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Chapter 34

Stalking Birdie


Silence ensued for a few moments. Nobody talked, nobody did anything. Ann’s smile turned stiff. Birdie only moved her head—to the left, to the right, to the left, to the right…

It was testing Ann’s patience, and since she wasn’t a really patient person from the beginning, she finally crumbled down.


“B…Birdie? You’re smart, right? Come on, check out your new castle!” Ann demanded. She was wondering how she could demonstrate to Birdie? She couldn’t enter the castle-cage to give an example, hello!

“I won’t close the door, so you can come out and come in as you like. I promise,” Ann pointed her right pinky towards the sky.


No response aside from Birdie tidying up her back fur using her beak.


Ann was getting more frustrated, she finally lifted Birdie and brought her using her hands.

“Now come and enter, it’s super comfy–,” Ann said as she prepared to shove Birdie in using her hand.

However, just as her hand reached the entrance to the birdcage, Birdie extended both of her wings and halted Ann from shoving her in. When Ann let go of her hands from below Birdie and was about to push her in, Birdie used her feet to perch on to the ‘lower gate’.

“Bird…ieee…Just try it out. Isn’t it better than sleeping with the threat of being crushed by me? Also, you can poo and pee here,” Ann said.

She was concerned whenever Birdie was perched on her toilet. She was worried that Birdie would fall and then get washed off…Being washed in dirt surely won’t be Birdie’s deepest kink, right?


In the end, Ann couldn’t get Birdie to try out the luxurious birdcage she especially made for her. She just gave up and sat on the floor, gasping for breath as her brain needed more oxygen to stop being angry.

“Hhh fineeee!” Ann said as she pointed at Birdie, “Remember this, you can roam freely and not enter the birdcage at all as long as you don’t make a mess, pooing and peeing included. You pee and poo in the right place, you eat without creating a mess, and you sleep trying to avoid getting crushed. Okay?”

“Chirp,” Birdie chirped—and for some reason, Ann interpreted it as ‘Challenge accepted’.

“Ha, you better not regret it,” Ann said.

Meanwhile, Faye was dumbfounded at the turn of events, but she was disappointed that Birdie won’t be spending her time mostly in the birdcage…Why was Birdie so hellbent on being with her mistress?!

It never crossed Faye’s mind that Birdie just liked freedom—despite her being given the freedom of entering and going out of the birdcage.


Ann spent her days like usual, even with the additional pet that was Birdie. She was on alert and always glanced at Birdie to make sure Birdie won’t be creating a mess or met with an unfortunate trouble.

Due to many things she had to manage, especially Birdie, Ann completely forgot about the ‘hot potato’ of a letter that she received the other day. She had thrown it away without any trace, so it should be safe. But her mind was originally occupied with the thought of whether she should try to snoop around about what the letter said or not. Thanks to Birdie, that part of her brain was now occupied with Birdie.

And so, after days of living with Birdie without her making any mess, Ann came to notice one thing. She never really saw Birdie ‘doing her business’! Whenever Ann took a bath, Birdie would obediently take a bath too, and sometimes she finished earlier than Ann. Maybe at that time, Birdie did her business, but shouldn’t she pee or poo more often?

“Birdie, you don’t have any constipation or disease, do you?” Ann asked as she brought Birdie closer to her face.


“Do I need to call a vet to get you checked?”

“Chirp,” Birdie shook her head.

“…I’m worried,” Ann stated her concern.

“Chirp chirp~!” It seemed that Birdie just laughed her off.


Ann’s concern and curiosity over when Birdie did her business finally caved in, and Ann went into a stalker mode on Birdie! Instead of Birdie following Ann around, whenever Ann was free, the opposite would happen.

“Come on, did you pee and poo during the time you went to the garden?” Ann would sometimes engage Birdie in a conversation.

“I didn’t even see you do it in the toilet,” Ann continued to blabber.

She didn’t hold herself back at all, and she didn’t even try to decrease her voice.

Due to it, not only Faye who was next to her, even the other maids within the vicinity caught her words very clearly.

The maids turned to look at one another in horror, and the look they saw in the other’s face just told them that they weren’t imagining things!

Their mistress was now stalking her little bird pet and wanted to see the little bird doing her business!

What a bizarre situation it is!!

Is their mistress still sane?!

On the brighter side, they didn’t really suffer like they usually did when their mistress was so villainous, but right now…they were suffering some fright and mental anguish.

This might be slightly better, but they wished they could live like normal maids and served normal mistress…


At first, nobody said anything and thought that it would be over in a jiffy. But much to their horror, their mistress didn’t stop this weird behavior and continued it for three days!

Poor Birdie also went from having fun and laughing at Ann to looking at Ann with a face of disbelief. Ann’s curiosity seemed to brush off to Faye, as Faye just followed Ann doing the Birdie stalking activity.

The maids couldn’t take it anymore, so they filed their concerns to Gwen. Gwen confirmed their concerns and became flabbergasted at Ann’s behavior.

On the third day’s night, Gwen finally went to Allen and reported Ann’s behavior.

Allen received the news with his eyebrows twitching, “So, you’re telling me that Arlea had been stalking Birdie and that she wanted to see Birdie…pee or poop?”

Gwen nodded and proceeded to copy Ann’s words.

“Birdie, when are you going to pee-pee and poo-poo?”

“Living beings should excrete, so you surely need to pee and poo, right?”

“Birdieeeeeeee, just pee and poo already!”

Allen’s eyebrows twitched as Gwen did a good impersonation of Ann…that he could imagine the now Arlea say those things herself. Much unladylike, but somehow he felt like it was possible for her.


“…Alright, I get it. I will go and ask her about it myself,” Allen said.

Gwen was left in the room, and the only thing in her mind was…

Allen-sama is going to confirm things first with Arlea-sama?!

…So far, he’s always believed in what we said, and he would directly confront Arlea-sama.

Gwen believed that the dense Allen didn’t even realize that.

But this was a good sign of their relationships, and Gwen just prayed that Arlea-sama would drop her eccentric ways and be a good noble lady and a wife…

……But what if her eccentric side was the one that caught Allen’s interest?


Since Allen received Gwen’s report after he had his dinner with Ann, Allen decided to just pay a visit to Ann’s room.

Faye received Allen with a much more composed attitude now. She was getting used to the ways of Allen and Arlea’s interactions.

“Who is it, Faye?” Ann asked from inside her bedroom.

“It’s Allen-sama, Arlea-sama,” Faye announced the identity of the guest.

“Huh?” Ann didn’t hide her surprise and directly went towards her living room, with Birdie perched on her shoulder.

Ann and Allen were facing each other, but Allen’s eyes were plastered on Birdie. The pink little bird stared back at Allen, tilted her head and chirped, “Chirp?”


“What’s the matter?” Ann asked to the point. She was beginning to imagine some horror scenarios, such as Allen wanting her to be tortured—no, tutored in other matters…Or wait, could it be!

Ann’s mischievous brain worked in full power as she grinned and said, “Are you finally seeking me out as your wife?”

Ann lifted her eyebrows up and then down, and repeat the whole action to tease Allen.

Allen had a goosebumps and shifted his head away from Ann. Still not facing her, Allen tried to arrange his words nicely, “I heard that you’ve been stalk—observing Birdie these past few days. Is it true?”

Ann quickly shifted from her teasing mode to serious mode, for she had always wanted to complain to someone else about Birdie.

“That’s right! I’ve been following Birdie all this time whenever I don’t have anything to do, but no! I never saw her pooing or even peeing! Isn’t it absurd?!”

Allen finally faced Ann, but it was with a look of disbelief, his mouth was partly open.

She is stalking her pet bird to this point? I wonder what’s going to happen to the potential future children if she’s like this even to a bird…


Allen’s brain finally registered what he was thinking, and he froze right away.

Did he just imagine a scenario where they’d be having children, and that it would be worrisome if her behavior was still like this?

They had never been engaged in a husband-and-wife mode, why would he suddenly think of children?!


Allen slightly shook his head in horror.

Perhaps he needs to do a check up at a physician’s…



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