking. Ann completely didn’t notice Allen’s blackening face…

When Ann clicked on the [X] button to close the information box, Allen finally lost his composure.


“Arlea! What do you think you’re doing?!” His cold voice scolded Ann.

“Hang on, stay like this for a while,” Ann was completely engrossed by the idea of experimenting with the character information box as she moved her hand a bit from Allen’s chest area, going towards his shoulder and collarbone area as her hands ‘pressed’ them.

Oh, the character information box popped up!

However, Allen—who couldn’t see the information box—felt as if he was being groped that it made him so uncomfortable.

Did that head injury cause her to become a pervert?

The thought that popped in his head caused Allen’s face to blacken as his ears turned flushed.

Again, the engrossed Ann continued with her experiment and ‘groped’ her husband here and there.


Finally, Allen couldn’t take it anymore, so he grabbed Ann’s two hands.

“Cut it out,” Allen said as he pushed Ann back and then, with his power, he reversed the situation. Now, Ann was the one lying down on the sofa, looking up at Allen.

“Do you think you can do as you like to me? I can also do that,” Allen tried to ‘threaten’ Ann as he still held Ann’s hands and looked at Ann with his cold eyes. Their faces were a bit close as Allen was trying to intimidate Ann.



“You mean, you can also do what you like to me?” Ann blinked.

“Yes,” Allen said coldly.

“…Then…WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! DO IT!!” Ann said with enthusiasm. Her nose was twitching in excitement. Her breathing and heartbeat turned faster. Her eyes seemed like they sparkled so brilliantly. She even bravely extended her hand a bit to touch Allen’s chest.

Yes, Allen’s ‘intimidation’ failed, for Ann was really looking forward ‘to be dominated’ by such a handsome husband. It turned her excitement and sense of teasing on instead…

Allen’s jaws were open in his surprise as Ann’s odd reply finally registered in his mind.


“Forget it!” Allen frustratedly said as he let go of Ann’s hands and immediately stood up to leave the room.

“Eh, hubby, you’re going back already? Not gonna do anything to me?” Ann sat back up on the sofa and asked innocently.

Her question was answered by Allen’s closing the door with a thud.


“Uh…I guess that’s a ‘no’, hehe…,” Ann scratched her head as she let her tongue out.

When Allen reversed the situation earlier, Ann finally realized that she was ‘groping’ her husband while trying to see how the character information box was triggered. She even thought of something silly—that her groping technique was so advanced that it aroused him…What a pity that it wasn’t the case…Or was it?


Hehe…Anyway, hubby’s body feels really nice to touch…I should really try to savor it should the next opportunity come!

Above all, his reaction is superb, fufufu!


While Ann was excited in her imagination of her hubby, the ‘hubby’ of hers was really puzzled by Ann’s weird perverted conduct that he ended up having nightmare of being ‘attacked’ by Arlea that night…



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