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Chapter 52

Who’s This Character?!


While Ann was having her whole world being turned upside down by yet another shocking development she had no clue of, two men were discussing about her, completely oblivious of what she was experiencing in the middle of the day…


“…Those are my points of concern, with all scenarios possible being considered,” Kiehl said after he finished elaborating his thoughts regarding Ann.

“They are exactly my thoughts, too,” Allen said.

“Then, what is your next plan?”

“I… want to try following my heart this time, for now,” Allen stuttered a bit before he firmly stated.

Prince Kiehl suddenly laughed.

When he stopped laughing, he said with an amusing look, “Do you plan on using ‘beauty trap’ to get ahold of your wife so she won’t be swayed to the rebellion’s side?”

Allen was very stunned. Then, his face turned red from embarrassment after digesting Kiehl’s words. Lastly, his face turned black as he cleared his throat and said in a low, almost inaudible voice, “Maybe.”

“Pfft, hahaha! You’re trying to snatch someone of their birth parent and their supporters by using beauty trap? Seriously?!” Kiehl couldn’t believe that his friend would admit to his teasing and laughed until he was out of breath.

This was so unlike Allen, for he was always calm and rational.


“Don’t laugh at me. Try wearing my shoes, and you won’t be able to laugh,” Allen said sullenly.

“Well, didn’t she use to tease you first? If you follow her, won’t she happily accept?” Kiehl asked.

Allen nodded and shook his head, “Yes, but I know her teasing is insincere. If I have to use an analogy, rather than teasing your spouse, it’s like she’s trying to tease someone to have a… one-night-stand kind of relationship. It’s like no strings attached and that’s not the kind of thing I want.”

“Good luck, then. But remember if it turns out that she is harmful to us…,” Kiehl said with a cold voice.

“…I know.”

“If it’s hard for you to do it, you can always tell me.”



Just when Allen thought the conversation was over and that it was time for them to go, Kiehl suddenly talked, “By the way…”

Allen turned to look at him.

“Should we let the saintess see and assess her?” Kiehl asked.

Allen frowned.


“She’s very unique ever since she was young. She is brimming with absurd ideas and some of her words are beyond comprehension. Don’t you think perhaps she would have an idea on what’s happening to your wife?” Prince Kiehl asked.

Although his tone sounded as if he was boasting about the person he was talking about, but upon hearing the content of his words, Allen’s frown deepened.

From the tone alone, Allen knew very well that it showed Kiehl’s high regards of the saintess, but upon understanding his words… It was as if Kiehl said: ‘She is a weirdo and a weirdo should have a clue on another weirdo.’


Allen himself had seen the saintess several times and their interaction was only brief. His impression for her for now was that… she was weird. Therefore, he surmised the prince’s words as agreeing with his initial assessment.

“If you think highly of her like that, then sure,” Allen snapped out of his thoughts and said.

“I’ll arrange it, then. But not anytime soon. It might alert the other side if we were to bring her to the royal palace often.”

Allen nodded.

“Well, for now I don’t think she means anything bad. As your friend, I only hope that you will find your happiness. And if you can do so with the woman who’s already your wife, then that’d be good,” Kiehl said.

“Thank you,” Allen could only say that in response.


Since their objective was fulfilled and there was no more work to do in the palace, Allen excused himself and went to fetch Ann who was playing in the garden.


As for Ann, who was supposed to be playing happily in the garden…

After she saw the shocking information in the window that popped out when she bumped into Miles—no, Mila—no, Miles, which one is it?

…Ann was still trying to make sense of the mismatch in the information in the box and the ‘reality’ that was presented in front of her.

Her mouth was slightly open and she seemed to have no intention of moving.

Miles or Mila—they looked at Ann with a disapproving frown. And that snapped Ann back to reality.

However, her mind wasn’t the brightest as she suddenly asked, “You look familiar… Do you have a sibling?”

“Miles”’ expression turned into a very cold expression as they coldly said, “What does it have to do with you?”

Ann gulped as she retreated.


Just when she was unsure of what to do in this situation, a maid who was next to them said, “Miles, you’re scaring her. Let me assist her.”

With that, Miles retreated and the maid approached Ann. She then whispered with a meaningful look on her eyes, “My my, to think that you’d be so brave to try and flirt with Miles, Arlea-sama. I know that Miles has an unique charm, but you’d better try your luck somewhere else. Miles has always been this cold towards any women who tried to approach him. I think he… likes men.”

As the maid said the last sentence, her expression turned into one of delight—an expression that Ann knew fully well.

The expression of fujoshis trying to find a hint of boy’s love in a straight series.

Then, she flinched.

First, she indeed said the legendary pickup line of ‘You look familiar’, but those words were followed by asking whether or not he had a sibling!! Not the typical ‘Have we met before?’

Second, she was already married! The maid didn’t even glare at her with disgust even when she misunderstood Ann to try flirting with him, as a married woman…

Could it be that the charm of BL was more important than anything else? Or could it be that aside from being a fujoshi, this maid loved things such as forbidden love?


Even so… The maid was still Prince Kiehl’s people, and if words were to travel to his ears that she was trying to flirt to another man…

Ann shuddered.

She quickly refuted, “No, you’re wrong. I’m just wondering if he has a sister… Since I think I have seen a female who looks like him…”

“Oooh,” the maid’s excited face turned into a flat one.

She’s definitely one of the people who likes reading stories about forbidden love too!!

Ann wanted to scream.

“Yes, he has a twin sister back at home,” the maid informed.

“Ah, I must’ve seen her somewhere before. No wonder. Thanks!” Ann quickly nodded and went over to the side of worried Faye.

She wanted to grab Ann when she was falling, but she wasn’t near and fast enough. Then, Miles’ cold atmosphere caused her to be frozen in fear.


“Arlea-sama, are you alright?” Faye worriedly asked.

“Chirp chirp!” Birdie plopped to Ann’s shoulder.

“I’m fine… Anyway, let’s play swing!” Ann sat on the swing and rocked it over and over, with Faye’s help.

But her mind was in such a mess.


Alright, we now have a crossdressing woman who’s posing as her brother… working in the castle as a knight… And she seems to have some kind of animosity to me—no, to Arlea or Princess Anne?!

But I never recall such a character before, in the game…

Could it be someone who Arlea or Princess Anne hurt in the past, who then came to look for revenge?

But what kind of thing had this body’s original owner committed that she would go through this extent… Wait, is it something related to her twin brother? Like… Arlea or Anne hurt the original Miles that he was unable to become a knight, and knowing that, this Mila took up his role and vow to exact vengeance upon me?

Even if it’s true, the fact that they weren’t even mentioned in the original game would mean that they were only minor characters that didn’t get to affect the plot…



Even though Ann tried to enjoy the swing, she ended up using the swing to think as she awkwardly pretended to smile and enjoy it. She didn’t want Mila to get suspicious of her actions!

Thankfully, Allen came not long after, telling Ann that it was time to go home.

Thus, Ann successfully escaped from yet another frightening individual she unexpectedly encountered: Mila Reeves, with her clear and burning murderous intent towards herself!!!



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