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Chapter 5

Not for Plebeian Like You


The weapon that Ann brought with her when she went out would be…

Drumroll please… ta-da! The town map!

Though it wasn’t as convenient as Goo-Maps that was accessible through her mobile phone in the modern world, she was still able to read the map and navigate through the road.

Actually, the location of Duke Schwartzen’s residence was not that far away from the downtown. Ann had asked to the (frightened) maids beforehand about the salon and she was able to pinpoint her destination immediately.

Let see… judging by the distance, it would take around 20-30 minutes of walking, depending on my walking speed.

It was her first time being here, so Ann decided to walk a bit leisurely to look around.

Ann had prepared a pencil—or more likely something like that, it was made from charcoal as well—to mark some interesting landmarks she might find midway.

Ann lightly hummed as she looked here and there. After walking out of Duke Schwartzen’s residence that was more or less separated from the town, she entered the lively town, where she passed by many people. From elderly to children, males and females, everyone looked happy. Her mood was lifted upon seeing them. It was much refreshing to look at cheerful faces than looking at the frightened maids and servants.

…Sometimes, Ann would turn around to look at who were—or who was—following her from behind. Ann already knew it would be the people Allen arranged to monitor her, but she wasn’t going to complain at all. They most likely would act as her (free!) bodyguards as well, so who the hell was going to complain? It was a good convenience. It was just… Ann wanted to see what they looked like.

Then again, it wasn’t like she was a pro to notice their stares all the time. It was only the hunch Ann had from time to time, based on her experience as a corporate slave. You see, whenever she wanted to have a refreshment and browse some videos or memes, she had to be careful and wary of who were walking behind her. She was very trained to sense the intense stares from her bosses who did sudden inspections. Ann had to close the browser and switch to the work-related programs at a lightning speed if she felt the slightest bad feeling…

If she was still in time, she would try to alert the dense Lori who couldn’t read the situation. Lori was Ann’s neighbor in the office cubicles.

Lori… I kinda missed her, to be honest.

Though I knew I’d die (again) soon, I felt like I wanted to have friends here… But it would be painful for them and for me…


Lost in her thoughts and observation around the town, Ann didn’t even feel tired as she continued to walk. Before long, the store complex was within her vision.

Unbeknownst to her, Allen’s subordinates were very surprised that she could arrive without complaining or encountering any hardship at all. If Ann knew, she would at least try to act like I was soooo tired from all this walking… that wasn’t the slightest bit tiring to her.

This old lady was so happy to gain such a young body, brimming with stamina!


Anyway, Ann eventually spotted the salon that the maids told her.

Back then, she asked them about a salon recommendation—a popular one. Ann was a firm believer of ‘popularity meant everything’.

She related it with her experience going to a restaurant in her previous life. Even if the place wasn’t too good and a bit shabby, but if it was brimming with customers, then that would be her choice rather than a good place but with little to no customers. …Unless the expensive ones, that would be different case.

Ann brought that habit with her as she didn’t think anything could go wrong with such principle.

Alas, Ann was proven wrong this time.


“This is…”

Ann stood in front of a luxurious-looking salon as she scanned the building and the front.


“…It’s true. Glam-glam salon…,” she hesitated a bit as she calculated silently in her heart.

Judging by this appearance, this salon would definitely cost a lot. Ann’s cheap mind screamed to find another option, but her logic screamed that she was no longer a corporate slave. She was now Arlea, a duke’s wife. A duchess. She… shouldn’t be too poor to enter this salon, right?

The maids couldn’t be tricking me to make a fool out of me, right? They looked frightened of me all the time, so they shouldn’t have the courage to do that…

Alright, whatever, steel yourself, Ann!

This would be your once-in-a-lifetime experience. You are going to die in less than a year, so you gotta enjoy your life while it lasts!

Wait, whoa. I felt a goosebump after I digested my words that were directed at myself. What kind of an encouragement was that? Silly me.


With such conflicting thoughts, Ann approached the salon when someone who seemed to be the salon’s clerk greeted her. She was standing in front of the store all this time, perhaps prepared to greet the salon’s customers.

Such a top rate and excellent service.


“Excuse me, is there something I could help you?” The store’s clerk—Trixie—asked.

“Uhm yes, I’d like to have my hair done in this salon,” Ann said right away.

But instead of leading Ann in right away, Trixie stood in silence. Ann shot a questioning look at her, only to find that Trixie was scanning her.


At this time, this Glam-Glam Salon’s clerk silently calculated Arlea’s worth from her appearance. Shabby hairstyle with uneven haircut, simple dress, bag, shoes… Tch, a plebeian.

How could she think that she could afford going to Glam-Glam Salon? If she really has the money, that must be the result of saving for so long. It is better to empty the spot for a befitting rich people that could be a regular rather than this one-in-a-lifetime plebeian.

Trixie snorted inside her heart. She decided that she would definitely refuse this lady from going into the salon at all.

Consider that my good will, to prevent you from being embarrassed! A country bumpkin should know her place.


“Sorry, but our salon is fully booked. You have to book at least a month before,” she said with a condescending look.

Ann wasn’t as dense her pal in the modern world, Lori, so Ann picked up the hint from Trixie.

Then, as if the god was siding with Ann, a carriage arrived in front of the salon and a noble lady with…

What the hell?? Such an outrageous getup. Ann silently thought.

Yes, the noble lady whose appearance screamed ‘filthy rich’ went down the carriage with the help of a maid, as she flapped her fan and approached the salon’s door.

You see, the #1 reason I don’t dare to have such a get up is because I am afraid of getting robbed… I can’t seem to understand the thought process of noble ladies of this world.

Ann just couldn’t put her head around the wealthy’s thoughts.

Another clerk greeted the lady next to Ann, so Ann eavesdropped some of the conversation.


“Can I get my hair done right now?” The noble lady asked.

“Do you have a reservation, Miss?”

“No, do I need to wait?”

“No problem at all, Miss. Please come in.”



Ann stared at the clerk before me with questioning look. She hoped Trixie could read what she was saying through her eye contact as she raised her eyebrow.

See? She could enter without any reservation. How odd.


Trixie then clicked her tongue lightly—but hey, Ann could hear that as she was right in front of Trixie.

“I’m sorry for being impolite, Miss, but our salon has served the nobles for so long, I’m not sure if you could…”

Pay for it, you plebeian.

Ann could tell from Trixie’s eyes that she was saying that.

There goes my remaining will of going to this salon.

Ann thought.

From what she observed so far, this salon was indeed popular or crowded, but their customers had similarities. They were nobles or people who seemed rich.


Ann didn’t want to bother anymore with this ridiculously discriminating salon as she walked away from the storefront. She thought that would be the end of everything, but then she heard some ladies’ high-pitched laugh followed by some (loud) whispering.

“Fufufu, look at that shabby girl. I wonder if she ate something wrong, to think she could afford going to the salon.”

“Oh my dear, don’t be so cruel. Who knows that girl starved herself to save up for this salon’s hairdo? Alas, she couldn’t enter… Really.”


…Uhhh, so I became their entertainment, just like that? A laughingstock for the idle nobles?

Damn, this world is actually so harsh! I thought I could enjoy my time leisurely!

…Perhaps it was my predicament that caused me to feel like this.

It’s just going to salon, how could it be darn hard?!

Ann held the urge to scratch her head in frustration as she was still the center of attention of those noble ladies. She would die out of rage if they were to laugh at her for scratching her head.

Holding your feelings is actually a torture… It’s easier being a corporate slave—

Then, the memories of herself wishing to take a deep slumber in the middle of her work flashed through her mind.

Oh, all the difficulties being a corporate slave…

Alright, let’s stop saying being a corporate slave was easier.



Suddenly, someone tapped lightly on her shoulder from behind.



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