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Chapter 55




Faye tilted her head and looked at her unresponsive master.

Though Allen was excited with the idea he came up on his own, he didn’t show it at all on the surface.


Hearing Faye calling out to him, he snapped out of it and said, “I understand. I will resolve this issue.”

‘The issue’ in his mind was about how Arlea wanted to take a vacation but it was still far away in the future, thus she wasn’t sure if she could take a vacation… In that case, why not take her for a vacation?

Meanwhile, the ‘issue’ in Faye’s head was about how Arlea wanted to go to the vacation that was planned by the orphanage, and Allen was going to solve it by making sure Arlea could participate.

“Thank you so much, Allen-sama!” Faye bowed her head in gratitude as she beamed with happiness.

Finally, she could be useful to Arlea-sama!

They would be able to go to the spring vacation with all the other children and kind adults in the children’s home!


Allen thought it was weird how Faye thanked him. It should be him thanking her for giving him such a great idea… But he only nodded and thought how loyal Faye to Arlea was.

The two then separated, without knowing that they misunderstood each other’s words…


Later that night, during the dinner, Allen told Ann that he had something to talk about, and especially told her to talk with him in her room.

“Why can’t you just tell me right here, right now?” Ann tilted her head as she continued to eat her dinner.

Allen froze for a moment.

It was true that he could casually just tell her right here right then, but he was a bit nervous in proposing this idea. If they were truly a real couple, it won’t be a problem… But in this case, he was trying to court her for real and he couldn’t bring himself to just casually drop the bomb.

Still, it was all a bullshit.

The real reason he wanted to save it for later was just because he wanted to spend more time with her.

If he were to tell her during dinner, he won’t have any reason to see her after this.


Unable to come up with a good reason to answer Ann’s question, Allen vaguely said, “Because I don’t feel like it.”

This illogical, out-of-character answer blew Ann’s mind away as she blinked rapidly at Allen.

Is this guy… having a pre-menstrual syndrome?!

A glitch?

Ate something wrong?


Ann’s doubt was obviously plastered on her face, but Allen just pretended not to notice it and acted cool.

Luckily, Ann didn’t have the energy to overthink anymore, and it would be soon before she would find out what he wanted to talk about, so she decided it would be better to just let it flow.


After dinner, Allen indeed visited Ann in her room.

The two sat on the sofa as Faye served them some tea.

Faye guessed that what Allen wanted to talk to Arlea was about the vacation request she conveyed on behalf of her kind mistress. If that was true, then wow! How amazing and quick Allen was!

She was right. Even if their relationship seemed weird at times, Allen had Arlea’s best interest at heart!

Her decision to tell Allen was right!!!


“So… What is it?” Ann asked after a short while of awkward silent—the short while Allen needed to gather up his courage.

“I heard about the vacation plan made by the orphanage you’re volunteering in…,” Allen started.

Faye made a victory gesture with her fist—but only in her heart.

Bravo, Allen-sama!

Meanwhile, Ann was taken aback, but she could guess that it was either Allen’s people or Faye that reported it to him.

But why would he bring it up?

Ann was still in mystery.


“Do you want to take a vacation?” Allen got straight to the point.

“Huh? Hmmm, yes… I guess?” Ann was still processing.

What does he mean by this question?

As for Faye…

Allen-sama is surely telling Arlea-sama that she could go!!!


“I can take some time off soon. Want to go to the Mojo Village?” Allen asked.

Mojo Village was quite a famous vacation spot these days. Its location wasn’t so far away from the town they were in, but the scenery and ambience were top notch. He heard his own subordinates going there with their spouse or family. He was never interested in going for a vacation there—at least not until Faye came along and told him that the woman he had taken an interest in—his wife-in-name—wanted to take a vacation.

Maybe it’s not a bad idea to go see what the others are talking about… with her.

Ann was surprised.

Surprisingly, Faye was taken aback too.


Wait… what?

Why did it turn into this?

Faye was positive she reached an agreement with Allen about the orphanage vacation, but why is Allen talking about another vacation?

Her mind drew a blank in that instant.


Meanwhile, Ann was surprised because she didn’t expect this at all.

It was never written in the story.

But hey, since she was given a chance to take a vacation here, why not take it?


The short silence was enough to make Allen quite nervous.

This was after all his first time asking a woman out.

Even though it was his own wife… now that he had developed feelings and admitted it, he was very nervous. He could act as a tyrant and just order her to come along, but he wanted her heart, so… in a sense, this was his first date invitation.

Would he be rejected…?


“I’d love to!”

Ann’s cheerful voice and positive answer made Allen very happy.

His very first date invitation!!

It was accepted by the woman he fell in love with!!!


Back when he was younger, the other men around him sometimes talked about their ‘spring’, discussed ways to court their beloved and ask them out on a date. Sometimes, he would see the men who seemed to be strong in battle to be slightly nervous upon thinking about a date.

Then, when someone had a date accepted by their beloved, the man would be so happy it looked like he was jumping around. His friends would cheer for him. They seemed to be very excited and happy. It was as if they just won a lottery.

At that time, he thought of them as ridiculous and couldn’t understand why.

Finally, he was able to relate to them.

Finally, he experienced ‘spring’ himself and could understand why the men acted like they did.

In this very moment, he felt so happy and alive. It was a rare and precious moment for him.

Then, his mind quickly imagined how their first outing together, as a couple would go…


“Isn’t it great, Faye? We’re going to go on a vacation! It will be your first vacation too, right?”

The woman’s next words caused the smile that was about to break through the man’s face to stiffen.

What does this woman mean?

This is their date, right?

Their vacation as a couple…???

Why is it that her first reaction was to ask Faye this?

Shouldn’t she be arranging the vacation with him?


They indeed would need to bring some people with them. Guards, maid…

Faye was Ann’s only trusted and closest maid, so obviously she was the best candidate to go, but…

With how attached they were, Allen was thinking that Faye wasn’t to come along as she would be a third wheel… They could just bring another maid who would assist when needed. Not a maid that would stick to Ann like her child… and then getting in the middle of them…

But looking at Ann who was happily playing with Faye’s hands as Faye blinked rapidly in confusion, Allen couldn’t bring himself to break the news to them.


Well, Ann was very close to Faye and she would be upset if he were to forbid Faye from coming.

Besides, Ann seemed like she cared a lot about Faye and was happy for Faye—for being able to take her first vacation alongside her.

Perhaps it would be better to let Faye come along this time.

Maybe next time, he could be blunter and tell the woman that it would be a date.

But for now… He should take one step at a time.

It was already a blessing that she agreed, after all.


Thus… Allen was successful in inviting Ann out for their first date vacation… or not?

As the dense Ann was very clueless in Allen’s intention at all.

She simply thought Allen wanted to take a vacation himself and being the good man he was, he would take his wife along.

So, even if it was just a formality, she was happy to hop on!


The only one who needed the longest time to process this whole thing was none other than the poor Faye who was accidentally brought along as the third wheel.



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