Taking Over the Villainess’ Body 59

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Chapter 59

Sleeping Together for the First Time?!


After an exciting yet tiring day of her first vacation in this other world, Ann was more than happy to see the inn they were going to stay in. The inn was small and devoid of any luxurious setting she was almost used to live in ever since coming to this world, but it was a fresh breath of an air. The inn showed the cultural side of the Mojo village and had a unique concept. To describe it in the modern world’s term, the inn tended to Asian style, with a touch of fantasy.


While Ann was admiring the view and decorations, Allen and his butler went to take care of administrations with the receptionist.

As they were finishing, Ann took notice of this and walked closer to them so that she would be able to listen to the information about where her room would be.

After I enter the room, I’d cuddle with Faye to sleep… Then, my perfect day will be complete!

Thinking about it, Ann chimed in and asked, “Hey, tonight, can I bring Faye along?”

Allen and the other workers who were speaking immediately went quiet. It was a pin drop silence as Allen turned to look at her with a weird gaze, and so did everyone else.

Ann frowned.

What’s so wrong with my request? I know in this era, there’s a master-servant relationship, but there’s no need to be this strict, right?


Just as Ann was about to open her mouth to speak again—

“Oh my, there’s no way we would interrupt the master and mistress’ rest, right?” The elderly maid responded with a smile. Following after her, the rest of the servants broke out into all smiles.

Ann tilted her head and spoke, “She won’t interrupt me—wait, why Allen is included in this, too?”

Realizing this, Ann turned to look at Allen, demanding an answer.

Allen’s heart thumped, but he calmly said as if it was a matter of fact, “We’re sharing one room together.”

“Wha—?!” Ann almost raised her voice, but she quickly shut her own mouth with her hands.

Then, she grabbed Allen’s arm and made Allen slightly bent down so she could say with a small voice so only the two of them could hear it, “You must be kidding, right? H-have you finally fallen for my seduction technique…?”

Allen only raised one of his eyebrows as the answer.

“You’re serious? Are you not afraid of me trying to seduce you in the middle of the night? What happened to you?” Ann threw a barrage of question as she was bewildered.

Love happened, young lass.


Allen finally spoke, “We’re husband and wife. Of course we have to stay in the same room.”

With a few words from Allen, Ann reached an enlightenment as she let go of Allen.

Aha! I see. We have to keep up an appearance in front of public, that’s a given. No worries, I’m sure he will be able to arrange the room so there’s some sort of partition, if not just a simple separate bed. But heheh! I can definitely still tease him tonight, so I can get some fun reaction from him!

Ann unconsciously gave away her thoughts with an unconscious smile.

Allen had a chill running down his spine upon seeing Ann’s expression…

But he tried to pay no mind to it.



Before entering their bedrooms, they washed up first in the inn’s natural hot spring.

Then, Ann followed Allen’s lead to their room.

When Allen opened the door, Ann took a peek from behind and was shocked to see that it had one large bed instead of a separate arrangement!!


Ann quickly ran up to investigate the bed. But nope, it was indeed one big bed instead of two small beds merged into one. Which meant…

“We’re really going to sleep together?!” Ann asked in disbelief.

Allen’s heart wavered as he wasn’t sure how Ann would take it. As discussed with Kiehl before, it was true that this current Arlea only liked teasing him and only thought of him as a temporary fling. She didn’t really think he would reciprocate her approach and make it more than just a fling or obligation, did she?

Nevertheless, he suppressed those thoughts away as he nodded shamelessly.

Ann was very surprised. With a slightly trembling hand, she pointed at Allen and said, “T-this is a revenge… Your payback for me, right?”


“Are you not afraid I’d pounce on you?” Ann finally overcame her surprise and asked in a challenging tone.

“Do you even dare try?” Allen asked.

“Oh?! How brave!” Ann’s competitive nature was being picked on. Without thinking, she closed the distance between them and touched Allen’s abs.

Allen was taken aback as he felt the small hands touching his stomach area. It was ticklish and he felt weird. But he didn’t hate it and so, he let her continue groping his abs.

It was going for some time when Allen said, “Is that all you can do?”

Ann’s mind that was savoring the taste of the abs she loved was quickly triggered by Allen’s challenge.

“You asked for it!” She said as she pushed Allen on the bed and pounced on him. Their faces were so close.

Aah, as expected of an otome game’s love interest! Seeing him up close like this, he’s really handsome!

Ann thought to herself as she was grateful for this eye candy.

But when she felt that Allen’s gaze was looking at her too, she felt insecure. She also couldn’t fathom what Allen was thinking.

She expected a hint of anger, surprise, and even disgust. She expected that he would push her away and playtime would be over.

Yet, none of that happened!


Thinking that Allen was enduring, Ann looked away from Allen’s face and focused on her hands. Her hands entered Allen’s shirt as they touched Allen’s abs directly.

W-wow… This feeling…

The heat from Allen’s skin was transmitted to her hands. The solid abs of her dreams were finally within her reach. It felt nothing like she imagined it would be. It felt even better than that, but honestly, she was very awkward.

When is Allen going to stop me and call it quits?

Wondering about it, she looked up and was met with Allen’s eyes.

Again, there was no hint of Allen wanting to stop her. He was looking at her with eyes that seemed as if they were asking, ‘What else are you going to do?’


This made Ann baffled. She was unsure on how she should continue.

Let’s face it, she was still a virgin who was never intimate with any male. If she were to lead, wouldn’t that be hard, even if she threw away all her shame as she would be a goner soon anyway?

Though one of her bucket list was to feel how sex would be, she wasn’t accustomed to the idea of a casual sex and she was afraid it would hurt… As it would be this body’s first time, and also her first time in the two lifetimes.

When the opportunity finally came, Ann realized that she wasn’t as brave as she thought she would be—to commit the deed!!


Ann’s moment of hesitation was seen through by Allen.

“Are you finished?” Allen asked.

Before Ann could even process his words, Allen’s arms grabbed her body, and then, in a blink of a second… Their positions were reversed!

Ann was now lying face up on the bed as both of her arms were locked by Allen’s hands on her side.

And right in front of her eyes, Allen was looking down at her with an unfathomable gaze.

In that instant, Ann’s brain drew blank.


What happened next made her freeze even more.

Allen took her right hand and placed it inside his clothes, on his bare chest. It was the area that she didn’t dare touch… She only touched around his stomach and then the area below his chest…

Then, Allen moved closer to her ears and asked, “Isn’t this what you want?”

“I-is this your way of distracting me?!” Ann asked with her slightly trembling voice.

“I’m giving you what you want. Do it. Or you want me to do you?”

Slowly, Allen guided Ann’s hand to go below…



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